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#flashbackfriday to being one day out from nationals 🔪🔪🔪 ab veins you can make your appearance any day now ok thank u

Happy Fri-yay, loves! Here comes a topic that even I struggle with: FOOD! 🤦🏻‍♀️
Sometimes, it’s hard for me to talk about food, especially via instagram. I scroll through my feed reading motivational post after motivational post, seeing flawless reverse diets, “body goals,” & inspiration that I just cannot relate to right now..
Lately, I haven’t felt like any of that honestly.. I cannot just fake it & throw up a post about something motivational if I’m not feeling that way. Many of you may not know that I struggled with an eating disorder through a portion of my adolescent years. It’s taken me a long time to not see a “fat girl” staring back at me in the mirror. I know that seems crazy after looking at the picture above but that’s the mental hold that food had on me. My wiring had taught me to view myself in a distorted manner.
This NORMAL body season has been up & down for me. I go through days where my mind bounces around thoughts of needing more cardio, less calories, & striving to keep my comp shreds... slowly but surely, I’m accepting that this is the time to make improvements & love the skin I’m sporting. I’m the type of athlete that wants results NOW so it can be challenging for me to stay patient during my improvement seasons. I simply want to share my experiences & my life with y’all, hoping at least one person can benefit from my platform. I’m constantly learning about myself & how I define “balance.”
I guess I’m ranting bc I want you guys to know that I’m human too. This is my 4th improvement season & although I’ve overcome my ED, I’ll be the first to admit that I STILL struggle with my relationship to food & body imagine. Not every season is going to be full of crop tops & motivational selfies but just know, I’m still here & kicking! 💪🏽💕 Thanks for sticking with me FAM. #growth #reflection #selflove #teampescience #bodybyoz

We trying to run the blox! Happy Friday my people! The road to Miami is 8 weeks long today and I am going to take you guys with me every step of the way. @pazalex_ and I are going to be throwing prep content your way!
#classicphysique #roadtopro #npcmiami #miaminationals #classicbodybuilding #hustle #fitfam #fitlife #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #physique #stayfit #stayfresh #stayclassic

Ein Jahr ist es schon wieder her, als ich zum ersten Mal auf einer internationalen Bühne der @arnoldclassiceurope stand! Es war eine unbeschreibliche Erfahrung und dieses Wochenende ist es wieder so weit, dass die Athleten des @dbfv_ev Barcelona rocken 💪🏼 Genießt es und gaaaanz viel Erfolg ❤️
Ich stalke die Storys wie eine Verrückte und bin etwas wehmütig, dass ich nicht wenigstens als Zuschauerin anreisen konnte... Der Wettkampf, die Expo und die Stadt sind einfach toll! Nächstes Jahr wieder und dann hoffentlich auch auf der Bühne 😝
Ist der Rest der zu Hause gebliebenen gut ins Wochenende gestartet? .
Foto by @_sabrinabauer Kimono by @evitalana .
#teamWEIDER #competition #ac2016 #shredded

Your time to SHINE ✨
📸 @stormiemo_ 📸 in our Nova heels 👠

"Say I won't"
-me before I do some savage destruction to the stage in 2018. 👌🏽
I've worked so hard.. SO FRICKIN HARD to get where I am. I've had to sacrifice a lot, but I've also reaped a lot of rewards. I cannot wait to beat the 2016 me in 2018. I've taken a year to gain mass, and coincidently added a lot of sass too. Ain't mad.
Try and tell me this video doesn't get you lit.
See you in 2018, shredded.
Now go tell your boyfriend to get to the gym.
Coach and video: @nickkomodina
@dbftfitguide 8-WEEK FIT GUIDE 💗 link in bio, $40.00!
outfit @paragonfitwear: code "desb" to save 11%
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#desbfit #desbfittraining #unguardedandunbothered #roadtopro #npcbikini #bbcom @nk_athletics #savage #natty



💥In The Zone💥

It's an indescribable feeling... there is no thinking involved. Just up there doing what you love to do.

By far one of our most popular posing heels 💎 FOXY 💎 MAJOR restock is coming tomorrow! 👠👠

I had the honor to be interviewed by
Jonathan Landau @modelsobserver
Promoting Female Strength Since 2006
Check out the site and read the entire interview at

Thank you @modelsobserver
For your support


#Repost @modelsobserver (@get_repost)
Shannon Lewis - Bikini Competitor
"I have been on the stage since the age of 3. With 20 plus years as a dancer it's pretty much second nature to me.
My most recent contest was at the end of August at the Ifbb North American Championships. This was my 3rd time there which made it very comfortable knowing how the show is ran and being around a lot of people I know. I have been very pleased with my progress at this huge show in particular as I when from the 1st year at the bottom and the last two times placing in the top 10 (10th 2016 and 9th 2017). Always brining a better package. I only ever get a little nervous right before my foot hits the stage but when I do it's like a light switch and I own that stage."
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I was attempting to re-live my days as a gymnast at the gym last night🤸🏻‍♀️ I set a goal for myself, to be able to press up from a straddle split like I used to, so stay tuned for that!

Gym time, it's time to clear my mind and get focused. Time to work for my dream. You can't progress without consistency any pro any successful person will tell you that. #roadtopro #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fit #work #ifbb #npc #physique #aesthetic muscle #gains #arms #focused #instagood #ig #eyebrows #motivated #preworkout #tired #dedicated #mygrind #myrise #treysongz

Received the mission from Big Lou
Got the essentials from @superior_gainz
Time to achieve 💪🏼💪🏼

Week 9 prep ✔️ & prep update 💥Current physique from this morning's check-in. Even though the scale wants to play games with me, I'm feeling really good about the final package coach @joey_g911 and I are going to bring to stage! 👙 To say @joey_g911 knows what she's doing would be an understatement and I couldn't be more thankful to have here in my corner for competing. weeks out from my first competition! But I'm now officially 2 weeks out and I can't believe it, but also can't wait either. 😈
Coach is sending me a plan tonight to officially start depletion and carb ups, and all that jazz as we approach our final countdown to my first competition! 🏆But for today it's rest day, and I'm going to use this rest day to enjoy my brother's wedding!! 👰🏻 .
#roadtopro #prepupdate #weightlifter #progresscheck #ifbbbikini #brickbybrick #sexysaturday #bettereveryday #reversedieting #bigcatclassic #beproudofyou #steelfit #steelfitusa #teamsteelfit #godisgood #bikiniathlete #compprep #competitionprep #adofitness #shreds #preplife #beseen #procardhungry #contestprep #iam1stphorm #bikiniposing #2weeksout #5weeksouy #npcbikini #likeforlike

Had the pleasure of training at THE GYM in Jacksonville. Awesome gym definitely check it out if your ever in town. Even got to meet @armandoaman1 and he had no problem taking the time to shake my hand. And seen my trainer and bodybuilding legend @donlongifbbpro. Awesome experience now we just need a gym like this in Daytona. #bodybuilding #npc #mensphysique #roadtopro #ifbb #ibuiltthis #gains #backday #thegymjax #bettereveryday #cantstop #wontstop #traininsane #orremainthesame #hatersgonnahate #aintersgonnaaint #goforbroke #outgrowyourego #teamlong

My sister did amazing . Seriously so beautiful and so proud ❤️✨❤️✨ looking like top 3 @kathya.marti . Can't wait to see where this sport takes her . Only the start . Now we wait for finals .

Before she went on stage 😍😍😍😍 @kathya.marti 🔥

Wochenende und Zeit für die exorbitanten #cheatdays 🙈 Wer könnte dabei besser unterstützen als der @peanutbutter__shop 😍 Gibt es eigentlich was besseres als Erdnussbutter gepaart mit Schokolade? Dieser Shop ist das Paradies ❤️ .
Cheatday JA oder NEIN? Ich hab keine geregelten. Wenn ich Lust auf ungesund habe, dann esse ich es einfach. Gegen Gelüste sind die zuckerfreien Peanutbutter Cup echt richtig geil! Sie sollten meine Diät versüßen... Da keine Diät können jetzt auch wieder die Erdnussbutter M&Ms, KitKats, Snickers und Co in den Kühlschrank einziehen 😝
Checkt @peanutbutter__shop und vergesst den Code 'Lisa8' nicht beim shoppen 🤗
Foto @aiceepictures .
#cheat #sweetshop #peanutbutterlover #peanutbuttershop

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