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Look no further for a true example of a Billionaire Mindset! @andrewthekoz is a 21 year old college entrepreneur that has been featured in Business Insider twice in the past two weeks! Go hit him with a follow him for more inspiration and motivation! 🙏🏼 #motivationsector
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Why am I up at 2 am?
Well because I am so excited about this workshop!
You guys have no idea!
What will you be learning?
1. An Inspiration mood board!
2. Handbag illustration
and of course we will be diving deep into the history of handbags!
Its seriously a SPECIAL DELIVERY!
Easy to get to as well!
Just send me a dm here and it will be all laid out for you!
Happy Thursday....
Back to bed hopefully!

If You Don't Take Care of Your Body Where Are You Going to Live?
Take the time to cleanse your physical body of accumulated stress and toxicity; you will then be rewarded with increased vitality and optimal health.

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Happiness is not a destination.., It's a Journey. 😍 😊

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I am literally crying looking at this. I poured my heart, soul my everything into this. This is more to me then just body image. This is happiness. I was not blessed with the slimming jeans from my family. This took me 730 days to build. (Now that’s commitment). My weight is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. Being over weight was a product of my attitude, mind set and over all happiness. I was at an all time low. Coming home from work snacking , sleeping followed by Getting black out drunk every weekend, recovering by feeding my body with fast food and laying in bed I am not afraid to admit I was depressed and my appearance 100% reflected how I truly felt about myself at the time. I get asked a lot why I post these so much, or what gain it does for me. This progress is more than physical. This progress is a whole new lilly. One who cut ALOT of friends, focused on her life and got her shit together. I have my own home now an amazing job and a handful of friends who truly give a shit. I document the happy times in life and applaud myself for the strength I’ve shown. When I see people who I grew up with I get more than just “wow lilly you look so good” I get “lilly, you look so happy” which was my ultimate goal. You have to be your biggest fan. No one is going to pick you up like yourself can. It took me 730 days to learn to love myself again. Confidence is the most attractive quality any human can posses & after 24 years on this earth I’m so happy to say I finally have it! #progesspic #fitness #roadtohappiness #happylilly #beyourownmotivation #progressnotperfection #fitnessmotivation #fitnessprogress #happygirl #allsmiles #confidence

Often when you go exploring ‘off the beaten track’ you find your surroundings at their natural best.... anyone guess where you can find this magical road!? .
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