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When you finally nail a combo and @charleeshae gives you a high five while in it! Love that woman and all her painful things! #kairosfitness #dewpointpole #roadtoaerialympics #badkittypride

#roadtoaerialympics what a journey. These last few months have been so crazy and I was so happy to be part of it.
I got 2nd in my exotic division and did not place in the All Star division. There were so many amazing competitors and I know without a doubt that the judges had a hard freakin job!

I understand it can be hard when you dont win but do not let that get you down! Do not devalue the judges and winners for an outcome youre not happy with. It can be heart wrenching when you have worked so hard and having it mean so much to you. Where literal blood, sweat and tears go into that few minute routine. Everyone worked so hard and is already a winner for sharing what they had on stage. Judging is SO HARD and that is putting it lightly. There are sooo many factors and it is based off of many expert opinions. Use those notes to help better yourself! Judges give great feedback - take it as kindle to your fire!

Being humble, no matter win or lose is so important.

Try again and again and again etc. Etc. Do not quit. You are only shaping the best of your own self.

Thank you @aerialympics for the amazing opportunity. I don't think the average human understands what truly goes on behind the scenes of a great and safe show. Thank you @blackopsav for having our asses! Thank you Judges for working so hard. Thank you competitors for making such a great show. Thank you friends and family for being supportive.

Lastly thank you Garth, my sweet husband for being my rock. Even when we butt heads because we are so tired, stressed and have so much of outside life. I love you so much and appreciate the congratulation gifts. Love you. Xoxo

Love you all!

I love the aerial arts, and I do this for me. Competitions push me to work harder, but their results do not define me. #onyxstrong #roadtoaerialympics

I NEVER wear lipstick, or half this much makeup to be honest, but practice runs for competition makeup is a necessity for this makeup newb! #roadtoaerialympics

This evening's amazing winners! All stars and exotic medalists getting their awards from @shayshay0211
#aerialympics #roadtoaerialympics

Before I go one stage, I am glad I am here. There was a point in my life where I said I would never compete. No matter the outcome I am a winner in my eyes. (fake cigarette) @aerialympics #roadtoaerialympics #aerialympics2017

I feel suuuuper unprepared. I'm praying that adrenaline gives me some extra push. But now I can only give 100% of myself.
#youngscrappyandhungry #roadtoaerialympics #aerialympics


Here is a cool screen shot of my recent #aerialympics routine in which my braids are burning pink fire!! Also I love this shot because it looks like I am wrapping around the pole like a snake.
#pole #piggybraids #pointyfeet #polecompetitor #polecompetition #roadtoaerialympics #poleperformance #pdjallegra #firebraids #pdsplit #polefit #poletrick #galepolewear #poleathlete #poledancer #poledancersofig

My #aerialympics pictures are here, @cheezbiskit88 did such an amazing job, I'm amazed at the beautiful shots she got. I absolutely love them. Looking through them I still can't believe I competed. It was so worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears. #aerialympics2017 #roadtoaerialympics #aerialhammock #aerialsilks #cutebumwhereyafrom #sabrabenfordphotography #mysafehaven #pushyourself #workhardplayhard #aerialist #circuslife #wouldntitbenice

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