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Riding towards switchback Saturday on Lacets de Montvernier. There aren't many shorter but more stunning climbs than this. 📷 @haute_route

😱😱... who's in? and no helmet !!! Tag a mate who's got the balls .

Cyclist Josef Zimovčák crushing it on a penny-farthing bombing downhill, talk about sketchy! check him out at facebook.com/josef.zimovcak
Credit 👉:@hizokucycles (HizokuCycles.com)

Never stop climbing 😎 🏔

Not just another new S-Works Tarmac picture... this might be the first disc version spotted in the wild. It looks like all the new tech carried over from the winning SL6 with the addition of direct mount disc. Can't wait to hear the rest of the specs. Leave your comments down below. Photo shared from @total_rush_cycling
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#TBT. Tomorrow I’ll line up in Geraardsbergen with a few hundred crazy cyclists to take on what will be by far my toughest cycling challenge to date, the #TCRno5, so it’s only right that today I’m looking back on my first ever bike ride, seven whole years ago when I decided to cycle from my hometown Calgary to the Yukon with absolutely no experience - I even had a written note in my bag with instructions for how to fix a flat... Other mechanical issues were chaos. I spent some very slow days/weeks pushing a heavy, beautiful steel bike loaded with all that comforting gear over the Rockies… My rig tomorrow for the Alps will certainly be a little slicker! Whether I'm really prepared for this, I’m not totally convinced, but at least I know a few more things than the old version of me pictured here. It would have been ideal if I hadn’t crashed my bike and injured my hip on my last training ride, but this isn’t the time to whinge about that. This is the time to #bemoremike. It will be a challenge, and it will be an adventure. Wish me luck. Gulp.
#findyouradventure 🚴🏻‍♀️🏔

First ride for the @fizikofficial R5s, need a bit of adjusting but a trillion times better than what I was using, arch support and sole are bang on. Big up @rapha and their pro team socks too, best sock on the market. #fizik #fizikr5 #boa #rapha #rapharcc #rapha_europe #rapharcc #cycle #bikeporn #baaw #bikelife #bike #bikersofinstagram #velo #whip #bicycle #outsideisfree #roadslikethese #wymtm #fromwhereiride #roadporn #kotd #potd #fotd #lotd

Most of our rides include a mix of pavement and gravel - so our bikes must handle each surface equally well.
#roadslikethese #compasstires

I gave as much as I would singing the backing vocals to Alicia Keys - Fallin', so you know I gave everything (luckily I ride a lot better than I sing). ✨


Help a brother out 👊🏼
When we found this fella, 6 punctures deep, knuckles bleeding, miles from anywhere. We rolled to a stop and helped him fix it up.
#dalslandrunt17 #sequoia #bombproof #adventurebike #romancerides #gravel #cycling #sweden #roadslikethese #getthismanabeer

That was a shock to the system, 40c before 11am, thank god for the wind... #cycling #lanzarote #getmeinthatpool

Even my potato phone couldn't make the view from Villard Notre Dame look bad #roadslikethese #notthea57 #alpedhuez

And normal service has resumed. You don't have to go very far or look very hard to find some beautiful views out here, even on a grey day...

#localloops in a misty Central Park.

Sleeping in a yurt in Song-Kul is somewhat of a touristy “gimmick,” but we figured we should do it at least once. A wood burning stove inside turned our yurt into a sauna while it dropped below freezing temperatures outside. We were treated to a delicious meal of fresh vegetable salad, lamb stew, bread and candies with tea. Breakfast would prove to be even better with fresh made jams; we were glad we splurged for the stay.

Tgif. Now go find some new.roads.
#vscocam #cycling #ny #ridewithaview

Let go.

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Ph. @marshallkappel

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