About last night.......level yen gangan. #roadclearforus

Happy new month guys...God make it a fruitful one for us all 🙏. #kinilevelyen #roadclearforus

It's a Fruitful and Wonderful week for us in Jesus name🙏. #roadclearforus

The I Am that I Am is proven his Greatness once more again 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. Morning my people. #roadclearforus Level yen gangan

Men like Reeky and LahLah #roadclearforus All praise be to the most HIGH. Good morning my people

Part of why God bless you is to bless others..when you're happy always remember some ppl re not..stretch a helping hand to put a smile on someone's face today and make the world a better place for all to live..if you cannot make em smile don't make em sad. #roadclearforus

Happy new month to y'all June is here Osu Gbera Insha Allah🙏. Month of testimonies 🙏. #roadclearforus

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To set"Kini level yen"as your ring back tune send 1768306 to 4100 MTN users Then 901765 to 251 Etisalat users #roadclearforus

To set"Kini level yen"as your ring back tune send 1768306 to 4100 MTN users Then 901765 to 251 Etisalat users #roadclearforus

As you await the video..go download and enjoy that 🔥tune. Kini level yen ft Reekado banks. #roadclearforus

God first...hard work follows. Perseverance is the 🔑. God no forget anybody Level yen gan. #roadclearforus

Thanks to God almighty for the gift of life. You guys have a wonderful week ahead🙏. Level yen gangan. #roadclearforus

Success is eminent...... #roadclearforus

Priorities,goals,targets and aspirations...even hard work without God will not get you all this...prayer is the 🔑...ise kekere owo nla for my ppl this week in Jesus name"amen. Level yen gangan. #roadclearforus

Happy Sunday to y'all....all our prayers shall be answered in Jesus mighty name"amen. Set Kini level yen ft reekado banks as your ring back tunes..send 901765 to 251 Etisalat subscribers only. #roadclearforus

Ejeh mi tey tey...DFSS connection.....good to see you again blooda. Level yen gangan. #roadclearforus

TGIF. Thrill your callers today with"Kini level yen". Send 0768306 or 1768306 to 4100 MTN. Or 901765 to 251 Etisalat subscribers. Have a lovely weekend ahead. Level yen gangan. #roadclearforus

Get #kinilevel yen by kleverjay ft reekado banks use as Ring back tune for mtn and etisalat subscribers..... Text 901765  to 251  Level  Klever jay  Etisalat

Text 1768306  or 0768306 to 4100  level  klever jay MTN. #roadclearforus

Ojumo ire ni o,Ojumo ire ni,iLe to'mo mi loni o,Ojumo ire ni,Ono shi Ono la,Ojumo ire ni. Morning fam...level yen gangan. #roadclearforus

Now on Mtn music+ and iTunes go cop yours #roadclearforus

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