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Brushing teeth with a view @planetcarava #roadabode #tinyhouse

First thing this am we departed for an epic driving/camping adventure out East with Gorvie (our camper van, aka: 'road abode'). Here's hoping the drive out is fast & painless...day 1 = 1200kms. 😳Keep us in your thoughts!
#thisrvlife #roadabode #wemaybeinsane #drivingwitha20monthold #outeasteh #screechmein #explorecanada

They spent 311 nights in their RV last year. Home is truly where they park it. Double tap if you think that's incredible. Comment how many nights you sleep on the road.
#Dometic #MobileLivingMadeEasy #MobileLivingStories

The mobile life brings us joy and gratitude for the simple things. What does it bring you? #MobileLivingStories #DometicInsideOurHomeOnWheels

We dare you to clear your schedule this weekend. Make no reservations, have no time constraints, do no work, and feel no stress. Double tap if you're in. #MobileLivingStories #SoulfulRVFamilyByDometic

Forgot about this - today an Apple Maps vehicle passed us, then stopped for lunch at El Ranchero restaurant as we walked back to #RoadAbode
#watkinsglen #applemaps #Rving

Marshmallow time for the #RoadAbode Crew

Not sure what Molly's favorite part of #Rving is - all the different scents, watching passerby activity of #RoadAbode , or the extended petting sessions.

It's amazing what you find on the beach #vanlife #placeoflife #beach #roadabode #homeonwheels #homeiswhereyouparkit

Sean Scott is one of Australia's most well-known photographers who travels in an RV that's equipped with Dometic products to ensure his mobile life is easy. Stay tuned as we follow him around the world, showing off the most incredible sights and revealing his tips for the RV lifestyle! #DometicFollowsSeanScott #MobileLivingStories

"On our first trip, we didn't have a freezer. I was pregnant and craved ice cream like you couldn't imagine. This time around, we did things the right way and got ourselves a Dometic CFX Portable Refrigerator/Freezer. There are definitely sacrifices to be made as far as fridge space goes, but obviously ice cream isn't one of them." - @ourhomeonwheels #dometicinsideourhomeonwheels #mobilelivingstories

3 of our favorites: Yonder. Geocaching. Camp Finder.
Share your answer & tag someone who loves to travel in the comments below.👇🏼

Weekend ready!
#DometicFollowsAkela #MobileLivingStories

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