Size 16 (stretched from here and to the moon, they were that tight) vs new Victoria's Secret size small that don't need to stretch an absurd amount.

Wow this was a lot of effort for what I ate 🤦🏻‍♀️. I’ll set the scene. I’m farting about making the kids breakfast wheats for the girl porridge for the boy, the girls inhaled hers before the boys is ready so she’s now in my way trying to get herself a drink and a croissant. Whilst my boys eats his I’m making mine, #readybrek, #pulsinpeaprotein and #unsweetenedalmondmilk all mixed and in the microwave 90 seconds, into my cute little bowl and sprinkle with #cinnamon. I go to sit down to enjoy a nice warm breakfast. I eat in half teaspoons and I’m stuffed after two full ones 🤦🏻‍♀️😆😂. I managed two full teaspoons and could now have a nap. The readybrek states suitable for vegetarians. #veganprotien #pulsinpeaprotein #almondmilk #unsweetenedalmondmilk #readybrek #breakfast #stuffed #wls #wlscommunity #rnycommunity #rnyfood #rny #fattofit #weightlossjourney

On holidays and spending lots of time with the fluff. Off to Bright tomorrow for two nights of peaceful bliss then down to Melbourne to cuddle some favourites and probably drink coffee filtered through a shoe or whatever the latest trend is down there 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Post-RNY surgery Update!

Surgery was Monday the 17th and everything went well! Weighed in at the hospital at 257lbs. I ended up staying 2 nights instead of 1 because I was having difficulty with nausea and keeping food/liquids down. After giving the anesthesia 24 hours to wear off, I was tolerating everything perfectly fine. (Pre-surgery selfie included!) Since being home I've had no nausea and as of today Tylenol has been good enough for my pain. I'm having my chicken broth (from Costco) and sugar free popsicles for "meals" during Stage 1. The jello ended up being too sweet for me (never would I thought I would say that lol). Saturday I'm starting Stage II so I'll be trying out the applesauce, Tomato soup (strained), and yogurt. Also note that I brought small bowls and silverware! Helps so much with the small bites and tricking my brain that I'm eating more than 2oz lol Brought them from Daiso.

As for pills, I've had no issues with both chewables and tablets or capsules. I posted my vitamin schedule as well. I'm still really tired so the naps are interfering with my schedule lol but I'm getting everything in at the appropriate intervals. Last 2 pics are of a travel pill case I got off Amazon. I love it! So compact and I can carry extra vitamins with me throughout the day very easily and it's pretty secure.

I have lost 2lbs so far, but I'm more concerned about trying to heal and get my fluids in. My scale is used every morning but I'm focusing more on the decreasing fat %. 🔥💪♥️
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#66dayspostop A couple of weeks ago I posted about "letting" my doctor know I had had surgery LOL. As a result of that conversation she referred me to a programme called "fit for life" which would give me access to a dietician which was what I was after.

Today I met with the dietician and had my pre-assessment for the programme and It went really well and I'll be doing an 8 week class that last 2 hrs, 1 hr physical activity and 1 hr nutrition.

Her only concern was how I tended to demonize food sometimes and have a go at myself if I ate half a cupcake. You guys tell me I can be too tough on myself (which I appreciate) so that wasn't new but I'm taking the time to think about how I really do demonize food!

I want to follow a balanced, varied and healthy lifestyle eating foods that fuel me and make me happy from the inside out. I also want to feel empowered to have half a cupcake or not have half a cupcake because it is a choice and not because I'm going to spend hours afterwards kicking myself for not being "100% clean"

It's a process...I'm on my journey...I'm learning...I'll get there 💪🏾

Another vacation #nsv - I bought this top in Austria Incase I couldn’t find a dress in Munich. It’s much shorter than I’d like because I generally like to cover my hanging belly. Before I headed out for a party last night I felt fat and self conscious. But by the time we arrived at the party, I somehow found my confidence and rocked this outfit on the dance floor. The mental health aspect of obesity must be combated daily. It’s there. Fat brain will always tell you that you aren’t good enough. You aren’t pretty. You aren’t desirable. It makes you compare your food choices to that of your friends. And all that is utter bullshit. #loveyourself my friends. Even when - especially when it’s hard. #wls #wlscommunity #wlsjourney #rny #rnyjourney #rnycommunity #rnyinstacrew

Starting a new series. #whoareyoumyjourney this series will explore who I am. Some are funny some are serious. We are so many things to so many people but who are we really? Follow me on this journey of self discovery. I’d love to see who you are?! Just tag me in your posts! Of course my first and foremost identity is being a mommy. I have four beautiful children whom I’d die for. They make me whole. They give me more purpose in life than I would have without them and I can’t imagine my life without them in it. #rnycommunity #myjourneysmyown #rnygastricbypasssurgery #transformationtuesdy #rnyoregon

Dat protein fart lyfe

#facetofacefriday Just two short years apart. But such a difference! I’m so thankful for my new and improved life. #myjourneysmyown #rnycommunity #rnygastricbypasssurgery #rnyoregon #rnybabes #wlscommunity

|| Happy Friday! ||
I definitely murdered my arms today. Like.... they hurt in the first 10min of finishing my workout!
But no pain no gainzzzzzz right?!
I absolutely love looking at myself and feeling strong. I love that I can see the progress I’m making. It’s honestly addicting. That’s one thing that keeps me motivated lol the addiction to progress and results!

When you PULL it together after a workout WORK READY CHECK THAT WAIST OUT ayeeeee 😉 #bbwgirls #rnycommunity #gastricbypass 130 pounds gone FOREVER #bbwfitness #wls #wlscommunity #spartanburgsc

#facetofacefriday I had just given birth the week before the before pic was taken. So I look slightly crazy.
#rouxeny #rnycommunity #bariatriclife #wlsbeforeandafter #wls #obesetobeast #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney

💗Over 150 lbs Lost!! I saved my own life by starting this journey! Tag a friend for some Weightloss Motivation 🙌
I'm Andrea, 32 yrs old, I have had 3 chitlens & I had the Gastric Bypass surgery in November 2017. This is a 1 year difference between these photos, but my journey wasn't easy. Follow my journey to see where I have come from & where I'm going.
Have questions? Considering surgery yourself?
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