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A partir da próxima sexta-feira (14/7), em virtude da expansão do Shopping Flamboyant, haverá mudanças na operação do transporte coletivo na região do Jardim Goiás. Dois pontos de embarque e desembarque das linhas 015, 021, 023, 024, 026, 193, 325, 900, 901 e 905 serão desativados no bairro.
Com as alterações, a linha 023 (T. Praça A/ Praça Cruzeiro/ Flamboyant) passará a atender o Terminal Praça A, passando pela Praça do Avião, Avenida República do Líbano, Praça Tamandaré, Praça Cívica e Rua 90, indo até ao shopping e fará o trajeto de volta, atendendo o novo ponto de embarque no Jardim Goiás.
Com a mudança, a linha 023 deixará de passar pela Avenida 24 de outubro, no Setor Campinas. Entretanto, será mais uma opção para os clientes que saem do terminal Praça A e precisam ir para o Jardim Goiás.
A nova configuração territorial do Shopping fecha um trecho da Alameda das Paineiras, na via de sentido único do Posto Texaco, que foi demolido, para o crescimento horizontal do centro de compras.
Outra mudança é que a Rua Terezinha passa a ter sentido único de circulação. Por conta disso, os pontos de embarque e desembarque 6877, que fica próximo ao Outback, e o 124, que fica próximo à Decathlon, serão retirados. Porém, o atendimento do ponto 125, que fica na Rua Terezina, permanecerá normal.
Para atender os clientes que usam o transporte público coletivo, todas as linhas passarão a atender o novo ponto 7675, que será instalado na Avenida I, no lugar do antigo Posto Z+Z.
Ao longo desta semana, colaboradores da Rede Metropolitana do Transporte Coletivo (RMTC) estão orientando os passageiros sobre as mudanças. A ação será realizada nos dois pontos que serão desativados. Os motoristas já estão em treinamento para se adequarem ao novo local de embarque do Shopping Flamboyant.
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What an amazing night singing at Feinstein's @54below 🎶🎶🎶so blessed and grateful for the gift of singing! Also grateful for @redmtntheatre and @connerwmilam who made this outstanding show possible 🙌🏻❤️✨Thank you for bringing us all together so we could do and share what we love most!! #54below #RMTC #NYC

Inside Daniels Spectrum theatre. Waiting for people to enter and enjoy the show ~___~
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집에오니 초대장이 뙇!
김사장님 이사장님 다시 한번 축하드리며
로맨틱크라운 만쉐
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"Running" a 5k (more or less) at the RMTC track workout at Stanley Marketplace. Much tougher at 31 weeks, but pleased to have been able to run the whole way! #fitpregnancy #running #rmtc #bigbellydontcare

Last Acro day with these two fabulous guys. Can't believe how much they've learned! Go check them out as the stars of Billy Elliot at RMTC @ethan_ribeiro @eamonstocks #acro #kickitdance #rmtc


더워서 공기청정기💨💦 앞에서 땀말리는데 소댕이가 찍어줌 어딘지알면 최소 #경시생
🚔🚓 #공시생 잠옷아님 한달뒤에 봐요들
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업템포 라이트본

There's officially only one week left of (@redmtntheatre )'s production of Newsies!
Try to get a ticket before this incredible show ends!
Im playing Finch the newsboy and he promises it'll be worth you while!
Healthy Belting, Comedy, Tapping, Tumbling Passes, and Turns in secondè -- What more can you ask for?
Join us and come Seize The Day!
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Another day another race! When you have to buy a towel, cause you left one at home, you buy a star wars one! #feltbicycles #ironmanwisconsin #roadtoironman #ironmantraining #boulder703 #onrunning #pearlizumi #starwars #rmtc

Napping in the sun, waiting on the bike leg to be done to do my part of my first relay. #run #relay #triathletelife #tri #triathlon #evergreen #colorado #sundayfunday #sundayrunday #rmtc #rockymountaintriclub #selfie #transition


Being a catalyst of change is one of, if not THE, most important responsibility we have as actors. The story of Newsies is crucial in this idea. A group of kids stand down the odds and seize the day. They prove that by banding together they can accomplish things they have never dreamed of. It's a story of how the world is defied, and progress is made once and for all. oh, and there's some pretty sick leaps too. You've got a week and a half, Birmingham. Don't miss it.

Photo credit: Stewart Edmonds

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Wanted to post last night, but I was super super tired by the time I made it home. Last night I had the amazing opportunity to get to see Disneys: Newsies at the Red Mountain Theatre in Birmingham. I had never seen the movie or the musical before. As a matter of fact I've never seen a musical live, and it's been almost 10 years since I've has the chance to see any sort of stage play. And oh my god it didn't disappoint. It was incredible! I loved the story, I loved the actors, I loved every bit. And it was exciting to get to share it all with the books a million family. I already wish I could go and watch it again. ❤❤❤❤❤
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