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Times are hard. Things are difficult. Living is tough. but it hardly looks and feels like it. It's so easy to plug into the despair. Traffic is gridlocked on the highways and within the city. Weather is a mess. Nothing is working. I refuse to sing that song or walk that path because I have a different heritage. I am a kingdom child. Though living here but separated by my convenant. I am Believer. My needs have been met. I will get my share because that is what my God promised me. So like the Yoruba proverb says and so eloquently explained to me by @pastorsamadeyemi, if they like let them pound the yam on leaves and cook the soup in groundnut shell I will get my share. #Rmdsaysso. #elevatewithrmd #Godsaysso.

Up here at the summit of the Table Mountain, sober reflections feel like cloud 9. Photo @johndumelo1 #travel2SA #flysaanigeria #mysaexperience #RMDSAYSSO

Yesterday a friend sent me an audio clip of Pastor Chris reminding us of how important it is to never lose sight of who we are even when the circumstances and conditions of life are dire and dark. It reawakened my consciousness to the fact that no matter how bad it seems, my blessings outweigh my needs. So today I encourage you to speak what ever it is you desire and require into being. Let Job 22: 29 be your confession. WHEN MEN SAY THERE IS A CASTING DOWN, YOU, SAY THERE IS A LIFTING UP!!! Speak your desire into reality. #RMDSaysSo #StayPositive #TrustGod #MondayMotivation
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The recession and everything else happening around us presently make phrases like #behappy #bepositive #weshallovercome, etc sound like gibberish but they aren't, which is why despite the fact that "e don red" I still maintain the positive disposition because I know my helper will turn my worst days around. #RMDSaysSo #GodIsAble #GodCan #GodWill #StayPositive #BeHappy #SpeakPositive #TrustGod
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Let's take some time to revisit the "you're too old to go for your dreams" myth. Yea, it's a myth and if anyone tries to convince you otherwise, tell them to take a good look at me. I left the scene (my dreams) for EIGHT YEARS...8 years in the entertainment industry is a life time, trust me, so I call it EIGHT LONG YEARS of being away from my dreams.
Contrary to what a lot of you think and/or believe, when it was time for me to return to my dreams, I was scared, worried, uncertain, had doubts, questions and fears but hey, I went to the rock that is higher than I (God). I went to Him in humility and sincerity... The thing you call swag, sex appeal, charisma...you name it, is the GLORY OF GOD...It is by His special grace that at 55 rapidly going on 56, I am blessed to live my dreams in health and sound mind.
Today, I encourage you to conquer your fears, worries, doubts, uncertainties and go with God. Go for your dreams... it's never too late to start, never too late to try again... #RMDSaysSo #GODISNEVERLATE #JustDoIt #TrustGod #GoWithGod #StayPositive #Believe #WednesdayWisdom

It's 10: 11: 16 😉
Nothing delights my heart more than the opportunity to teach, to mentor and inspire, however, my delight also comes from the fact that as I teach I learn, as I inspire, I'm inspired. That is why today 10: 11: 16 I officially announce my search for two interns who I will not only mentor, teach and hopefully inspire but young brilliant people this old man would learn a thing or two from. So if you are young, smart, humorous, willing to learn and would like to be my personal intern for a period of time then go follow my official account @rmdtheactor on Instagram and Twitter and wait for more details #RMDSaysSo #RMDsIntern #TheInternSearch

So that's how you'll be in your lane minding your business and someone would be making hot yellow eba and efo riro for you abi? but on a more serious and personal note, this is not me trying to ridicule the writer but humour is a great defence mechanism for me so Dear writer, I totally understand how easy it is for you and a couple of others to think you're "in love" with me and/or other celebrities but what you actually love is the idea of RMD not RMD.
All of you that want to be with me won't last a week because I am not the perfect husband or father you may think I am.
I forget little details, fart in bed with my wife, get impatient with my kids, have mood swings, squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle, leave wet towels on the bed, yea you may think I'm cool and perfect but Mrs Adejumobi Mofe-Damijo my ONLY wife disagrees and you know what? I agree with her because she is absolutely right and the perfect RMD you perceive is a creation of the woman who genuinely loves me and is there on the sidelines cheering me on and keeping me grounded.
My prayer for you today is that you find the man for you and give you the wisdom to mold him into perfection. #RMDSaysSo

Okay guys, the #RMDsInternSearch competition is now open. To Enter
1) Follow @rmdtheactor and @rmofedamijo on Twitter
2) Follow @rmdtheactor and @mofedamijo on Instagram
3) Make a short Instagram video telling us your name, age, occupation and why you should be RMD's intern.
4) Upload the video to... SEE @rmdtheactor for more details... #RMDSaysSo #RMDsInternSearch #RMDsIntern #ItsTime

Dear Son,
I'm writing to you today because there is no day "internationally" set aside for the "boy child", so, tired of looking on in horror as you constantly shock and embarrass me, this is from daddy to you.
I'm shocked at how many of you carry yourselves here on social media. I am shocked at the things you L O L at. I am worried at the way you speak
to and about women. I am frightened at the kinds of things that inspire and motivate you.
I am concerned that the women who get your attention are not the virtuous, brilliant types but the frivolous party, skimpily clad ones.
I am disappointed to see that the pictures you fall over yourselves double tapping are not the inspirational quotes or of clean, beautiful modest women but of women with their breasts, thighs and bottoms spilling over.
I cringe at how many of you blatantly use swear and curse words at women like it makes you cool.
I am distraught to see that many of you insinuate that a man who loves and stays with one woman is a wimp, that a man who publicly displays and speaks about his love for his woman is a "jew man", that a man who is more interested in deeply spiritual and intellectual pursuits should be shamed...
I am worried son, deeply worried.
My dear son, being uncouth, indecent, unintelligent is NOT cool and contrary to what you think, the man who stays on social media looking for naked ladies to validate, smart people to shame, brilliant people to tear down, celebrities to attack are NOT men but little boys battling low self esteem issues.
A real man loves God and is not ashamed to show it. He loves and respects women. He does not ask for nudes and if any misguided woman sends him her nudes respectfully deletes it and not use it as a blackmailing tool. A real man reads, yes, he reads a lot. He picks his mentors wisely, thinks before he speaks and reads his comments over and over before he hits send.
Dear son, do not let the "anonymity" of social media make you a fool rather use it to shine and be kind, reasonable and sensible at all times because that is the man I desire to see you be.

When I was told to open an Instagram account and reactivate my other social media accounts, I didn't want to but because I also wanted a place where I could engage my fans I decided to. In no time I started getting offers from social media "gurus" who offered to grow my "follower-ship" with a snap of their fingers and boost my online ratings, so "brands and products would kill themselves over me". Offers that were hard to resist, but when I sat with my team and reviewed, we found out these "gurus" often purchased faceless followers, likes and even comments, so I asked myself if I wanted to be a sensation borne out of falsified popularity. I weighed the options between quick internet fame, the money that came with it and being sincere by letting my true personality grow my accounts. I settled for the later. "Ah, Bros e go hard for you to get endorsements o if you no get reach 1 million followers"... "Just buy, everybody dey do am" were some of the arguments I heard but in my heart I knew it couldn't be everyone and even if it were I wouldn't, I thought to myself, after all, I didn't get my Glo deal by how much internet fame I had.
At way less than 200k plus followers, I got a call from Heineken and went to Vegas for the 007 Spyfie Experience. At way less than 1 million followers, Johnnie Walker snatched me up and with my less than 1 million followers, I turned down countless endorsement, influencer and ambassadorial offers.
Slowly but surely, my followers grew. I didn't have to create a scandal, deny my faith or be politically correct. I did not have to pay for one follower, like or comment. I did not even know I had a million followers till yesterday at the office when my Creative Team Lead pointed it out.
Today, I humbly but proudly thank my 1million real followers for being the best anyone could ever ask for. I am indeed reminded that you don't have to do it because everyone is doing it and that "doing it" doesn't guarantee that you will make it because the race is indeed not to the swift but it is The Lord that shows mercy. Be Still and #LetGodElevateYou #ElevateWithRMD #DoNotConform #KeepWalking #Rmdsaysso

Ok so following my made in Nigeria post my dm has been buzzing with requests for the no of my quiet Benin based furniture maker. I have his permission to share his name and no. I probably just started something major for him and I feel very humbled. +2348035762040 Enibos Furniture makers. Meanwhile
@amystunner the maker of my Red sandals is dancing too. Am just wondering if I should be getting like a commission... No? #rmdsaysso #madeinnigeria #proudnigerian. Clothes by Ajala

Have you ever tried to get air pumped into your tyre & the vulcanizer looks you in the eye smiles & says "na 500 naira for 1 tyre" or you try to hire an artisan & get an exorbitant price & when you protest, they say to you with a grin "ah, but you get money nau"... Well, the first instinct for most is to say to that trader, handyman, etc, "abeg, I no get money o!". For you it might be not be strangers but close friends/family who assume that you are richer than you actually are so they depend on you & run to you at every point for financial help and/or relief. You might not be the oldest and/or the wealthiest in your family but you're the one they leave to "send money home to your parents", "cater to your younger siblings" & "pay the bills" & all you want to do is protest but even if you do, it would make little or no difference, after all, "you get money nau"
Now I'm not addressing those who pretend to be who they're not, pretend to have what they don't, live above their means and lie about how much they actually make. I am talking about those who are presumed rich because something about them says so. Even when they are down on their last dime they look like a million bucks. It is people like this that the saying "Thank God we do not look like what we have been through" apply to, so if you are one of those people, do not resist or deny it. Do not ensnare yourself by the words of your mouth (Prov 6:2) by rejecting it every time someone says to you "but you get money nau", rather embrace it & be grateful for it. It is actually a blessing to look rich and well kept, it is a special grace from God & when you identify it as such, you will relish it. Don't worry about how "looking rich" can make more people ask your help because the thing about God is that if He equips, He empowers, so if you have been blessed by God with the charismatic grace to "look rich", trust me, He will empower you to be rich so remember to either "Thank God you do not look like what you have been through" or you "Thank God you do not look like what you are going through" but whatever you do, refuse to be small, just elevate and remember "Perception is reality". #rmdsaysso #elevatewithrmd.

I believe the hymn "Count your blessings name them one by one" is to every Christian what the alphabet song is to every child of school age. The big question then is, how many times do we as Christians remember to apply that hymn. I have a friend who I share testimonies with, lately she has been greatly challenged and I have been praying for her and sometimes urging her to share her struggles but she wouldn't. A couple of days ago she called me and said, she has been refusing the urge to pick up her phone and call me to share her struggles but decided to wait and call me and share her victories instead because she knows they will surely come.
That really resonated with me and got me thinking. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing our struggles with trusted friends and family but sometimes instead of picking that phone and calling your best friend or confidant or whoever to lament about your woes, pause say a prayer believe God and wait to share your victories instead because there in lies true success. And, if you can't wait and must really just call and talk to someone then start by counting all your blessings one by one and conclude by saying "I just called to share how wonderful my life has been", then be still and know that God is God. Selah! #rmdsaysso #elevatewithrmd

Recently, I heard a rather interesting argument that asking God for money or say a house is stupid and an utter waste of your time and God's own as well. The person who shared this thought went on to argue that all you need is hard work. Work hard and you'll make money, work hard and you'll get the house you so rightly desire and I'm sitting there like "hmmmm...". Hmmmm... because if hard work is all we need to make it in life then trust me, the hardest working bricklayers, carpenters, doctors, even actors would be the richest people alive. Now, do NOT get me wrong, I totally get the argument but that singular narrative is faulty because there's a difference between working hard and working smart.
I have a group of young people who are under my employment and mentorship and they are mostly a committed, hardworking bunch, however, there are weeks that they come in early, close late and achieve little, so I sat with them and shared the wisdom of working smarter than you work harder. Working smart is a topic for another day so I do not lose my line of discuss.
I am a firm believer in hard work and "smart work" as I am of God's grace. There are two men who work as hard and as smart as the other but there is only one who gets ahead farther than the other because of the grace of God on his life.
The grace factor is the one that turns your little to much and brings you all round favour. It is the transcendent life that elevates you and even you know that it can only be God.
So yes, please work hard, work smart and also keep asking God for grace so that you can be counted amongst those written about in Rom 9:15 where the bible says "...I (God) will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and compassion on whom I will have compassion".
It's a new week, go elevate and #DoBiggerThingsNG #RMDSaysSo #ElevateWithRMD #GalaxyNote8NG. Design by @omardavie_collection. Cap @seyivodi

Many times I’ve been asked what advice I have for young actors and lately I have come to realise that the best advice for anyone, irrespective of career path is to be intentional.
You do not wake up in the morning, have a bath, dress up nice and leave your house without an intention. You leave to either go to work, school, church, market, just take a walk, see a movie, whatever... The point is you step out with an intention. Even if all you want to do is “waka round” without going anywhere in particular, that in itself is still an intention. This same theory must be applicable in your life, BE INTENTIONAL. Do not live your life without an intention. Don’t enter a relationship without an intention. Don’t start a business without an intention. Don’t pursue a career without an intention.
Draw up a long term plan and have a short term one that will help you achieve it, then work towards the plan intentionally. So if you need my advice, it would be these 2 words “BE INTENTIONAL”. #rmdsaysso #elevatewithrmd #disownedthebook #disowned #beintentional
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I love people who love people. The kind, generous, nurturing type who go out of their way to do for others without complaining or expecting a reward but the problem with people like this is the fact that they forget to take care of NUMBER 1.
You may be the one in your family that everyone kind of depends on for direction, money, prayers, counsel, etc. Or you’re Admin for various WhatsApp groups trying to keep people together and in touch, or you’re the one constantly on the road attending ceremonies and events just to support others. You are a hero and I love you but the question is, When last did you stop to breathe and take care of yourself?
YOU-ARE-NUMBER-1 and you matter, so take some time out to recalibrate. Stop putting off that spa day or the alone time when you shut the world off, order a meal, binge on your favourite TV show, get a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, read a book, just do something for you because YOU-ARE-NUMBER-1 and you count. Don’t succumb to the pressure of feeling bad for watching out for you because if NUMBER-1 dies, life would go on. To all the NUMBER-1’s in the world that keep giving, May God reward your labour of love and surpass your imaginations. God bless you. #Selah #RMDSaysSo #ElevateWithRMD
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How this reminds me of my dream when I was much younger.i would always tell my mom mummy I want to be a newscaster,when ever we watch Oprah back then......now I am just so far from it but I still have that dream to be in the TV and radio world in all ramification.....hmmmm #mydreamscanstillcometrue#Regrann from @mofedamijo - Mommy, I did make good on my promise that you would see me on TV. Now I am on TV much more than the Network News casters I so wanted to be like. I Wish you were here to see how much bigger I am now, biggere both dreamed and oh, yes I have a great wife who is raising your grandchildren just the way you did me. I miss you Mama Rich and will give everything just to spend one more day with you. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers who are holding it down for their kids (biological and nonbiological) #rmdsaysso #elevatewithrmd #mothersday #happymothersday. @hushhandhush madam loved the flowers. - #regrann Regrann from @mofedamijo - Mommy, I did make good on my p

Heyyy, I know that he is a yummy looking grandpa but please focus on the caption and read till the end, READ THE CAPTION TILL THE END.
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Just last weekend, one of my mentees had a public book presentation and in my conversations with her, I tried to make sure she was as prepared as she was ready for what was coming with getting published, having her book reviewed, being nominated for book awards and even possibly winning them and in the course of our conversations it hit me how often we are ready for something but not prepared for it. The distinction between being ready and being prepared might be subtle but must not be ignored. A perfect example would be “seekers of greener pastures” who believe life is all jingle bells and whistles “in the abroad”. They get ready for the trip, Passport?Check! Visa? Check! Ticket? Check! Bags packed and ready to go they jump on a plane and when they arrive their destination the harsh realities of weather, menial jobs, immigration laws, etc begin to push them into depression because they were ready to leave but not prepared for the realities of being an illegal immigrant.
Having an amazing career and falling in love might make you ready for marriage, but are you prepared for the realities of being and staying married? Starring in a movie might make you ready for the limelight, but are you prepared for the “haters and trolls” who will come for you?
As we celebrate Easter let us remember that even Christ was ready for the cross from the day He was born but He spent years preparing for it. So before you get into that relationship, marriage, business, career that you are ready for, please be sure you are prepared, that way you can keep elevating. #RMDSaysSo #ElevateWithRMD #HappyEaster #JesusIsRisen #JesusIsAlive

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