■Sergio Ramos We have a great desire on Saturday to prove some things, we have a unique opportunity to continue our myth ■Sergio Ramos: I do not think that Liverpool will be more hungry than us It will be as if it were the first league of my career. In my career, the key to hunger is hunger for victories ■Sergio Ramos: The tenth goal means a lot to me. It was the culmination of my career. Atletico Madrid thought they were champions and championed by Champagne ■Sergio Ramos: I will take some amulets to Kiev must be confident always win I will take things from my children and I will take the banner of Spain ■Sergio Ramos: Cristiano says that we are better than Liverpool than Alhid Be convinced to make We are a team that knows how to overcome the challenges ■Sergio Ramos: We and Liverpool have made a great effort to reach the final may make Salah or Fermino difference but they are strong at the collective level ■Sergio ramos: Liga 4 times and the Champions League 3 times It's not easy, but I'm happy to have such a CV ■Sergio Ramos: To be frank, I hope I do not score for my team to win a team game, even if you are an individual who will go to tennis Sergio: Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the history of Real Madrid ■Sergio Ramos: The doors of Real Madrid are open either to Nimar or another world-class player ■Sergio Ramos: There are a lot of Sacrifices For any professional player, everyone spends a lot of time away from his family ■Sergio Ramos: Vazquez Asuncio Isco and Yacht Bell want to play with certainty, but it is important to reach the final without any injuries ■Sergio Ramos: I think we will not know the starting lineup until the last moments We have to respect Zidane's decision ■Sergio Ramos: Play for the Champions League do not think of Salah or Fermino When we played against Salah in Rome we did a trick and hope to repeat it ■Sergio Ramos: We saw and studied the way Liverpool English personally I like the English league and follow it a lot ■Sergio Ramos: frankly no I am thinking of retiring and I think he is still in front of me Thirteen years in football ... Ramos: I do not see myself in a club other than Real

Nog maar drie dagen tot de finale van de Champions League in Kiev. Voor wie ben jij zaterdagavond? #lfc #liverpool #liverpoolfc #rmcf #realmadrid #realmadridcf #ucl #championsleague #kiev

Real Madrid face swap🤷🏼‍♀️#real #laliga #spain #rmcf #face #swap #faceswap #madrid

Real Madrid visit Leganes in round 35 of Laliga , losblancos know that they still can steal the second place fr atleticomadrid but their focus is on chamionsleague and probably they let cr7 and midfielders take a break
Take a look at the second picture too see how we think real will play today
Leganes on the other side can relax by 40 point they know that next season they still play in the best league of Spain
لاليگا رو به اتمام هست و در هفته ٣٥ رئال مادرید به مصاف لگانس ميره كه به احتمال زياد مادريد از تيم دوم خودش استفاده ميكنه، با توجه به اينكه رئال روز ٣شنبه بايد به مصاف بايرن بره تا شايد بتونه براى سومين بار متوالي به فينال چمپیونزلیگ برسه

Countdown to Decimotercera: Capi, Sergio Ramos (4) @sergioramos
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Our 2017/18 @laliga end-of-season awards! 🏆

Cristiano/Bale/Benzema or Salah/Firmino/Mane. Which trio is better? 🤔💥

Ronaldo isn't interested in your Neymar rumours
#CR7 #Neymar #PSG #RMCF

3 hari lagi menuju ke Champions League Final di Kyiv, Ukraine.

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