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So needed to get on the water. Grabbed a few floaters but most trash on the shoreline. #4fortheshore

Find of the day.

Its been WAY too long since I went treasure hunting at low tide. Picked an excellent day to go, with excellent company.

not the typical trash haul. I mean was someone wading acrossed the river with a bag of groceries and the bag blew out? 6 packs of carrots and ranch, quart of O.J. juice half drank, an empty bag of chips and there was a head of cauliflower floating down the river as well....#rivermenace #rivertrash

Who needs sleep anyways?

I watch riverdale for these LEGENDS only. | #omgpage
@madchenamick @camimendes @madelame

Never posted diss on here so here's me dying in the pit for my bud's's last show #RiverTrash #SacTown #Colony #Sac #Pit #CIC #ConceivedInChaos #LastShow #AlmostSnappedMyLegInHalfThatNight

Along the Ohio River from July 2016....also Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻
#happyhalloween #deaddoll #rivertrash #halloween #ohioriver #cincinnati

HANDS DOWN ONE OF MY FAVE EDITS EVER! I MEAN WHEN WILL RIVERDALE EVER! I swear st has beat the heck outta rivertrash
cr; tabby’s edits what a legend! ~
#strangerthingsedit #strangerthings #strangerthings2 #hawkings #elevenedit #riverdale #rivertrash

Some days it's all about cleanup... well done Chad. #rivertrash #stjoeriver @cbnason @michaeldolmage

Snail made of 100% river trash. That includes the truck nuts AND the rat trap. Come see this and more next Saturday at Blank Space in Highland Park. #recycledart #sculpture #rivertrash

Because they look damn fine right now. -------------------------------------------------- #runes #mandibles #viking #norse #witch #pagan #art #scavenged #wasteland #madmax #dirt #rivertrash #gutter #jaws #bones #forest

2017.07.18 Aquablaze 2017 Day 10!
In the morning Sunset and I found that some animal on the island tried eating through our Ursack bear bags. Luckily the bags did their job and only suffered some punctures. RIP my Little Debbie snacks. Some geese became obsessed with us and followed us in the water for at least 5 miles. Whenever we got too far ahead of them they got out of the water and flew to catch up to us. When we stopped to put on sunblock they waited for us and pecked at our canoes. "I saw the white water and figured if the water made it we could make it." is the quote of the day.

We took our canoes out at Watermelon Park and Shenandoah River Adventures drove out, bought back and picked up our canoes. Watermelon Park is the final destination of our canoeing trip. We've heard that the water is low and there are class 3 rapids between it and Harpers Ferry, so it's not very safe for amateur canoeing. If we had kayaks we'd probably have considered going all the way to Harpers Ferry. We called all the shuttle services we could find for Harpers Ferry, WV, but none answered their phones so we took a free ride back South to Front Royal in the SRA truck. We figured it would be easier to get transportation to Harpers Ferry from a town tomorrow rather than Watermelon Park. In Front Royal we walked to Golden China Restaurant for the dinner buffet. While we were waiting for the dinner buffet to be ready the rain really started coming down with loud thunder and lightning, a good time to be out of the water. We have canoed over 150 miles of meandering river in 10 days and we've not only managed to survive it, but we're all still friends, too.

#tramily #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl

2017.07.17 Aquablaze 2017 Day 9!
At Farms Riverview Boat Landing we ran into some kayakers doing a short stretch of the South Fork. They told us that we were coming up on Treasure Island which had a nice area with picnic tables to take a break. We passed it up navigating around some rocks and didn't want to waste effort paddling upstream, so we had lunch at Hardin Island which had a wooden ramp that led up to a labyrinth of paths someone had mowed on the island. It was a little bit creepy, we had lunch and paddled on. There were quite a few sets of rapids and rock shelves today, we're getting better at blasting through them in a fun way instead of getting stuck on rocks in them. Some of the waves half way through the rapids hit higher than the side of the boat, Mr. Snickers and JoJo took on quite a bit of water just from those waves. We took another break under the John Mosby Hwy, talked with the locals, and of course asked if there were any good restaurants in walking distance, but there weren't. While looking for campsites we found a well established one with a fire pit and an abandoned piece of farm equipment on an island. We decided to try our luck at finding something further on down the river so we could get more miles in today. We ended up setting up camp on the Northern tip of Burwell Island which was a really cool campsite with the relaxing sound of water moving quickly by.

#treasureisland #zpacksduplex #canoerhunger #southforkshenandoahriver #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl

Some sneaky peeks for you guys. --------------------------------------------------------- #teeth #nature #bones #scavenged #vulture #witch #rivertrash #alaska #creep #wasteland #madmax #wip #bonesfordays

We portaged the hardest damn dam yet, a 400ft or so portage through woods, gravel, and rocks at the Warren Reservoir. We camped on the tip of an island after the dam. At first I thought there were tiny grasshoppers everywhere, then I realized that they're tiny frogs, I could hardly take a step without a few of them jumping out of the way. We made dinner and then watched the sun set while listening to fish splashing in the river and planes flying overhead.

#southforkshenandoahriver #zpacksduplex #portage #dam #sunset #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl

2017.07.16 Aquablaze 2017 Day 8!
I slept well and then woke up to a train passing by our campsite. On the river we passed an old decomissioned dam, someone ruined our trespassing experience by having removed all the ladders from it. We continued on and then ported next to a church pavilion where a surmon was being given in Spanish. JoJo stayed with the canoes while Mr. Snickers, Sunset, and I walked into town and picked up Popeyes. While we were gone we missed a baptism next to our canoes. "Well that's it boys, I've been redeemed. The preacher done warshed away all my sins and transgressions. It's the straight and narrow from here on out, and heaven everlasting's my reward!"
A little further North on the river it got deeper and deeper which was nice because our canoes didn't bottom out and get stuck on rocks much today as they had the last couple days. I saw a few schools of large fish, they looked like catfish over 1ft. I heard there are also muskees in the river. There were many people out on pontoons and jetskis for the weekend. This is the first time we encountered the wake of moving powerboats, up until today the most powerful boat to pass us was a small fishing boat with a trolling motor. Some of the jetskis passed nearby and we caught waves about the size of class 1 rapids. There were so many boats and jetskis that it got annoying after a while, hitting their wake. We passed railroad tracks, many bridges, and a quarry. We took our next break at Front Royal Golf Club.
#zpacksduplex #donotseekthetreasure #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl

2017.07.16 I finally got a good night's sleep and then woke up to a train passing by my tent.
#train #stealthcamping #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl #zpacksduplex

2017.07.15 Aquablaze 2017 Day 7!
In the morning I changed out of my sleep clothes and into my river clothes and smelled skunk, then I realized that even though I showered yesterday my clothes still stank and I am the skunk. For breakfast I had cold pizza leftovers. Back on the river we encountered a ton of people floating around in innertubes, kayaking, rafting, and fishing. I stopped at Front Royal Canoe for a Cheerwine and a strawberry sundae. A little bit further down the river we stealth camped on the shore next to a railroad track and Stonewall Jackson Highway.
#poprocksforbreakfast #butterfly #lowwaterbridgecampground #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl

2017.07.14 Aquablaze 2017 Day 6!
Woke up, ate a mini blueberry pie, packed up and hit the Shenandoah River at mile 13.
We had lunch at River Run Campground and then made it through the notorious Compton Class 2 rapids without an issue, it was a lot of fun. Then in calmer waters me and Sunset's canoe tumped slowly while stuck against a rock ledge. Our bailer and Sunset's paddle floated away. We set the canoe back upright, cut a gatorade jug into a new bailer, bailed out the water, and retrieved Susnet's paddle that floated away. Then cleared a class 1 shelf. It started raining and thundering so we pulled off to the side of the river and sat in the cold pouring rain waiting it out. One of my biggest fears on the trail has been cold and snow. Sitting in the pouring rain today was cold and miserable, but I was glad to at least have company through it. Once the thunder stopped we set off again and rowed consistently to the "New Bridge" then continued on to Low-Water Bridge Campground where JoJo had reserved a camp site. Upon hearing that we are aquablazing they dropped the cost of our campsite and we got it for free. We ordered pizza from Fox's Pizza Den of Front Royal and had it delivered. The day started at mile marker 13 and ended just after 28. I was glad to finally be at a campground with a shower to wash the river water and multiple days of sunblock grease from my skin. We met two brothers, Troy and Scott, who were out for a kayaking trip but found out the river goes North, not South like they were expecting, so we filled them in and they revised their plans to drive South with their kayaks tomorrow so they could hit the Compton Rapids.

#comptonrapids #straightouttacompton #thunderstorm #lowwaterbridgecampground #pizza
#shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl

It started storming and raining as we waited for our ride back to last night's camp, but by the time we got there it had mostly passed over. We ran into Mantis at the campsite and caught up with him before canoeing onward. The Shenandoah River has mile markers in this section, we did a very short day from mile 8 to 13 while fearing the storm might return. We passed Fantasy Island which was marked with some sketchy wooden scaffolding and a few rope swings over the river. We tied off our boats and set up camp at a spot just past Moody Boat Launch. I've become addicted to East Coast snacks that I had never had before this trip, Cheerwine and Utz chips are now my empty calorie indulgences of choice, and every time I read "Cheerwine" I hear it in my head in Chaps' sweet-as-southern-tea accent. Mr. Snickers started a fire and I hung my rain-and-river-soaked clothes to dry next to it. Our neighbors at the campsite next to ours partied late and loud so I put my earplugs to use for the first time since using them in the shelters of 20+ hikers in Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

#cheerwine #utzchips #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl

I spotted a few deer running along the river, and in the river, where the woods are dense. There isn't much escape from the scorching sun while on the river so today we stopped at a nice spot and went for a swim to cool off. The river is a bit gross, but so are we. We ported, set up a tent city, and started a campfire at Bealers Ferry Boat Launch.

#heydeer #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl #tentcity

Had a traffic jam on the way to the office today.
#shenandoahriver #tramily #canoe #hikertrash #rivertrash

A bunch of rivertrash being portaged around a dam on the magic schoolbus.
#hikertrash #rivertrash #tramily #aquablaze #portage #shenandoahriver

2017.07.12 Aquablaze 2017 Day 4!
In the morning I was greeted by Patches, Max and Wanda's dog. One guy showed up early in the morning to fish off their shoreline. I had a quick snack of a Little Debbie star crunch and then we loaded up our canoes and put in the Shenandoah River again. The two sets of rapids before the 211 bridge had some large waves that crashed against our canoe, but the water level was just high enough to miss any rocks and we didn't take on any water. At the 211 bridge we spotted the boat portage on the right and ported, called Shenandoah River Adventures, and waited for our ride to show up to drive us around the dam since there is no portage path. The bus arrived, the driver had brought our back rests that we requested, he installed them, and we loaded up the canoes. We waited on a second group of hikers before driving around the dam. The other group is B Squared, Bushman, No Stress, Captain & Ginger, Magic Mike, Trail Magic, and Birthday...not sure if I got all those trail names right though. During our portage on the magic schoolbus we took a quick detour to Beat-your-kids-from-a-bariatric-scooter Mart to resupply. I picked up a Snapple for the bus ride back to the river, thanks Cheryl Strayed. Back on the river it was exciting to be traveling in a large group again and exchange trail and river stories. We spotted a few bald eagles today.

#magicschoolbus #tramily #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl

At Kite's store I got a cheese and tomato sandwich, then a pimento cheese sandwich to go. Back in the water we crossed under the Alma bridge. There were some larger rapids today with drops of about 2ft. There were cows along the river, some of them standing in the water, jumping fish, herons, and two bald eagles. Before dark we looked for a campsite and found a few dud places - islands of just rocks, with a deer, and rough ground. Just before the 211 bridge we ported at a residence and JoJo and I rang their doorbell to ask if we could tent camp on their lawn, they let us. Their house was previously a well known restaurant and was converted to a farm house. Max and Wanda with their border collie Patch. Just before night people showed up to fish and we chatted with them. They said today was one of the most beautiful stretches on the river and that tomorrow the short stretch to the 211 bridge is a tricky spot for rapids.
Little Debbie "Happy Camper" cakes are too easily smooshed to retain their appearance of deliciously sweet evergreen trees when you actually take them camping.

#littledebbie #littledebbiedeceit #turtles #turtleparty #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl

2017.07.11 Aquablaze 2017 Day 3!
Woke up on the shore and was greeted by cows mooing as I went to the bathroom in the woods. The cows started to stampede, but luckily in the opposite direction. Must have been something I ate. We packed up and took off before the cattle got too close to us. The flags seen along the Shenandoah River accurately represent that some people here are still involved in a multigenerational battle to keep racism around and our country divided. Down the river we manually portaged a dam for the first time, emptying out the canoe, carrying our gear, and then carrying the canoe and putting it back in the water. Though the portage around Luray Hydro Dam wasn't very far, it was a pain and wore us out so we snacked, had some wild berries, and then ported at Kite's store and riverside camping for lunch.

#cattle #starsandbars #battleflag #itbelongsinamuseum #shenandoahriver #canoe #aquablaze #rivertrash #optoutside #appalachiantrail #at2017 #appalachiantrail2017 #pfdadl #portage #luraydam #donotseekthetreasure

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