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River families are fueled by sunshine and stream machine SUP wars. Share your #riverfamily stories with @sawyerstation for a chance to win a #NRS Ninja PFD for the first week of the #riverstories summer photo and video contest.
How to enter: Post a photo or video with a caption telling us about your river family, use the hashtags #riverstories and #riverfamily and be sure to follow:
@sawyeroars @sawyerstation & @nrsweb
Winner announced next Wednesday. 📷: Mike Hood

Lots of UPstream Tea conversations this week! Packing up boxes of story cups that will be used to facilitate conversation about the Mississippi River.
#travelingtea #upstream #riverstories #mississippiriver

You know when you work a stretch of river, how you leave one car at the end? and head miles up river to start at a different location? This is my beautiful ride or die friend Ruth.....who forgot to grab those end car keys....where all our food and water was👌🏽😂😂😂 but it’s cool....We had fun, had coors light, and ate corn 🌽 out of someone’s field like starving children. Shoutout to @lee_geist for getting in the back of some high key weirdos van to hitch hike back #tbt #flyfishing #adventures #riverstories #womenwhoflyfish

Tommorrow is the last day to enter this weeks #RIVERSTORIES, #carnageandconfidence theme!
Winner recieves one @Airewhitewater Frodo Bag, and is entered for the Grand Prize package!
POST a photo or short video (15sec or less) with a caption telling the story!
FOLLOW: @airewhitewater @sawyerstation @sawyeroars

Missing my 🐒 & 🐒land...! #riverstories #lostandfound #mio

Our Middle Fork crew is headed out to see the eclipse on our last trip. #riverstories

Last night was magical. @annavmetcalfe created space for 8 humans and 1 #thorbaworba to drink tea and sing and cry and laugh and reflect on memories of the Mighty Mississippi and how water connects us all. We gathered on one of our pond berms as darkness and raindrops rolled in and the coyotes started to howl. Still not sure how to put the experience into words... Thank you @rachelorville for thinking of us, thank you Anna for your spirit and story weaving abilities, thank you @keggen579 and Aaron for leading us in songs about water and gratitude, thanks to my parents and Nick for sharing your #riverstories. ❤


Thankful for experiencing moments like these. At one with his art, his music, and the river. #itsinourblood #rivertime #thankful #timeslikethese #lifeontheriver #riverstories @billymac9698

I’m not sure what it is about rivers, but sometimes I think I feel most alive in their presence. Awe and reverence, calm and fear all churning, murmuring, and splashing together at once. I grew up near the ocean and have spent most of my life there. But I was born near the river. 〰️〰️ Not long after I was born I became very ill with pneumonia at the same time a historical flood was sweeping through the area. Our home was safe above the flood waters, but my brother and sister remember standing at the window and watching many of our neighbors’ homes carried away down the river. Though we were safe, we had no way in or out. Neither did anyone else. We were lucky to have a neighboring nurse visit and as was custom at that time she decided my best hope was a shot of penicillin. Our doctor ended up flying in by helicopter to see me and when he found out about the risk the nurse had taken, she lost her job. My dad always said that nurse saved my month old life. 〰️〰️ Maybe the river told me a story that day somewhere in the betwixt and between as it churned and heaved below. Maybe it told me I’d feel most alive when I felt the existence of everything at once because that’s what life is. 〰️〰️ Even now there are nights I can’t sleep for the river singing to me from afar. For wondering what’s happening along the river’s edge, for imagining the glint of the night sky off its inky ribbons, for waiting for daybreak to stand next to it and feel the swirling and eddying of life and death around me, hear its hissing and burbling, its hush and roar, and remember the river’s story, that each is part of the other. 〰️
#riverstories #birthdaymonth #rivers #pnw #betwixtandbetween #mountains #cascades #alpinelakeswilderness #nationalforest #forest #keepitwild #getoutside #pacificnorthwest #outside #intothewilderness #washington #upperleftusa

Fishing boats anchored at a sandbank on the Ganga. The day was exceptionally clear, the sky such a stunning blue that even the murky waters of the river felt obliged to reflect honestly.
#GangaCruise #BateshwarSthan #Bihar #India #November2017 #Throwback

The old Red Iron Bridge on a very serene River Suir #rivers #watercolor #deiseabu #waterford #riverstories

...there was this one time when we went camping and rafting and fishing... #whitewater #gunnisongorge #rafting #riverstories #thedoingofthething #arkansasrivertours #memoriesofsummer #wordsofwisdom #riverlife

Here is River Chandra which later meets Bhaga to form the Chandrabhaga river. It then merges into mighty Beas. This was a super stunning place and a very fragile ecosystem. The roads are non-existent there. The government needs to put strict restrictions for number of people allowed here and other rules in place for this place to remain pristine.
On that note, the end of this #RiverStories series. Only a few hours to give missed calls for #RallyforRivers - +91-8000980009! :) Thanks to @sadhguru for this campaign. I had seen dried up rivers when I was cycling from Chennai to Tiruvannamalai last December. After that TN had a drought so I was super worried about the river situation.... This campaign by Sadhguruji has come at the right time! I am totally excited about it.
Waiting for next updates on this River rejuvenation work ☺️

☺️ this ones for all the un-named little rivulets! Water = Life!

Last two days of this #RiverStories series and also the missed call campaign, +91-8000980009 to let the government know that you support this river rejuvenation policy. ✌️ After this as @sadhguru said... The hard part begins. They are asking for volunteers who can help with the actual work... You can sign up for that if you like. Just check the @rallyforrivers page on Facebook. And prolly the website will also have a form.

The river in Jibhi :)
I think this is the one river I have spent some time with as I was living right by its bank for a month. And for the first few days I thought it was noise of some AC... So loud and non-stop gushing :) I asked the locals about it's name and I was told, it's just a nallaa (small rivulet)... 🤔

I wonder if this is the origin of word nullaa meaning sewer in urban areas. Originally it may have meant canal... But then in cities all the canals become sewers. But the name remained same. Tragic what city folks think of as a nullaa and what mountain folks think.
Anyway this Jibhi river then meets Tirthan river which flows in Sainj river and then they meet Beas. Mighty Beas near Manali.
#RiverStories for #RallyforRivers
2 days more to go :)

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