Are you tired of dull and dehydrated skin?? Then this monsoon give extra nourishment to your skin with this @dearpacker Home Remedy Sheet Masks.
They are super convenient and easy to use.
To Know more do read my blog. Link is in my bio.
These sheet masks are exclusively available at @mynykaa. Also @mynykaa is having now buy 5 get 2 offer on this sheet mask.
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Tried the DEAR PACKER Home Remedy Mask 🧖🏻‍♀️ CINNAMON + HONEY @dearpacker @dear.packer

Price: 100 INR
Available only on Nykaa @mynykaa

It is a Thin sheet mask, which needs to be gently unfolded & rested on the face. It has a gooey soft solution to it which penetrates the skin to do the required job.

As per instructions, the sheet should be kept for approximately 15mins.
After removing the sheet, spread the remaining solution with finger tips in light circular motion, over the face & neck.
No Need to Wash Your Face Afterwards.

My Verdict: This is a fantastic sheet mask. Cinnamon is known to have anti-aging properties and Honey acts like a moisturiser. It provides hydration to the skin which feels very refreshing. It helps in firming loose skin, hence I strongly recommend this for mature skin as well. It reduces acne redness temporarily. I personally, would definitely buy this product again.
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Tried the DEAR PACKER Lab Collection Mask 🧖🏻‍♀️ for Anti-Blemish care @dearpacker @dear.packer

Price: 100INR
Available only on Nykaa @mynykaa

It is a Thin sheet mask, which needs to be gently unfolded & rested on the face. It has a gooey soft solution to it which penetrates the skin to do the required job.

As per instructions, the sheet should be kept for approximately 15mins.
I kept it for 20mins and then spread the remaining solution with my finger tips in light circular motion, over my face & neck. DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE AFTERWARDS.

My Verdict: My skin felt deeply hydrated, I did see a reduction in my acne redness & small bumps. Though they didn't completely go away (which I didn't expect anyway), my face felt soft, fresh and the experience was very relaxing ❤️❤️❤️ Also, it does NOTHING for EXISTING ACNE SCARS. But, I still highly recommend this product. .

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Currently obsessing over this @dearpacker sheet masks from @mynykaa 😋
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@dearpacker Home Remedy Brightening Sheet Mask is infused with the goodness of Turmeric and Yogurt.
Turmeric: Reduces pigmentation and brightens skin; contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties; reduces acne scarring and provides glow and lustre to the skin.
Yogurt: Reduces roughness; contains lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid, which dissolve dead skin cells; moisturizes, fights acne, prevents premature aging, relieves sunburn and reduces discoloration.
What I felt about the product-
1. This mask fully lives upto its claims of brightening. 10 minutes of this mask on your skin and your skin looks as clear as glass. (No exaggeration, I swear.)
2. Not only clear skin, it makes your skin glow from within.
3. It also re-texturises skin leaving it soft and smooth. For a sheet mask to do that, it is quite a feat. (A little exaggeration.)
4. The sheet is pretty thin. You can actually feel the serum penetrate the layer of the skin.
5. Doesn't leave any sticky residue.
6. Didn't break me out. Rather, reduced the redness of my acne. .
I totally love this sheet mask. It's my favorite till now. It is suitable for all skin types. Go ahead and give this a try. You won't be disappointed. Available at @mynykaa .
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This packaging design just made my Sunday brighter! 😍
Thank you @mynykaa

| Ritual Remix- Indian Traditions in korean masks | .
Exclusively available at @mynykaa, these sheet masks are available in all the key Indian ingredients which we all girls swear by when it comes to beauty secrets. 😍 Be it turmeric, honey , cinnamon ,sandalwood, rose water, green tea, jasmine , yoghurt, eggwhite, lemon , cucumber and what not & serve different purposes like soothing, clearing, relaxing, moisturising & so on.
As affordable as ₹100 per mask, you can also avail the Diwali offer *Buy 7 for ₹500* which is a YAY YAY! (DIRECT LINK IN BIO TO AVAIL THIS OFFER 😍)
•P.S- I have a combination skin and I have already used four of these and I love ‘em. ❤️
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@dearpacker Home Remedy Anti-aging Sheet Mask is drenched in the goodness of cinnamon and honey.
Cinnamon: Contains an active ingredient called cinnamaldehyde, which promotes collagen biosynthesis. Helps restore suppleness of the skin by lifting, smoothing, softening and retexturising the skin surface.
Honey: Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, treats acne and nourishes deeply.
What I felt about the product-
1. Smells nice.
2. The sheet is thin which helps in better absorption of the product.
3. Leaves a slightly sticky residue on the skin.
4. Skin feels more hydrated and moisturized.
5. I had a few tiny bumps on my nose and forehead and this mask definitely re-texturised those.
6. As far as collagen production is considered, I can't really comment on that because sheet masks stay on the face for 15-20 minutes. It is a very little time to show such effects. However, I do have an atrophic scar on my cheek as result of chicken pox, and this mask did lessen the appearance of the scar.
7. Even though it contains cinnamon, it doesn't sting at all. People with sensitive skin can use it as well. .
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@dearpacker Home Remedy Nourishing Sheet Mask is enriched with the goodness of Peas and Yogurt.

Peas: (read Chickpeas) stimulats the process of regeneration of skin cells; firms the skin and improves elasticity; gently lifts the skin and smoothens the texture. Manganese in chickpeas induces the skin cells to fight wrinkle-causing free radicals and Vitamin B repairs sun damage.
Yogurt: reduces roughness; brightens and reduces pigmentation. Lactic acid present in yogurt, an alpha-hydroxy acid, dissolves dead skin cells.
What I felt about the product-
1. Smells just like chickpeas.
2. Lives upto its claim regarding nourishing.
3. Is a little sticky, but doesn't leave an oily residue.
4. Very hydrating.
5. Doesn't really brightens the skin, but makes it glowy.
6. Doesn't cause breakouts.
7. Doesn't clog pores. Does have pore tightening effects.
8. People with dry to normal skin will like it, since its very good for dry and dehydrated skin as it has moisturizing benefits. People with combination to oily skin can skip this. However, its suitable for all skin types. .
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Honey & दालचीनी || शहद & Cinnamon - Your ritual now remixed! #RitualRemix 🎭

JUST IN: #DearPacker Home Remedy Sheet Masks with Indian natural ingredients 💯 ⭐️ Keeps the skin soft, smooth and glowing.
⭐️ 100 % Pure Cotton- Made Mask Sheets. ⭐️ Special concentrated solution for your face.
Price: ₹100
BONUS: Buy any 7 sheet masks at ₹500.
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NykaaXDearPacker Sheet Masks Haul! 😊❤️ I got them from @mynykaa
Indian version of K beauty ✨Home Remedy Sheet Masks - a combination of Korean technology & Ayurvedic technology created especially for you! 💯🎭 Price: ₹100

BONUS: Buy any 7 sheet masks for ₹500.
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Here are my some of my favorite @dearpacker sheet masks with indian ingredients exclusively available on @mynykaa 😍 .
Bdw you can buy 7 masks for just Rs. 500 on @mynykaa! #RitualRemix

@dearpacker Home Remedy Mask Cooling mask is enriched with the goodness of Fenugreek and Cucumber.

Fenugreek: source of vitamin C, potassium, carotene, acts as a cooling agent for a brighter and clearer skin.
Cucumber: high water content along with vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and caffeic acid, which soothe sunburnt and inflammed skin. Also, reduces tanning, rashes and restores moisture and comfort to sensitive skin. .
Things I loved about it-
1. The sheet is thin, which properly sticks to the skin and doesn't drip. Also, it helps in better absorption of the product.
2. Smells very fresh, like cucumbers.
3. Absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any oily residue.
4. Extremely cooling and soothing.
5. It really brightens the skin.
6. Reduces rashes and redness almost instantly.
7. Reduces the appearance of acne marks.
8. Face remains oil-free for quite a long time. .
Is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. (Note: This isn't a paid post. I genuinely love the product. 😊)
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Starting my day with a lil bit of pampering ✨✨used this @dearpacker X @mynykaa face mask today!! 💕 I love how these face masks are made out of the age old home ingredients which our moms used to tell about,just that this is more easy and fuss free💁‍♀️ my favourite mask -1):-Turmeric +yogurt:helps in skin brightening,acne issues and also tightens your pores
2)fenugreek +cucumber:-this helps in curbing acne and rejuvenating your skin and also reduces puffiness
3)charcoal :-helps in clearing the skin of all the oil and impurities. This one is great for oily skin,
4)cinnamon + honey :-This helps in correcting any visible signs of aging and smoothens the skin.

Bdw you can buy 7 masksheet just Rs500 on @mynykaa

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Well, my exams are beginning soon, so I wouldn't be able to write full blog posts. But, I will be writing mini reviews on my instagram and facebook page.
Will be starting with these @dearpacker sheet masks.
Innovative Korean technology merges with Indian beauty traditions, these sheet masks have been formulated specifically for Indian skin using age-old Indian ingredients like turmeric, yoghurt, fenugreek seeds, coconut, sandalwood, rose water and many more. Available exclusively at @mynykaa .
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Indian traditions in Korean mask. Got the order from Nykaa today. Nykaa is on roll!! The ingredients of the face mask are really impressive. Gonna try them soon 😊
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