Happy Fall to those in the Northern Hemisphere! This equinox (accompanied by a full moon) is the perfect time to: 🍁 Slow down & reflect, and especially...
🍁 Consider your habits & routines.
🍁 Release what's no longer serving you, in order to
🍁 Create space for deep nourishment and prepare to
🍁 Gather resources for the winter ahead

What are your fall rituals?

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It feels so great to be facilitating healing sessions again! I decided to take some time away from working with clients and from social media to focus on my own transformation and school training, (which my spirit definitely needed as an integration period,) but I always feel a little *off* when I stop doing one on one sessions because they remind me of who I am, what I value and the importance of connection, gentle touch, empathy and radical compassion. Graduation is in November and I’m being flooded with so many inspiring ideas about how I can weave these Authentic Tantra practices with my other offerings and collaborate with healers, artists, astrologers, yoga teachers etc. I cannot express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to learn, heal myself, and share these practices with others. I underestimated the potency of this medicine when I first started, and now after only practicing for 8 months feel more embodied, empowered and alive than I even knew was possible for me to experience. Most people hear the word “Tantra” and immediately think “better sex” but Tantra is SO much more than that. Tantra is YOGA. It is about the transformation of our consciousness, healing trauma, cultivating joy, connection and pleasure in ALL AREAS OF LIFE! In fact, one of my favorite things about these practices is that so many of them can be done both sexually and non-sexually, making this linage approachable, gentle and accessible to people no matter where they are in their journey. A huge thank you to all of my practice students who have allowed me to settle into my own voice and style of teaching and who have trusted me enough to bring me into their most intimate inner spaces. 🙏🏻💜

Alban Elfed Ritual in der Bärenwald Seedgroup Berlin

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Join us for brunch every weekend from 10am-3pm! Booze, great food & fun! #Ritual #brunch #bubbles #waffles #chicken #weekend #eatmore #yum

blessed mabon! this morning i’ve been spending time with a lovely autumn equinox tarot spread from @seedsofshakti. even though i’ve been completely drained by all the changes in my life, even though i can feel my body getting sick, even though i’m exhausted and frustrated and confused about my next steps, the cards have helped me put the past few weeks into perspective, and urged me to look towards a brilliant, exciting future. a new adventure is emerging, and i can’t wait to see what happens next.
check out the full spread in my bio, and if you also use this lovely spread today, please tag me or comment below! i’d love to see your reading.
the wooden tarot by @skulllgarden

Tag your friends who definitely need a glass of this Rose-Hibiscus #MatchaLatte Pour-Over 🌱 concocted by @theveggiemaiden 🤗🌿 — 🙋
The purest and most potent form of tea, matcha 🍵 has long been consumed as a natural medicine. 🌿 This superfood tea is a great source of naturally occurring antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, flavonoids and essential minerals and is robust enough that you can combine into all sorts of wonderful beverage and dessert creations just like this beautiful matcha latte. 🍵🙌
🌿 Discover the benefits of matcha and an enriching #MatchaRitual experience with us today!
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// offer // give // let go // #justbreathe

💛ᎷᎪᏴᎾN ᏴᏞᎬᏚᏚᏆNᏩᏚ 🐉ᎬQᏌᏆNᎾX ᎡᏆᎢᏌᎪᏞᏚ💛 This Autumn Equinox is exact at 6:54pm PDT on September 22nd. .
“We honour the Goddess as she moves from Mother to Crone. At this special time, day & night are of equal length as Mother Earth takes a sacred pause in Her rotation around the Sun. On The Wheel of the Year, this Holy Day in the Northern Hemisphere is celebrated as Mabon (pronounced in many different ways May-bun, May-boon, May-bawn). Mabon is considered a time of the Great Mysteries, paying homage to the Sun Gods and Goddesses, the 2nd Harvest, and the Spirit World. .
This is a time of balance, to slow down and reflect, enjoy the bounty of our harvests (whether this be from your gardens, your friendships and family, your work or your personal achievements) and also to prepare for the next season by welcoming the gifts of the darkness to release, let go, give away, share and shed (whether physically, emotionally, mentally or all the above). .
This is a potent moment to honour the light and the shadow within your Womb, Heart & Mind. To honour the human part of you and the spirit part of you… the masculine and the feminine. For, to live fully Whole and integrated, we must embody both polarities. This is the power and alchemy of which all creation is based. .
Allow yourself to be joy-filled, sorrowful, happy, frustrated and sad all at once. All of these emotions have deep wisdom, insight and lessons for you at this time when you inquire with curiosity and acceptance. Give reverence for how far and deep you have journeyed this year. Honour your pain, shadow, and challenges. Honour your pleasure, light and triumphs. For every step of your path has led you to this moment now. .
May we offer to one another the bounty of love in our hearts, and offer the gifts of respect, kindness, honour and peace to all those we come across. May we contribute our energy in gratitude to the Earth, the Spirit World & all of Humanity. “@goddess_rising 🌹🐉💛🐉 🌹
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Hoy 22 de Septiembre!!
Cuarzos, #palosanto #smudged #vela #aguadeflorida #intencionsbook
Esto es lo que utilizo para hacer mi #ritual de equinoccio de Otoño 🍂... momento ideal para incrementar nuestra energía.
Nunca se sabe qué cosas inesperadas, sorprendentes, increíbles y hermosas están a la vuelta de la esquina para ti. Confía!!!
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Uroboros bracelet with Runes
Tattoo by #devidhalin
Left Way Body Art
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I am loving this post from @oldworldwitchcraft !!!
🧙🏻‍♀️ Anyone got any special plans or rituals they do to celebrate the equinox?
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So excited to be doing a Business Birth Blessing for the wonderful people @themedicinenest in honour of their grand re-opening! If you are looking for somewhere to be held just as you are this is the place! Check out there amazing offerings at www.themedicinenest.com. #sacredbusiness #birthblessing #grandreopening #sacredspace #ritual #yoga #tcm #bodywork #yyj #yyjevents #shamanicmedicine

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