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When short people smoke weed,they don't get high they get medium


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Met Gala 2016 ⭐🌟
Dakota in Gucci at Met Gala with friends & her ex-bf 💚

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Dakota and Rita are staying at the same hotel in NY (both photographed today) 😍 Can Rita please bless us with her Snapchat like she used to??? 😭😭😭 // #dakotajohnson #ritaora #newyork


night beauties. tomorrow we going to have new pics of Yonce 😏😏

🍓 -- gn sweet thangs.
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🍓 -- gonna rush thru this theme bc idk how I feel about it.
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(comment your current mood for a tbh.) RITA S. ORA.
Singer-Songwriter/Actress/Ambassador/Fashion Icon. Lover of spicy food, her dog and all her lovely friends & boyfriend. 🥂

~DA FUTURE👅 & MINAJ 🍭 👀 VI-I-I-D-Da-Da-Ee-E-O coming soon barrrrrrrrrrrbssss👀🔥🎀🎀👅👅👅👅👅💟🍬💟🍬🍬💦💟 @future @nickiminaj

Alright. Meltdown over, let's get down to business. So the met gala is on Monday (if I'm not mistaken) SO, babygirl Rio, is gonna look bomb. Now people are gonna be hype about it for a couple days, not a few cuz Bey isn't gonna be there, but this buzz is gonna be great bc people will have ritas name in their mouths and that's PERFECT time for a music announcement. Now I've heard that May will be a PROSPEROUS month for music this year for everyone that's been hiding under the seams and I'm VERY excited about that. Rita said April but as we all know, April is coming to an end as of tomorrow, but May is still a great time to get music out there! Here's how I think it will go: Met gala buzz, music announcement, countdown, single/MV release, social media promo/chats, teases of some more music, maybe another song if we're lucky, and then the festival performance, after that album announcements and promo! And that's a rough copy, my thoughts may change bc I'm High-key HOPING she surprises us with a visual album. But yeah. I'm ready. #ritaora

Bomb ass Rx glasses! 🤓
Bomb ass tan! ✨☀️ @mymelani.starrr @lvbodybronzingclub
Bomb ass waist cincher!👅. @bombshellcurves
You can catch me inside because Vegas decided to stay cold this week like come on it's almost May!

#ritaora ❤️❤️❤️
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