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Barley #risotto with cod's cheeks, hazelnuts and preserved lemon salsa in #testkitchen today.

Fried Risotto Balls w/ Leek @tastemadebr
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3 ½ Tbsp butter⠀
½ onion, cut into small cubes⠀
1 leek, chopped⠀
¾ cup Arborio rice⠀
½ cup white wine⠀
1 ½ cups warm vegetable broth⠀
½ cup grated Parmesan⠀
Black pepper⠀
3 ½ oz mozzarella cheese, cubed⠀
1 cup breadcrumbs⠀
Oil for frying⠀
In a pan, melt butter and sauté the onion and rice.⠀
Add the white wine and stir until almost dry. Add the leek and vegetable stock, and continue stirring until the rice is al dente. Add more if needed.⠀
Turn off the heat and add the grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Let cool.⠀
Spread a small amount of risotto on the palm of your hand, stuff with a cube of mozzarella cheese and shape into a small ball. Repeat with remaining risotto.⠀
Toss the balls in breadcrumbs and fry in hot oil, then drain on paper towels and serve.⠀
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Seared Scallops with Leek Risotto and Lemon Brown Butter Sauce - delicious, impressive and easy!
Find the recipe at foodgawker.com/insta by @nerdswithknives

#regram from our Head Chef @robbinholm ・・・
Testing today @jamiesfifteen. Quail, wild leek & wheat grain risotto, calcot onion, Marcona almond.

Tagliatelle al peperoncino - Guanciale - guindilla - parmesano-

De retour chez @home_of_the_plant_eaters pour continuer à découvrir la carte ! J'ai choisi le risotto crémeux aux cèpes & topinambours... C'est bon ça ! 😬 #vegan #vegansofig #homeofplanteaters #hope #risotto #foodporn

Risotto de setas a la trufa! Muuuy bueno! Después de una mañana de mucho frío nada mejor que este plato! #andorra #frio #risotto #setas #trufa #trufado #trufanegra #trufamelanosporum #trufasporelmundo


Just what I wanted at 8:45! Brussels sprout risotto w/ a dollop of goat cheese with grated Parmesan and a drizzle of balsamic glaze, with a slice of salmon! Yum!!! #nofilter #salmon #risotto #brusselsprouts #perfection #latenightfood #food #balsamicglaze #goatcheese

Come try one of our cooking classes, lead by our very own Chef Codey Shaffer. Tonight's class is on Risotto, in which you will learn to make a classic Risotto Milanese and a fresh shrimp ragot using a jar of our own Di Olivas Triple Olive Puttanesca Sauce. If this has your mouth watering as much as ours is, inquire about our cooking classes at any of our three locations. #diolivas #risotto #cookingdemo #gourmet

Dinner at Table 21...This is the restaurant which replaced "Barkley" at the Executive House Hotel where my husband and I went for our first date like 26 years ago. Surprisingly picked this place without knowing that this was Barkley 😊😊

BEEF AND BARLEY "RISOTTO" 🍲Говядина и перловка а-ля "Ризотто"🍲 Готовим и пополняем словарный запас 😜:
🍗1quart beef broth / ~ 1 литр говяжьего бульона ( в Америке его продают в тетра паке)
🍗4 tbsp unsalted butter / 4 ст.л. несоленого сливочного масла
🍗1 pound sirloin steak (3/4-inch thick), cut into 3/4-inch-thick pieces / 500гр. стейк филе (2см в толщину) нарезать кусочками толщиной 2см. 🍖🍗Pinch each salt and black pepper / Щепотка соли и чёрного перца
🍗2 cups sliced white mushrooms / 2 чашки (1чашка ~ 450гр) порезаных белых шампиньонов 🍗1 medium onion, chopped / 1 половина лука ,мелко нарезать. 🍗 1-1/2 cups barley (not-quick cooking) /1-1/2 чашки перловки (не быстрого приготовления)
🍗1/2 cup dry white wine / 1/2 чашки сухого белого вина
🍗1 cup frozen peas, thawed / 1 чашка замороженного горошка, разморозить
🍗1 cup frozen sliced carrots, thawed / 1 чашка замороженной/нарезанной моркови, разморозить ( я нарезала 1 свежую морковь 🥕)
🍗1/2 tsp chopped fresh thyme / 1/2 чайная ложка измельчённого свежего тмина
🍗2 tbsp grated Parmesan / 2 ст.л. тертого сыра Пармезан. СПОСОБ ПРИГОТОВЛЕНИЯ⤵️⤵️⤵️:

Study retreat time (aka off to a cottage) with @MorinFred! We kicked off the "long" weekend not-being-on-call with white wine and a rocking barley risotto (barlotto?) adapted from @TheHungryHounds! It's divine. I was already a fan of risotto, but I must say I now lean towards barley being an even better option. We couldn't find brussel sprouts like the recipe calls for so we roasted cauliflower instead and added kale. I veganized the recipe by using olive oil instead of butter and added a good amount of nutritional yeast for the cheezy flavour. On s'amuse comme des petits fous dans notre petit chalet caché Ficoche et moi. Étude, vin, risotto, petites pauses télé et musique, ça va faire du bien cette fin de semaine. On a commencé avec ce risotto d'orge qui est juste fabuleux. #risotto #barley #veganrisotto #veganmeal #végane #plantbased #delicious #veganrecipe #veganfood #comfortfood #foodlove

Pistachio Crusted Pork Tenderloin with White Wine Dijon Sauce • Asparagus, Artichoke, and Mushroom Risotto • Gluten free Garlic Bread from @pikanikcreations 🥖🍚🥂#chefJenny



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Shitake mushroom risotto cooked to perfection! 😁 For a finishing touch, I added an extra ingredient, can you guess what it was? Hint, it's a weed in the sea! #foodsterforlife
Fun Food Fact: Believe or not shitake mushrooms are super healthy for you! Rich in vitamin B, vitamin D and essential amino acids which can help with weight loss, building muscle, improved energy, and strengthen the immune system! It can also help maintain blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and even fight cancer cells! Now that's shitake-tastic! 👍 -----
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Carrot, squash, zucchini, mushrooms, prawns and tarragon risotto. Made the mistake of using left-over Arborio rice for the sake of thriftiness and here I am craving for that Carnaroli texture 😤 #risotto #Italy #cooking #crime #donttellmamma #italian #melbourne