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Desde Arts Connection pretendemos generar espacios para la experimentación y las indagaciones sensibles. La obra artística de @nelaochoa ha sido fuente de inspiración permanente; su perspectiva sobre el cuerpo, el uso de de la imagen en movimiento, sus aproximaciones a las investigaciones genéticas y su mirada social y política, forman parte de nuestros referentes significativos. Fotografía @vasco_szinetar #diálogos_fundamentales #mujeres_artistas #jointventure #theinclusiveway #risktakers #soca

Who nip slips harder than me tho? 😅😂 #Sorryguys Today’s push day was:
1. Incline DB bench 100lbs AMRAP, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s
2. Incline DB Flies supersetted with close grip bench push ups
3. Lateral Delt Raises supersetted with rear Delt flies
4. Arnold press
5. Cable chest flies
Every exercise is about 4-5 sets with 8-10 reps 💪🏼 #VisionToGlory #RiskTakers

Law of Attraction. #action #jewels #risktakers #acechasers

Who’s ready for the weekend? 📷: @jamestull

It’s DAY 5 of the FIND YOUR BLISS SPOT course
Today we'll research where the need for your skills and masteries are in the marketplace, and if people and/or companies are paying for solutions related to your skills.
✍️It's not too late to sign up -> http://bit.ly/blissspot
😍Continue your Bliss Spot course -> http://bit.ly/BlissAcademy
#Blissonomics #FindYourPurpose #BlissSpot #purpose #happiness #sharethelove
#blisspreneur #purposedrivenlife #startup #sidepreneur #entrepreneurlife
#yougotthis #startupfounders #businessowners #risktakers #dreamers #solopreneurs #entrepreneurs #smallbiz #startuplife

Yes we are back in Arizona!

Where do I begin? Well all I can really say is that we are so happy to be back and blessed to have had such an amazing experience living in Austin, Texas. Furthermore, I am so glad to do life with my Amazing husband @ancientarian who shares the same values and visions as me in the sense that we take chances and leaps of faith. And like I tell EVERYONE...
just make a move and try and if it doesn't work out you just turn back around or take another turn. There is only beauty and lessons in the process and I FIRMLY BELIEVE it was the path we were meant to take for so many reasons. We live our life being "tryers and doers" "movers and shakers" because life being too safe and predictable just isn't fun and isnt filled with adventure or lessons...we never grow.
Through this all, we have found even more love, life and blessings. More than I can name. We also have returned with family!! My sister @shaycandace and neices are here with us now! How amazing that is. IM SO THANKFUL TO HAVE THEM BESIDE US NOW. So here's to another new chapter in this Novel called LIFE.


Our everyday lifestyle our everyday struggle some don’t understand what we’re up against @kenmalik give you his-story wit #MMD3 #KneeDeep dropping 3-14-18 #GTD #RiskTakers #InnerCityDreams #TPvisions #designsby4

Happy Friday is more like Happy Fri-YAYYYY🎉 when your delicious KETO Mocha, that’s topped with a tiny bit of whipped cream, has helped you lose 4.5 pounds in one week!✨
You could say I’m really loving this KETO Creamer💕

The creamer is filled with Grass-Fed Butter, Collagen, Himalayan pink salt & MCT oil!
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〰️Kills cravings and satisfies hunger🙌🏼
〰️Fuels your body and brain through increased ketone production⚡️🧠

The creamer is my new personal favorite, it pairs AMAZING with the chocolate greens!!
Drinking a fat burning, healthy, creamy mocha every morning isn’t so bad💁🏼‍♀️☕️

Message me for more info✨

Fly as a plane ✈️ Too much to cry or complain 😏
Fuck her and buy her some thangs 💸 #risktakers#takerisks

Please like, share, repost, tag a friend! I am trying to create a one stop page for extreme sports and provide you with crazy videos every day. I will be forever grateful for any help in spreading the video and page. Thank you 🙏🏽🤘🏼⛷😎🏆 #extreme #sport #extremesport #skate #skateboarding #bmx #bmxrider #bikelife #fmx #motosport #motocross #basejump #wingsuit #flying #lifeontheedge #risktakers

🤔this could be very fun!

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