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// pinch me //
Tonight I'm signing 75 books & study guides for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.
I get to speak to these sweet ones at a special dinner next week, and am so honored that their team has chosen to gift this message to their women.
I'm constantly amazed that through these words I get to reach through the pages, cup their precious faces and declare purpose and destiny over them.
Friend, if you have a book baby brewing inside you - and a million excuses why you can't or shouldn't write it - write it anyway.
Do it afraid.
Start before you're ready.
Begin imperfectly.
Just start writing.
You have a story to tell and a message to share, and we're waiting for you to share it.
📚 🌎🖋
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Egg nog in #vintagegoblets and fellowship with #RiseUpWriters thanks to the technology of today. I’m grateful for both.

Chad Allen for the writing win this week. I'd have awarded grand champion if he suggested a creme brûlée. What would you reward yourself with?

One is like the ground and the other is like the sky. One keeps my feet firmly planted in faith, and the other keeps my eyes ever-lifted in hope. I am thankful for the words and encouragement of @lisawhittle and @kristinkschell. Today, getting to spend in-real-life time with both of them was a gift. Lisa's book, "Put Your Warrior Boots On," is about being #JesusStrong. And Kristin's book, "The Turquoise Table," is about being the best kind of #frontyardpeople. And these women? They're all about grace.

Fill your space with humans who help you remember who you are and Whose you are. Make time to read good words. Make even more time to listen to them when they are spoken to you. Give time to folks who could use a good word or two. Never forget that we are in this together, love. We need each other.

(Thanks so much, @thejoleneu, for a great #RiseUpWriters afternoon).

How about sharing a little love for all our favorite writing spots? Yesterday, I sat by a fire at @lamadeleinecafe. Today, I'm sitting at @teapiocalounge. Where do you love to write?
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What if you want to be used by God so much that you end up scattered and spread thin?

I fully believe God has given each of us unique sets of gifts, personalities, experiences, and spaces. I believe we are to develop them as stewards of what He's given.

I also believe, we sometimes get caught up in what our calling is and it's easy to forget our first calling.
More on the blog. Link in profile.
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(Swipe for more) Thrilled to host @lisawhittle in Austin, TX. She blessed local writers and speakers with encouragement and insight. We also got signed copies of her recent book, "Put Your Warrior Boots On". Soooo grateful!!
Every lady in this room is a blessing in my life and having them all together filled my heart today. .
May we live #jesusstrong in the places God calls each of us to. .
Don't know what Jesus strong is? Get the book!
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Hands up for writer support and community! Today, accountability & focus with Renee Fisher. I've needed this push to get my #unleashsheets out there! We spent a few hours in her home getting our separate projects done. Then later tonight, she'll be at my house for #riseupwriters, our local gathering.
If you are a Christian writer in need of support and community, join us on Facebook. We'll be live streaming again tonight as we talk strengths/weaknesses.
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The unbelievably goofy, real, no-filtered, me opening my copies of #amomenttobreathe. I'm posting despite my reservations because this is what it's about. Getting real with God and letting Him meet your wild and wonderful heart, no matter what mess you're in. .
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Yeah, I got triggered. I hesitate to admit it because I want others to think I'm too strong to get triggered anymore.

But it happens and I refuse to let shame cover me. I bet others know what it’s like to want to live well for God and yet feel so weak.
In that weakness there is strength and the strength is God’s alone. That’s something to celebrate. Not keep hidden.
On the blog I’m sharing more and if you scroll on down, you’ll find your chance to win the #HopePrevails book and Bible study.
We’re a people in need of Hope and we have a good God who continues to provide it. .
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Egg nog in #vintagegoblets and fellowship with #RiseUpWriters thanks to the technology of today. I’m grateful for both.

Are you part of #RiseUpWriters? If you're a Christ follower who battles with the tension of gaining followers and you want to honor the call to write or speak, you're welcome! This group is for you. We are here to encourage and equip you.
You might feel alone, confused, tired, overwhelmed, or out of place. Maybe you question this urgency to write or speak and you're not sure you should do anything with it. This group is for you.
We're having a fellowship call this Wednesday night and it's available for all #RiseUpWriters members. Either in the Facebook group or via the newsletter.
Find out more by looking up Rise Up Writers. I can't wait to chat Wednesday night!

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What if you want to be used by God so much that you end up scattered and spread thin?

I fully believe God has given each of us unique sets of gifts, personalities, experiences, and spaces. I believe we are to develop them as stewards of what He's given.

I also believe, we sometimes get caught up in what our calling is and it's easy to forget our first calling.
More on the blog. Link in profile.
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*New on Pursuing What Is Excellent today!*
I am both hidden and found in Christ. He became my identity.
- Your Purpose Is Not Lost
I pray that this encourages you today!

Link in bio

Writer alert! Accountability groups are forming! If you want in, be sure to sign up. Link in profile.
Get connected with a small group of other writers and get after those writing goals! .
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Yes, they are finally (almost) here! You still have time to sign up if you want to be a part of this. I'll be sending out more information in tomorrow's newsletter. (Friday, October 10th)
Subscribers will be able to participate and/or facilitate a group of 5-8 people to help keep that content going. As a member, you'll benefit from having others to report to on your writing goals.
I anticipate some organic growth of support and encouragement to occur in these groups as well.
If you'd like to be in a group, come on over to the blog and look for Rise Up Writers.

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New on the blog today!! A Pocketful of Seeds {review and giveaway}

A Pocketful of Seeds reaches far beyond our home, church, and familiar places. It calls us to reach out in our community and across the world in ways that we may never have considered.

#MyFullLife Day 4: brave
Lots of writers and speakers struggle with a common core fear, like me.
They’ve long believed that no one wants to hear from them, that their voice doesn’t matter and/or there are plenty of other, better, voices out there. As a result, they shirk back from the calling God has given them. The world misses out on the work God wants to do through them. .
I’m fed up with the way the enemy wins and I’m all about raising up with my own voice as God leads. And encouraging others to do the same. Sometime it means quiet and sometimes it’s downright bold. .
Either way, it’s brave. .
Let’s go #RiseUpWriters #RiseUpWarriors. .
You can find me getting my brave on while encouraging others in this new video on my new YouTube channel. Link in profile.

I desire to create stirring words of the heart, a symphony of thought that resonates in women’s lives.

But every right word is a struggle for me.
I am hampered by an invisible checklist in my head, a silent countdown (to what, I don’t know), that ticks loudly how woefully behind I am in doing anything well.
I type banal words instead, frustrated that of the tens of thousands of English words available to me, I am held hostage by a few hundred, trapped by my inability to convey true meaning. (Please, tell me I’m not the only one.) .

But even if I could write a perfect symphony every time that soared beyond all others and moved every woman who read it, if I’m doing it to be noticed, what would I accomplish but the elevation of my own vanity?

Saint Paul said it best, “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.” 1 Corinthians 13:1

To create is in all of us. Whether writing, building, painting, crafting, singing. We can’t help it. It’s a God-given urge. .
But when we mingle that urge with our own desire for greatness, we destroy the joy of performing our simple ditty out love for God and others and look at the eloquent arias of our sisters with envy or berate our own gifts as not good enough. “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.” James 3:16

My friends, it is the spirit in which we create that matters.

Because all our words, our accomplishments, our successes—however hard-fought and exquisitely framed—will one day dissolve into embers of a heavenly scroll, but God’s word will endure for eternity.

Ahh, the word of the Lord! Now here are words that move us, music that brings tears to the eyes and goosebumps to the flesh! His word gives us life and meaning and every good thing we need for godliness. A true stirring of the heart that endures.

Endure Post—11

Hey it's time for #fridayintroductions! I'm sharing pics of me with writing friends. And a not so flattering shot of me with beautiful agent, Jessie Kirkland.
(Scroll through to meet all of us!)
I’m a writer, coach, and emotional warrior offering practical and spiritual support Christians who want to live well for Jesus. .
I lead two communities: Rise Up Writers and A Cultivated Life. My passion is to use my psychology background, counseling and life breakthrough training, and faith to help you cultivate a life well-lived and a soul well-nourished. .
If you’re looking for help as a believer, or as a believing writer/speaker/entrepreneur, to get past emotional and spiritual obstacles I’d love to meet you! .
If you’re looking for further help and encouragement in other areas, meet my friends too! .
@christinslade @tracymsteel @jamiamerine @annaklebaron @catherinefbird @jennieastin @amomsmissionfield @kirklandmediamanagement @parenting-nonsense @michellenietert @bobbieschae @tammy.h.meyer .
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(Swipe and ignore typos!) When God births something in you that feels too big, you’re likely to hear many lies and face many obstacles. Always, always, seek God as you take one step at a time. When one of those lies sounds like this, remember these wise words from #fatherbrown. And smile. 😁🤗😘
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When life overwhelms it can be hard to remember God remains faithful. Don't give up. God's still got you.
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Meeting writing sisters is one of my favorite things. I wanted to visit with this gal here and my hubby went an extra hour out of the way just so we could have a couple hours together. .
Squee! Thanks honey!!
We laughed and talked and took our picture next to #StolenJesus. .
If you don’t know the story behind Stolen Jesus. Get the book. You won’t regret it. But you might stay up too late because you can’t put it down. You might regret that, but maybe not. .
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New on Pursuing What Is Excellent today :: Get Your Hope Up
Will you allow me to encourage you to hope again?
Take a step in trusting GOD! Put your hope in Him. Seek Him for the truth of the hope that should be stirring in you.
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Wine has a way of doing that.
Yet, nothing is secret with God.
As we contemplate our life the garnet pool reflects and stroke the smooth glass stem, a gentle caress, we look deeper into the why of our life's mishaps and our soul is succored by the Spirit of God...
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How do we live in this hate-filled world without getting caught up in the melee?
I know many just shut their eyes to the world and the political forces at work. (Oh, If only I could fly away like David wished.  Away, away, like a harmless dove to a far off land where no lie can live. Alas...that cannot be.) “Take ye heed, watch and pray: for you know not when the time is.” Mark 13:33

Yet, It is maddening to watch our country’s hard-won freedoms, common decency, and the biblical truth it was founded upon get swallowed whole by the monstrous maw of the Left.

Feminists spit on the sanctity of life; God is cast out of schools.

Men disrespect the flag that valiant men died for; race is an excuse to promote violence.

Far-left miscreants parade their deviation; the institution of marriage is mocked.

Media and Hollywood celebrities twist facts to suit themselves and fan the flames of division (do they think we cannot see?)...And Liberals, who can’t let a good tragedy go to waste (or God forbid, they orchestrate it!), wield it for their selfish gain.

What do we do when our outrage threatens to consume us, my friends?
How can we endure?
By embracing this truth: “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.” Luke 8:17

No one will get away with anything.

Though truth is being trampled in the streets, it cannot ever be destroyed.
Though love is held in derision and misconstrued, it will triumph over all in the end. Christ has promised this.

Be angry, and sin not, when you see the evil man’s agenda prosper.
For God has said: “To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.” Duet. 32:35

If you love God and this great country, you are going to be hated by those who don't.
God, help us not to hate back. (Otherwise, we become like them and are no better.)
Stand strong and cling to God, dear ones. Be brave; speak the truth in love.
“By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil." Proverbs 16:6
Endure—Post 10

So good. #riseupwriters
Thx for capturing this @tammy.h.meyer

Using our focus for their story and His glory with @hellomornings. @kimstewinspired, @blessingsbrnyrd, @tracylevinson here are two good photos with great info. Grateful for the @declareconf this morning and this opportunity. #declareconf #sweeterthanhoney #hisgracegirls #hisgirlsgather #christianwoman #christianbloggers #christianspeaker #riseupwriters #hopewriters

Birthdays, bows, and books. 🎉🎂📚
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I've learned lessons in Ephesians about the blessing of redemption, practically how to walk as a Christian, what my marriage should look like and more!
Would you like to journey through Ephesians with friends? There's still time to pre-register for the FREE Worthy of the Calling Bible Study!
Visit my profile to link to my latest blog post to find out how!

Headed to Dallas today to meet up with many writer gals I love and soak in God's presence. .
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The unbelievably goofy, real, no-filtered, me opening my copies of #amomenttobreathe. I'm posting despite my reservations because this is what it's about. Getting real with God and letting Him meet your wild and wonderful heart, no matter what mess you're in. .
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"There's no more grip of sin's curse when I fall into the grace of God!"
I was going back through some blog posts to help me in preparing for tomorrow night's message. That was the first line of one, and I was excited all over again! It's so important to know our identity in Christ!!
I'm so honored to get a chance to share with our Hope Church students tomorrow!

I do.
I will.
Come forth.
Sometimes the simplest words carry the most power.
Write on. Speak Up. Words are powerful.
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Shaped by God's Word :: There are so many tools that we can use to take in God's word, but are we using it to actually shape and transform our lives?
On the Pursuing What Is Excellent blog, I share about allowing Scripture to change us.

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I'm sharing with writers and authors over at @katemotaung 's Five Minute Friday Blog. If you write books, or think you might someday, come on over to visit at http://fiveminutefriday.com/2017/09/11/book-launch-advice-author/⠀(temporary link in profile.)
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Join @marydemuth and I on the Counselor Thoughts podcast (link in profile) as we discuss the concept of "restory," how to see your past from a new perspective and how to join with God to create a new future for yourself and your children. Also, I'd love to see you at the Restory Conference in the DFW area on September 16. We will be giving away ticket for this event. #counselorthoughts #restoryconference #hopeafterhurt #chrisiancounselor #podcast #christianwriter #christianspeaker #hisgracegirls #hisgirlsgather #hopewriters #riseupwriters

Just yesterday, I was sharing my story with a group of friends. As I did, one point jumped out.
How God took my college desire to be a Christian psychologist, which I was told I couldn't be, and let me live a whole lot of hard before bringing me full circle back to the same passion. .
What I do with it now is vastly different than what I would have done as a young single mom without good boundaries, a weak understanding of how to live out my faith step by step, and a whole lot of self-doubt.
Today, I look back and see situations which the enemy meant for harm and God meant for good.
Today, I see young desire turned into aged delight.
Today, I have hindsight as I look on God's hand in my life and the purpose that was always there. Even if I couldn't see it. Even when I thought I'd never get to do what I enjoy.
Its early morning now and I'm drinking coffee ☕️ while reading a new 📚 book. #walkitout by @triciagoyer
And it's like a chord deep in my soul has been struck. I'm listening to the symphony of God.
There's a symphony for each of us. The years of practice sometimes sound cacophonous, but it's a melody rich with instrumental beauty which only God knows
Take your step of faith, friend. Big or small, if it's out of obedience it's because of love.
#riseupwriters #amreading #purpose

Me and her? We could talk for hours
Oh wait, we did. .
#inspired #mentor4moms #riseupwriters #thebestconversations #pursuingtheintentionallife

God, bless our words, we women of your Spirit.
Help us to glorify You, not ourselves.
Give us understanding.
Equip us to teach Your truth, that we never lead others astray.

Our thoughts are not Your thoughts, we know, but as we grow more like Your Son, we are transformed.
The renewing of our minds is a gift we can bless others with, dear friends, as we praise God’s name among the nations. .
“I will praise thee, O Lord, among the people: I will sing unto thee among the nations. For thy mercy is great unto the heavens, and thy truth unto the clouds.” Psalm 57:9 .
.{Week 12 of Reading 12 Old Testament Books in 12 Weeks}
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Surprise! Came to meet @lisawhittle for dinner and look who showed up! It's @brimckoy, fellow writer for #gracetable. Shocked and happy to meet in person! .
AND...she has a book coming up in just a few weeks for food lovers and meeting at the table. "Come and Eat: Celebrating Life and Grace Around the Everyday Table" #comeandeatmovement .
#riseupwriters #amwriting #writersofinstagram

One is like the ground and the other is like the sky. One keeps my feet firmly planted in faith, and the other keeps my eyes ever-lifted in hope. I am thankful for the words and encouragement of @lisawhittle and @kristinkschell. Today, getting to spend in-real-life time with both of them was a gift. Lisa's book, "Put Your Warrior Boots On," is about being #JesusStrong. And Kristin's book, "The Turquoise Table," is about being the best kind of #frontyardpeople. And these women? They're all about grace.

Fill your space with humans who help you remember who you are and Whose you are. Make time to read good words. Make even more time to listen to them when they are spoken to you. Give time to folks who could use a good word or two. Never forget that we are in this together, love. We need each other.

(Thanks so much, @thejoleneu, for a great #RiseUpWriters afternoon).

It is sobering and quite thrilling, my friends, to know God has our names written in a book. (It is this same book where our tears are stored, yours and mine. You know, the fat ones that shrink our world till all we see is our sorrow through the blur and the tiny ones that escape at the kitchen sink, surprising like a paper cut when you least expect it.) But not just anyone’s name will be found in in this book--only those who fear the Lord.

Yet, many will say, “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name cast out devils and in thy name done many wonderful works?” And He shall say, “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Matthew 7:21-23

Many make a living speaking and writing glowing praise about God and how He makes them feel--great swelling words. (2 Peter 2:18)

But God will say, “Go away, I never knew you”. Many believe in God and think on His name. Even the devils believe in God and tremble. (James 2:19)

No, the names written in this book are those who fear, listen, follow, and obey in all their imperfect way, trusting in the God of their salvation to cover them with the righteousness of Christ.

Speak, my friends, of God with fear.
Speak often one to another. (He hears!) Declare His goodness, utter His mercy,
bid others to gaze upon His mighty works with you.
And teach, teach with love, the word of truth.
For when we do, our very names will glisten on the page with permanence by the indelible handwriting of God. {Week 11 of Reading 12 Old Testament Books in 12 Weeks}

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"The more we learn about the ways of God and the more we experience answered prayers, we develop the strength through faith." Join me today as I write about being bold in prayer and belief.

I also share some of my favorite books on prayer.


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One of these days, I hope to write books that help others feel less alone in their journey to live well. I pray we live brave and free and I believe we can.
Every now and then I chip away at the first book I can't not write. This message has flickered and burned for awhile now. God's writing it in my life and someday I hope it helps bring life to the souls of others as well. .
Would you pray for me as I go? As I lean in hard to the message I need for my heart too? .
My biggest prayer request is that my complicated mind would get out of the way and the simply beauty of the Holy Spirit would lead. He really does know best. .
Thank you, friends. Live well. You are loved. .
P.S. if you think of a title for a book you think I should write, I'm all ears! I love your ideas. .
#writersofinstagram #writerlife #amwriting #riseupwriters #livewell #livebravelivefree

Happy book birthday 🎉 @catherinefbird. Thank you for providing fun biblical resources for moms and their girls to study God's word together. #gogstudy #mothersofdaughters #tweenmoms #biblestudy #girlsdevotional #momsofinstagram #hisgracegirls #hisgirlsgather #shespeaks17 #riseupwriters #hopewriters #thedeclareconf2017

Planners, planning, and getting things done. One step, one day at a time. What's one goal you're moving towards? What's one step you can take today to get to your goal?
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Hey y'all!! Calling Austin area writers and #riseupwriters. Come meet Lisa Whittle at LaMadeleine in the Arboretum from 2-3:30 on Thursday, August 17th!
If you're a Christian writer in #atx, come ask questions, get a book signed, and find out more about #riseupwriters too! What a privilege to learn from Lisa and be encouraged. .
Can't wait to see you there! @lisawhittle #warriorboots

I love my desert garden.
Well, most of the time. Currently, my garden is struggling to survive and it shows.
I find it disheartening to watch my hard work and careful planning come to nought, while my hopes for beauty and a fresh-picked salad wither before my eyes.
Every year, I (foolishly) expect an equal return for my investment.
Instead, I end up with stunted growth, yellow-tinged foliage, and shrunken, bug-nibbled pickings, IF my plants live long enough to come to fruit at all. (Thanks to a bad dog, rude kitty, heat waves, stingy rain, and the endless hordes of plant munchers that seem to have no trouble zeroing in on my tiny plot.)
Why do I put so much of myself into this dry and inhospitable land?
It would be so tempting to just give up. Toss my well-worn gardening gloves, scatter my seeds to the chickens, and be done with it.

But, I endure.

Every year (forgetful of my losses), I skip along happily, seed catalogs in hand and hope in my heart, anticipating the coming lush greenness and the shining fruits of my labor. .
Faith in God is like that.
.“Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us,
according as we hope in thee.” Psalm 33:22

But how often have I, like a hyacinth refusing to bloom, been offended by the path You forced me on?
How often have I balked at the sacrifices You required of me?

Strengthen my roots, O God, so the tug and pull of this world can never break me or loosen my hold upon thee.

Cause my tears of frustration to water my faith, not drown me in ambivalence.

Shower me with thy mercy, and guide me under the shade of Your mighty wing.
And I will grow.

We may never have a flourishing garden in this world of our sojourning, my friends. (Have you come to terms with what you may never have?)
But take comfort, dear ones: God WILL reward His faithful, tear-stained children with an Eden, lush with righteousness and everlasting joy, where our losses are truly forgotten.

Endure Post--8

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Sharing today on our #professionalcounseling center blog about caring for children in the midst of divorce. As a mental health professional specializing in high conflict divorce, when I see parents battle for their child's affection, it breaks my ❤️. See link in profile. #counselorthoughts #divorce #kidsofdivorce #divorcedparents #divorcehurts #hisgracegirls #hisgirlsgather #shespeaks17 #thedeclareconf2017 #hopewriters #riseupwriters

We ARE this latter house, my friends.
And because of God’s love towards those who obey Him, we will be filled to overflowing with glory.
Like a fine basin cascading with splendor, spilling joy playfully at your feet.

So when your life is weighed down by the relentless downpour of trials, a suffering that seeps through the ceiling of your mind--take heart!
For as much as you’ve lost, had taken from you, or given up with tears for Christ’s name and the Father’s will, you will receive a hundredfold in godly riches.

It is our faith in a God who cannot lie that can patiently wait for the peace He will lade on us.

We are part of His household, dear friends.
And as His cherished daughters, He desires to give us health for our sickness, safety for our fear, and prosperity for our utter destitution, making us whole and complete.

He will repay our debts, restore our losses (so many losses, I know), and all will be well with our souls.

Let us take comfort in the lavish love of a Father who will lift the boulders of sorrows we carry, and exchange our cumbersome load with His abundant glory instead. {Week 10 of Reading 12 Old Testament Books in 12 Weeks}

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Being present with our children is so important because they grow up so fast. These little ones turned 7 and 10 this month. #timeflies #counselorthoughts #mommyblogger #parentingexpert #christianspeaker #christiancounselor #riseupwriters #hisgirlsgather #hisgracegirls #speakersofinstagram #hopewriters #shespeaks17 #thedeclareconf2017

Our #knightsintraining are celebrating birthdays. If you want to learn how to raise a true knight, check out the book by the same title by @heatherrhaupt #riseupwriters #hisgirlsgather #hisgracegirls #speakersofinstagram #counselorthoughts #declareconf #shespeaks17

When your heart is heavy with burdens that exhaust you and regrets that smoother your peace, there is a profound comfort waiting to uplift you in Zephaniah 3:14-20.

We, who wait for God, are told to sing!
And to be glad and rejoice with all our hearts. Why?
Because the Lord our God has taken away our judgments! He has cast out our Enemy!

All the sins of our past, all the things we wish we could reverse, He will.

God promises to undo all that afflicts us.
He will gather all our sorrows and remove them from existence.
Because the King of Israel is in the midst of us, we shall not see evil anymore.

The world hates truth and those who speak it. Even within the church, there are those that would prefer we keep quiet.
We will be mocked and rejected from without and from within, but God knows who are His.
He will make us a name and a praise among all people of the earth because we call upon His name now.

So sing, my friends, in spite of the pain. Rejoice when you feel like crying.

And together, we shall hear the glorious sound (what a sound that will be) of our God singing with joy over us! {Week 9 of Reading 12 Old Testament books in 12 Weeks.} #abidinginthevine, #conformingtothetruth, #riseupwriters, #hisgracegirls, #saltandlight, #zephaniah #Biblestudy, #scriptureoftheweek, #lovetheword, #womenoftheword, #womenintheword, #shereadstruth, #shewritestruth, #wellwateredwoman, #bedeeplyrooted, #thrivewhereistand, #faithwriter, #faithinspired, #christianblogger, #blogger, #blogging, #christianmom, #christianwoman, #christianlife, #christianliving, #writerslife, #writinglife, #sharingmythoughtswithyou, #thankfulforsistersinchrist, #thankfultoGodforeverything

When I used to read this book, I saw generosity, kindness, and a beautiful life given away.

Now, I see that, but I also see selfishness and ungratefulness. I see a tree without boundaries who doesn’t see its own value and a boy who thinks only of himself.

I see me. I’m both the boy and the tree.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading about codependence lately. Or because I’ve known what it’s like to be so painfully broken and aware of the way we can take to get our needs met, or give and give to the point of depletion. And it’s not really the same thing as denial of self which the Bible talks about, even though I used to think so.

Giving in order to make others happy is a never ending game, much like the game of approval. We may call it denial of self, but it’s more like devalue of self. It could even be an over-valuing of self. Bear with me on this. The give in order to get (happiness, approval, time with another person) is still really about self-fulfillment.

READ MORE: https://joleneunderwood.com/cried-re-read-giving-tree/ (link temporarily in profile

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What do you do when you find yourself surrounded by devastating loss?

What do you do when dreams die?

Praise God, anyway.
What do you do when the herd of prosperity has left your stalls. And you alone feel cut off from the fold.

Praise God, anyway.

For when your body fails you like the fig tree, and the vine of your hopes has withered.
When your hard work yields nothing but sorrow, and the fields of promise you sowed lay fallow.
Praise God, anyway. .


You may see nothing that looks like a blessing right now. There may be nothing at all. (Yet, your very breath is a blessing.) But that 'nothing' cannot be compared to the everything you will receive in the coming kingdom of God. Hold on.

This verse in Habakkuk is dear to me. I cry silent tears when I read it.

I may never have what I want here. None of my dreams may come true.

Can I live with that?

Yes. A RESOUNDING yes, if I look beyond the pain and disappointment of now, and keep my eyes on the greatest of all dreams come true: eternal life.

Joy is possible, sweet Christian, in the hardship and the ugliness that is your life when you focus on the undeserved gift of salvation God has lovingly saved for you.

Rejoice in the Lord with me, my friends. Joy in the God of our salvation. {Week 8 of Reading 12 Old Testament Books in 12 Weeks}
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When we speak the truth of the Bible, my friends, we are publishing peace--even if we are speaking a warning. Because there is no peace without repentance. It does not exist.

The prophets of old were guilty of proclaiming what God had not said for gain and selfish comfort. ”Thus saith the Lord; Woe to the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!..They have seen vanity and lying divinations, saying, The Lord saith: and the Lord hath not sent them: and they have made others to hope that they would confirm the word...they have seduced my people, saying, Peace, when there was no peace…” Ezekiel 13:3-10

Christ calls us to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him. (Mark 8:34) But many of us refuse to budge, to let go of our “rights’, or to venture beyond our comfort zones.
We live in fear with a smile on our face and a Bible in our hands.
Because there is no peace without repentance. It does not exist.

Peace IS the kingdom of God.
It is the permanence of the righteousness of Jesus Christ in us.

It is the fruit of all the struggle and patience and hardships and burdens and tribulations we are facing right now.

So carry on, dear friends. Do not be afraid. Keep doing what must be done.

Announce the Good News by your daily example of cross bearing.

Speak not what ‘feels’ right nor follow your own spirit as the false prophets did, doling out false hope to a willing crowd. But speak the truth that comes from the Word.
For it is Christ who is the culmination of all our hopes.

He is our peace.

Week 7 of Reading 12 Old Testament Books in 12 Weeks.
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One more book on its way!
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I have a wild and weird obsession with connecting. It's one of my top 5 strengths in the Strengths Finder. When I see God weave lives together and connect them for his purposes, I'M OVER THE MOON!
Not to mention, the beautiful way others give Him glory through their work and the way we can support one another. Not compete.
This picture. My adorable twin nieces. 
The design. My talented brother-in-law.
The book. An incredible new author with a beautiful message.
The last name. What's there to say? Underwoods. Writing. Typewriters. We go together.
The publisher. Full of people with a heart to serve well.

My geeky connection obsession is in overdrive. My heart for writers who use words and serve well, gushing.

Got daughters? Get the book!

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Oy, I have this thing I do. I put too much onto my plate and then try to eat it all. Just look at this plate. It's stacked nicely. Not overdone. Not toppling over. Not smothered in (nearly enough) butter.
But that's not what my plate usually looks like. I usually want all the things. You too?

What if we took a step back and took a look realistically at what is on our plate? Not just the projects we're working on, but our family, friends, home, finances, spiritual life, etc.
It feels overwhelming just thinking about it.
I needed a prayer and so I wrote one for both of us. You can read about my challenge and pray with me too. I'd love it if you did.

Read on with the blog link in profile. Share your prayer need there or right here on IG or in a message to me (which you can find on the blog). Deep breaths, friends. One step at a time.
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