A few wise women recently told me that the “in between” of the destination is just as important as the destination. Staying planted, even when things don’t go your way, will be the testament of how much you truly trust His will. For God only has Plan A - stay the course. 🌱 | #TheHupomone #Building #WritersInspire #Blogger #RiseUpWriters #SheSpeaks #PurposeMoves #LifestyleBlogger #BirminghamBlogger #PurposeDriven #AlabamaBlogger #WomenEmpowerment
#WomanOnAMission #ThoughtfullyLiving

I don’t recognize the woman I once was.
She lived in a different world with a different set of priorities that rubbed against the will of God until she was raw and bleeding.
She wore glasses of negativity that tainted the day upon waking. Nothing was kissed with gratitude and she was troubled by many things.
Her husband was a frustrated, angry man but loved her deeply and beckoned her to follow him with tears, even, and a fervency that startled her and made her acquiesce each time . . .
Until obedience to God became inconvenient and, like the Israelites of old, her self-preservation was the golden calf she danced for.
She was poor and blind and naked arrayed in the Emperor's new clothing of self-deception while professing Christ with head held high and a Bible in her hands.
I remember her frantically grasping the crumbling sandcastle of married life, forcing it to keep its shape while the wind and the waves of reality fought against her.
Her dreams, her goals, her self-sufficient plans for a happy marriage and a peaceful home would not fall lock-step into place, and desperate prayers of sorrow and pain lay fallow on her pillow at night.
But God was not far. His Spirit she had not completely quenched. His mercy was a jewel He crowned her with when she turned her face to His.
Her dreams she laid at Her Saviour’s feet. Her goals and plans became His. And that fretful wife of (not so) long ago transformed into a peaceful wife trusting God.
(Oh, and her once angry man loves her even more.)
“And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever.” Isaiah 32:17
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Happy Friday Introductions y'all! Since I shared a photo of my silly game face yesterday while recording videos, I thought I'd introduce you to my video channels. Did you know I manage TWO video accounts?

Phew, the #RiseUpWriters one is just getting started. It won't be just be me doing videos either. The goal is to create content and curate content from others.
All content is geared towards equipping and encouraging Christian communicators so they can rise up in their spaces individually for a collective work globally.
My main channel is focused on cultivated a life well-lived. #spiritualgrowth #emotionalhealth #soulcare #emotionalhealing
These are my passion. I use my background in psychology, continual studies in Christian counseling, life coaching, and years of experiences including dealing with #ptsd #depression #anxiety #codependency #disorderedeating and #selfharm.
Then healing through #christiancounseling #emdr #unleashsheets and more.

If you know what it's like to try hard to live well, but life keep going well, this is for you.
If you've tried to do all you can, and you want to follow God, but still you feel stuck, this is for you.
If you're not sure what to do next so you can keep pursuing healing in your own life, this is for you.
If you're a writer or speaker who wants to connect with others and learn along the way, the RUW channel is for you.
Much more content planned in the months ahead. More cultivated conversations with experts and friends dealing with real life stuff. More teaching too.
Got a topic you'd like to see covered? Let me know! If I, or someone I know, can help. I'd love to.

The journey's not easy, but you are so worth it.

With seven videos down and four to go, you start to feel a little silly. I mean, talking to yourself for hours? Let's just say I'm glad these videos are done. I'm not doing any more retakes if I can help it and I let the house get hot just so you wouldn't have to hear a fan in the background.
But then I started tapping the desk with dramatic hand movements. Sigh. This mic picks up everything, y'all.
Two new videos for #RiseUpWriters coming your way soon! Plus, videos for #UnleashSheets affiliates (bloggers, ministry leaders, coaches, and counselors) and videos to help people already using this super helpful tool.
I love ya' but my thumb can't even stand up straight anymore. 😂😂 Who's ready to head to the water park with their honey? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ Catch ya' later folks.
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Writers gotta write! What helps you keep at it? These tips by prolific writer and author @triciagoyer are so good.
Keep writing ✍️ friends. Let the process stretch you, but don’t give up just because it’s hard to do. 👇👇👇👇👇👇
#Repost @triciagoyer 👇👇👇
To make it happen ... you have to make it happen.
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If we could meet for coffee, what you want to talk about?
I’d want to hear about your struggles and your victories. About your doubts and your faith.
Because deep in your soul is the core of who you really are and I think that’s pretty amazing.
There’s only one you after all. The world needs you the way God designed you to be.
If your journey of faith feels weak and wounded, I’d cry with you and pray over you.
If you’re experiencing greater freedom and bursting with excitement, I’d rejoice and praise God with you.
If you’re struggling with doubt, fear, anxiety, life’s challenges, anger, confusion, and hurt, I’d listen, ask questions, and process with you. Hopefully, I’d leave space for mystery and room for hearing more from God than me. I’d pray with you and for you.
Dear one, know that even though we may not be able meet, Jesus is always there with you. He would join you anytime, any day, as you pour out your heart.
God is always listening. He has much love and tenderness for the feelings you feel. He intercedes for you and wants you to know you are so loved. Your emotions do not scare Him one bit. They will not shove Him away.
Breathe, dear one. Let your life be real before Him. He will be near.
#acultivatedlife #cultivatelife #livewell #emotionalhealth #emotionalhealing #emotionalgrowth #riseupwriters #christiancounseling #lifecoach #unleashsheets #lifecultivated #spiritualgrowth #getreallivefree

Two of my (many) favorite things about Rise Up Writers.
1.) How it brings people together and these connections bear new collective works.
2.) Getting to meet other #RiseUpWriters in person.
Meeting at a favorite writing spot gets bonus points!

So glad to know both of you persevering women!
#riseupwriters #writersgather #writercoffeedate

Thanks to @thejoleneu and @riseupwriters (pictured far left) I met @linettebumford (middle) who went on to become a client. It was so good to get the three of us together for the first time as Linette lives in Maryland! Authors often lead lonely lives, and it’s always great to find a community and people who just get you!! #riseupwriters

If I asked any of the #RiseUpWriters out there, do you want to be famous, I wonder what answers I'd hear. Most of us might say we don't, but somewhere deep down we do. Or, we're afraid of what would happen to our souls is fame sought us out.
We see it in our tendency to give up when social media or writing projects don't receive accolades and praise.
We see it in our desire for more likes, more followers, and more recognition that goes beyond connecting and serving.
We see it in our inclination to procrastinate or change plans altogether because actually completing that hard won project God called you to seems too hard. Or maybe God chose the wrong person.
Writing requires a whole lot of faithfulness. To the work. To the process. To dealing with rejection and fears. To personal growth. To community over isolation. And to God's ways over our ways.
What is God calling you to be faithful in today?

Choose to persevere by letting God's faithfulness carry you through. If you've fallen down, let Him lift you back up as you look up.

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As another month begins, may we stand with our palms up and hands open. May we be ready to let go and ready to receive, knowing both are required in any season. #mondaybenediction

What does it mean to shine? For years, I thought it meant being the flame that burned the hottest and brightest. Now, I see things differently. And it’s all because of women like Siba. Sharing her story with you is important to me—because she’s a flame that sets the world around her ablaze. Take a moment and get to know her today. The link is in my profile. Siba’s story is ready for you there. ❤️🌏🙌🏼

Now, friend, I’m going to take a break from the noise of social media for a short bit. There is something rather overwhelming happening that’s caught me a bit off-guard, and I need to tend to it. Would you pray for me, that I’ll invest the time in things of beauty and have wisdom abounding? I promise, I’ll pray for you too. And I promise, I’ll tell you all about things when I get this mind wrapped around them. Remember, we’re in this together – and I am for you. xoxo

You thought you knew the one you vowed to love when you walked down the aisle in pearly white. He was the tall, dark, handsome dream you waited impatiently for. But that was just the surface man that smiled and caught your heart and made you his with a kiss.
He was more emotionally fragile than he let on, your strong and stable oak, your knight in shining armor, your paragon of manliness. He was unaware of the self-preserving shroud that bound his broken heart and his youthful hopes from childhood.
But you learn this in awkward moments and heated arguments that surprise you.
You learn that he didn’t carry you alone over the threshold of your new life together in those humdrum rented rooms, but both your confusing, painful memories and the residue of your dysfunctional families got dragged over with you when he carried you deftly in his arms.
You learn (much later) that your present squabbles with your spouse have more to do with the past interjecting itself than with the actual issues at hand.
He mentions the dry chicken breast or your being late again; you feel the inadequacy and rejection you felt from your father when you were twelve.
You interrupt him nonchalantly or disagree with his conclusion; he feels the disrespect he witnessed his mother spat at his dad when he was eight.
Marriage is a God-sealed bond between a man and his wife. Then why do we allow a whole slew of people and events to invade our privacy and cleave to us uninvited?
If we are to become one, like Christ and His Church, we need to sever the ties that strangle the promise we made. We need to reject the harlot of our negative past that clings possessively to us both.
⚜️ We need to guard against any man or woman, family dysfunction, past hurts, or misguided beliefs about marriage and bar them from our home.
“For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.” Ephesians 5:31
#abidinginthevine, #christianmarriage, #godlymarriage, #respectyourhusband, #marriageGodsway, #husbandandwife, #loveyourhusband, #maritalpeace, #respectyourhusband, #onlyGod, #womenoftheword

I’m Katie. Wife to one handsome man, mom to five loud and wonderful kids, and an #enneagram1 💛 I’m made like Martha; a beloved daughter of a Good Father. My first book #madelikemartha just released and I’m committed to seeing women set free through God’s redemption and grace. You’re invited to join the “Made Like Martha Sisterhood” group on Facebook (right now we’re doing a book club and having a blast). ✔️ I’m a big fan of musicals like @hamiltonmusical and @greatestshowman 👋🏼Cue the jazz hands. One of my favorite things to do is encourage others to take the next step toward their God-given purpose and creative projects via @inspiration_doula You can also find me over here @katie_m_reid as we find grace in the unraveling, together. Now, tell me about YOU!

When your real life friends go out of their way to encourage and support you (and even stage a cheesy video with you at @barnesandnoble as they purchase an autographed copy of your book)...it means so much. Thank you @amygelatt5 💛 Tag one of your writing friends and encourage them with kind words below. 💛✔️

This week, may we experience an extra measure of joy and peace. May we look past what's undone and accept what's gone wrong, recognizing the presence of Jesus in the midst of it all. ⠀

May we be really, truly content. #mondaybenediction #learningtodwell

Join us over in the Made Like Martha Sisterhood (FB Group) as we get ready to kickoff our mobile book club, this Tuesday (July 24th). ✔️All you need is a copy of #madelikemartha (read Chapter 1 now so you’re ready to start). If your book hasn’t arrived yet, you can read Chapter 1 for free (link in profile). These fabulous ladies will each be hosting a week of the book club. Invite your friends (by tagging them below) and get ready for some fun!

Join us for the mobile book club for #madelikemartha ✔️Grab the book, invite your friends, and get ready for some fun. These amazing and down-to-earth women will each be hosting a week of our book club. Yay! See more details in link (temporarily in profile). Tag 3 friends below to invite them.

Join us as we help each other!

Rise Up Writers is a collective effort which includes learning from one another. We're going to try something on IG and the FB page each Tuesday. Tuesday Tips aren't anything new, but this one is a little different. These are #CollectiveTips for #RiseUpWriters by Rise Up Writers. ** What have YOU learned about Pinterest that you could share with others? ** What tip(s) have helped you grow Pinterest? ** What tips would like to learn about that someone else might be able to help with.
You don't have to be an expert to share your wisdom with us! Just share some of the things you are doing now that have helped you use Pinterest better.
We are better together.

FYI: This tip is posted to both IG and FB, so feel free to answer where it works best for you.

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