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Good night for now, here are some amazing collages/fan-arts of Team 7 or Team Boruto! 😆😆😃😃 Looks like Sarada may not get a power up like Boruto and Mitsuki, but I just have to wait and see what happens!! 😀😀😉😉 What do all of you think of these posts? 😲😲😎😎 #PowerUps #Bonds #RiseUp #BFF #OMG #WTH #Light #Rise #Shine #Boruto #Legacy #Uzumaki #Sarada #Kunoichi #Uchiha #Mitsuki #SnakeSage #Sannin #Konoha #Village #Shinobi #Manga #Anime #Legends #FanArt #Collage #Instagram #TeamBoruto #FightTogether #TeamKonohamaru

These 3 did not throw away their shot to show their 〽️ichigan pride after seeing @hamiltonmusical! #GoBlue and #RiseUp! (📸= @andrealemor) #UMSocial

I got your message @germainemason 👼🏼 She told me you are ok, she told me she is happy I came out today to celebrate your life, your work and your spirit. She told me we will be fine. She gave me 5 hugs and we cried together becuz her obligation to walk over to a total stranger and say all that must have come from you!
@yendizzle THANK YOU!
We have never met, not a word or exchange before this afternoon, and for me to walk by (I was actually leaving becuz I felt so heavy for being at a party, instead of mourning you Ger) and you - Yendi, pulled my arm.
I thought you were going to say you liked my dress, or my glasses even...but NO you said 'I am obligated to tell you this and I am going to follow my spirit because I am bound by god.. ' ... I could hear him in your voice and see him in your eyes.

God you are real!
I needed this .. I needed this assurance that he was ok!
Angels are among us!
Today #Day3 ... did he rise?
We smiled after it all and for sure I will walk the streets tomorrow just we would every year and we celebrate your memory for years to come!
#GermaineMason 🌞

"This is how I view success what about you?" @wealthchaser
If your not happy, content and satisfied with your life. Yet you have all the materialistic items a being could dream of and not a clear peace of mind where does that leave you? Leave us? We are shaping the world with the term, "success" thoughts? ~G

The best Super Bowl in history?
#patriots #doyourjob #riseup #falcons #283 #choke


Power moves, create power struggles. Watch me keep rising to the top. Big things to come in the future. #power #powermoves #hair #hairstyles #fit #poa #live #life #eye #riseandgrind #rise #riseup #gym #fitlife #bodybuilding #hot #lovelife #keepgoing #grind #neversleep #2017

"You can't be more American than when you show up, speak your mind, and participate" @senduckworth Thanks for speaking at IWU! #hereatiwu #tammyduckworth #riseup #participate #dontmindtheterriblephoto

Wowza!!!! Build phase done!!!! I am having a hard time believing I just did 3 weeks of this program 😳

Like I actually finished a phase!
I think I'm starting to have progress in my right arm.
My elbow is still hindering me from pushing as hard as I want to, but that's probably a good thing.
I am definitely stronger. I don't have the ok to increase my weights yet but I am able to do more reps in the allotted time.
And my clothes are fitting better for sure.
I am nervous about this next 5 week phase. Historically I have a really hard time following through or not getting injured. I'm confident that this time will be different!!!! Now re-fueling with some PD and a yummy chocolate/banana/almond butter shake. 💕

Wow! We received the Student Organization of the Year award and our very own Kylie Vaughn (aka Moose) received the Emerging Leader of the Year award!! What a great way to end the season!! 🤽‍♀️🤽‍♂️ #RiseUp

Throwback to the "56-14" game where we trashed the Bucs, and Julio had a field day! #RiseUp #atlantafalcons #InBrotherhood #atlfalconsnation @juliojones_11 @juliojones_11 @juliojones_11

100% of the proceeds from this place go to organizations like the @humanrightswatch and @plannedparenthood. Basically a big "f*^% you" to Trump. Come here. #ragerage #riseup

Beach time!

Did you know that I used to hate going to the beach? I didn’t mind the sand or the water. My biggest hurdle was the fact that I had to wear a bathing suit. I can remember spending HOURS in the dressing room just trying on swimsuit after swimsuit. My husband would ask to see the swimsuits and I would refuse to come out. I literally would be in TEARS in the dressing room. I was so ashamed of my body. Nothing ever fit right and I hated the fact that I had belly fat, chunky thighs and boobs that didn’t want to fit into these teeny-tiny bikini tops. I felt like I shouldn’t go to the beach because I was big, and I just knew that people would think nasty thoughts about me.
I would eventually find a tankini with a long top and bottoms that had that skirt to hide the stretch marks on my thighs. I wanted to hide something that I should have been proud of! You see those stretch marks came from each of my pregnancies. I didn’t realize at the time, (I do now), but each of those stretch marks is a badge of courage to me now! They represent me bringing forth life into this world!
Then when we would get to the beach I would spend the day with a towel wrapped around me. Hardly going into the water because I didn’t want my body to be seen. Oh how I wasted so many moments with my kids and my husband. I should have been out there with them!

Fast forward what seems like a millennium and now I don’t care what others think. I wear whatever I want at the beach now. I realized that I was wasting all that time worrying about what others think and it was taking time away from actually having fun! Now beach days are filled with relaxation, reading books, and of course water time! I have no problems sitting in the sand with my loved ones and building sand castles. Where once I felt ashamed of my body I now look at it lovingly with confidence because I got my mind in the right place….because I chose confidence over shame.
So tomorrow is our first beach day of the year. And I'm going and having fun!

Do you struggle with feeling confident in your own skin? Do you carry around a badge of shame when you think about your body?

Here's to another week of picking things up and putting them down. 💪💪
#RiseUp #RaleighCrossFit

Stand ten ties down or fall victim to the weight on your shoulders which legacy do you want to leave behind #RiseUp #DontFold

This is it, folks. #dreambuilding #riseup

We spelled out "FUND EPA" on the beach here in A.P. today!! Thank you to the team-leaders of @womensmarchap for coordinating this message ✌️🌍💚 📷: Gary Mastriano II #womensmarchap #fundepa #riseup #asburypark #asburyparkdaily

New #Man #Blue #Shirt # Sexy.

Sula joined the team of our #NGO
@erouane_langard #Riseup Rulll

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