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In all honesty, the beginning of 2017, for me, was far less than ideal. I spent the first day of 2017 unbelievably hungover, after letting the celebration get the best of me. Not matter because it was actually kind of a wake up call. Although, I have had some level of success the past year and a half, I can do much much better. I demand better of myself. Now that my eyes are open, it's time to get back to work 💯
Moral of the story, don't let one bad day or one bad thing set you back for days or months. None of us are perfect. Use it as motivation and don't let it happen again. -

SUPER impressed with @rise fitness clothes, the quality is comparable to lulu lemon especially in the tops. 💕🙌🏻 #risefitness #yogaabs

RISE FUSION + RISE COMBO + RISE CYCLE + HALLOWEEN COSTUMES + CUBS WIN = a perfect Saturday. Come join these two instructors tomorrow for class! #risefitness #risecycle #downtownglenellyn

Award winning combination: lifting and patriotism #mericuh #lovetheUSA #fitfam #sweatandsalute #risefitness

The Smile-Maker = my nephew

#jacksontan #Jackson老师 #RISEFitness

Breakfast can't get any better than this! Finished teaching my HIIT and TRX classes and was starving, like shaky starving. Fried egg whites with Gouda, spinach and tomato chutney on ciabatta bread and Irish butter cabbage and roasted petite carrots! My belly is full and happy! #risefitness #blackberrymarketglenlyn #saturdaybreakfast

Because sometimes unicorn and robot dinosaur leggings are a must at the gym......#plexuspowered #risefitness

Switched it up and focused on all time under tension today. Try this on your next push day...
▶️Incline Hammer Strength Press-10 reps per set, each rep taking approx 3 seconds
▶️Resistance Band Fly- 10 reps per set, approx 3 seconds isometric hold each rep.
▶️5 sets- each set should be a minimum of 1 minute under tension. Use only 1 minute rest between sets. -

You asked for you it got it! A special foam roller class with Erin Bloodworth​. Come join us for a 45 min class on how to use this effective tool. BYOFR. Bring your own foam roller! :) WHEN: TUESDAY, FEB 28th, 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm. Cycle with Katelyn at 6:30. Foam Roam Roller Party at 7:30. Sounds like a plan to us! To sign up go to our link in the profile ☝🏻️. #stretching #healthyliving #risefitness #glenellyn


Everyday is another hustle that will propel you to the next level #committofit #fitnessjourney #fitnessmodel #fitnessguru #moefit #risefitness #dailylook

Meet our cyclist of the Month: Peggy Peterson. We are so thrilled she found our studio and gave it a try. We love having both her and her daughter Hannah part of our family. Read what she has to say about her experience thus far ~ My daughter Hannah has been a RISE rider for over a year. Last summer, she invited me to try a class and when we got home, I overheard her tell her brother: "Reid - Mom KILLED IT at cycle tonight! 👊🏻" That felt awesome and the idea was sparked: maybe I could do this. I needed to do something but was struggling to find the right fitness regime as I had developed very painful plantar fasciitis, making exercise seemingly impossible.

This winter I did the RISE Challenge and that's when I really fell in love with cycle. It's true what they say about it takes 3 weeks to form a habit. Inside of 3 weeks, eating more vegetables than I thought humanly possible became a habit. Green smoothies became more than a habit - they are my new breakfast way of life! 🥑🥒🍊And then there's cycle - WOW! 5:30am classes are an absolute BLESSING - fitting perfectly into my schedule. I love RISE rides 🚴🏻‍♀️ so much that I sometimes try to do 2 a day (before and after work). I love all the many instructors too! They are encouraging, motivating and so much fun. Why wouldn't I want to start my day with people like that?! I do about 5 classes a week - I'm addicted. And, that plantar fasciitis? It's Gone!! Rise cycle is definitely not just something I did along with the Challenge - it is truly a habit for me. #weloveourclients #clientfeedback #risebikeparty

🚨TOMORROW🚨⭐️M I A M I L A K E S ⭐️#EARTHDAY 🌎 It's always a pleasure to dance at the studio where it all started for me @risefitnessmiami former Golds Gym on APRIL 22 SEE YOU THERE!!! RISE members FREE non-members can purchase their $10 admission via PayPal/Venmo/cash app to my email.⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
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Come join the party tomorrow at either studio or both for that matter 🎉 • Lots of variety• Tons of energy and 💪🏻 • Something for everyBody #yourworkoutshouldbefun #riseglenellyn #downtownglenellyn

Bathroom decor at @riseglenellyn is 👌🏼 Update to my class schedule 💥 Beginning April 30th, I'll be teaching Sundays at 9:30am and Mondays at 6:30pm (in addition to Tuesdays at 9:15am and Thursdays at 6:30pm) 🚲💕💦 Working on some new playlists, any requests?! 🎶

We love this! Do what makes you happy. We hope RISE makes that list 😘 #riseandshine #riseglenellyn #downtownglenellyn

Late throwback to my last trip Ellenborough Falls. There's some really beautiful places around here, and they're great for a sneaky stair hike too 💪💦
#risefitness #ellenboroughfalls #falls #waterfall #stairs #legday #ouch #trainer #exercise #fitness #workout #training #cold #water #swim #run #climb #hike #trainer #healthyliving #strongertogether

If you're struggling to lose weight, try adding more of these to your diet to help shed those last few kg's 👍🍇🍌🥗🥚🥑
#risefitness #snapfitness #healthy #healthyeating #goodfood #weightloss #superfoods #fitness #exercise #workout #macros #protein #carbs #goodfats #clean #diet #paleo #trainer #strongertogether

We are thrilled to have Kate, as our newest RISE Cycle family member. Kate will be teaching on Tuesdays at 9:15 am, Thursday at 6:30 pm and starting May 1 on Mondays at 6:30 pm. Come join her tonight for a great RISE Ride. Read about Kate's inspiring fitness journey which started in the Fall of 2014. Weighing in at 265 pounds, Kate decided she was going to make some serious changes. After hiring herself a coach, moving back to the western suburbs, and changing careers, she began to chase her dream of becoming a figure competitor and competing in bodybuilding competitions.
14 months and 125 pounds later, Kate competed in her first competition. Her journey, lifestyle change, and newfound love for working out solidified making fitness a permanent part of her future.
While prepping for her second competition, Kate fell head over heels in love with indoor cycling at Rise. The natural next step in her journey was to take the plunge in becoming a cycle instructor. Whether you're a beginner or a long-time cycling enthusiast, you are guaranteed a great workout and an even better experience in one of Kate's classes.
When she's not rocking it out on a bike at Rise, you can find Kate working at lululemon Oakbrook Center, lifting some heavy weights, or snuggling with her two dogs, Carlos & Tucker. #riseinstructor #bikeparty #downtownglenellyn

A brief reminder of what your #CardioSection USED TO look like! God is good #RISEFitness #Family if we could accomplish this goal, you can surely #RedefineImpossible!!
#journey #story #BeRelentless

Feels good not needing to pose and all the hard work showing anyways! Its grind season ! #dailylook #risefitness #fitnessmotivation #fitness #moefit #fitnessguru #fitnessmodel #fitnessjourney #committofit

Ladies and Gents......Our 6 week "RISE into SUMMER" Challenge is now available to purchase online. Click on our profile link 👆🏻|| May 6th - June 17th || An Informational Meeting for those that have never participated will be Wednesday, April 26th at 7:45 pm ✔️ Our Kick Off Meeting for all participants will be Wednesday, May 3rd at 7:45 pm ✔️ Then the fun officially begins on Saturday, May 6th. 🎉 Get Summer Ready with us here at RISE! ☀️ #riseintosummer #riseglenellyn #reasonablyrawmama downtownglenellyn
NOTE: We will provide all instructions to get you started at the kick off meeting on May 3rd. In the meantime, if you would like us to hook you up with a partner send us an email to info@riseglenellyn.com by Tuesday May, 2nd.

In keeping with the RISE mission of total wellness, we're excited to offering an evening self defense workshop to our dedicated clients. Don't forget it's tomorrow night (Thursday) from 7:00-8:00 pm. || This is the perfect opportunity for both adults and teens -- both women and men alike -- to learn valuable skills to keep yourself and others safe. || The workshop will be instructed by Tim Rodine, a 5th degree Black Belt 🥋 in TaeKwondo and instructor for 15 years. We can't wait for this class. To sign up click here: https: clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=39412&stype=-7&sTG=24&sVT=20&sView=day&sLoc=0&date=04/20/17 Unfortunately, "the first free class" cannot be applied to this workshop. #selfdefense #safetyfirst #riseglenellyn

Pushup of the week:
Medicine Ball Diamond pushup
Using 3 medicine balls in a triangle position, place your toes on 2 of them and with your hands on the 3rd, perform a diamond pushup.
These are tougher than they look...Why? Stability stability stability!

#pushupoftheweek #pushup #calisthenics #instafit #fitness #ocrtraining #spartanrace #terrainrace #toughmudder #tucson #riseevents #risefitness

How close are you toward your goals #RISEFitness #family ? No matter where you're at it's part of your #journey and we are happy to be a part of your #story!!

Juliana needed a Rise Fitness shirt just because she's the managers baby💪🏻💙 #babygirl #risefitness #redefineimpossible #bluetee #fitness #fitnessmom #fitbabes #gymbabyrat

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