Сегодня среди белого дня застрелили @xttcion - этот человек не ваш наркоман Пип,жрущий ксонаксы,марихуаны и т.д, этот человек был очень талантливым и он был другим человеком, не принимающий наркотики, я думал и ждал что это фейковая новость, но оказ-ся это не фейк.Пусть земля будет тебе пухом😪🙏🏻 #ripxx #xxttrip #rip #shotgun

rest peacefully jahseh dwayne onfroy <<33
@xxxtentacion 🙏🏼

Not nathan related but #Ripxx 💔💔😢😭

Dang... #RIPXX #xxxtentacion my condolences 💔💯 @xxxtentacion the good die young 🙍🏽‍♂️

Here y’all go fucking salty ass people, salt for everyone LOL🤷🏼‍♂️ #ripxx #lettheunfollowingcontinue #fuckyall

R.i.p XX, he was a good artist and a good person who only wanted people to be happy and live his life until this tragic moment #ripxx

@xxxtentacion just recently I’ve been admiring the way XX does stuff around this world and look where he’s at now #RIPXX never will be forgotten!😭😭 @xxxtentacion

So much damn anxiety💔😭 #l4l#f4f#ripxx

xxx was always the one who spoke out towards everything. He was full of inspirational speeches. J/b he was in jail 2-3 times maybe even more doesn't mean he was a bad person. He was trying to make change to the community. Now this won't be the last rapper pronounced dead to a phsyco path shooting bc we live in a generation full of violence. We all need to figure out better ways to solve something. U can come after me if u want for saying this, idc anymore but xx inspired me. I've been broken recently and his speeches/new album helped me recover my depression & anxiety. I will stay strong. U will be missed💔 1998-2018❤❤ #ripxx

RIP to @xxxtentacion we will never forget the songs you did 6/18/18 you’re the best😭🤧 #ripxx #ripxxxtentacion💔😭😭😭😭😭💔💔 #ripxxxtentacion #x

"condition upgraded to 'not dead'."

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