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Happy birthday to one of the most confident woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You have this way of pulling the confidence out of me. From doing the wobble on stage at the Vu a million times. To having Harry Mahoney making it rain on us. Not too many people can say that. But we can! I've had so many adventures with you since our friendship began. I really can't wait to see which ones come next. Thank you for welcoming me into your life as one of your best friends. You're truly a person I want to see until we're both grey and old! I love you Ruby Boobie, keep being that fierce spirit, we're all watching to see how far you make it. I'll forever be one of your number one fans! Happy 25th birthday "mah biiiiiiiittttch"! #wobblers #vulove #RIPRichard ❤️😘🍻

#BSG Reunion like What!!! Yeah. It was that beautiful. #RIPRichard

Lord knows we been thru this to many times 🙏 they killed li bj its time to make a change👀 #longliveb5 #riprichard #ripjojo

God blessed me with two snr brothers but took take one away along the way😕.i've missed him so much tho.
Today, I celebrate my one very important being in life; he's been all kinds of a brother; a friend, senior; hero; mentor and a father; of course not a mother(becoz he doesn't know how to pamper😃). He has been an integral part of my journey from inception till date, of which I'm going to be forever grateful for. Of all the little things that I might get angry at him for, none of them is even a fraction of a thousand close to all the good ones he's done for me, the main reason God is going to bless his household all day,month and year long. I want to use this birth anniversary to remind him of how much he mean to me and how grateful I am for having him around.Bro, you are not just my life’s support, but also my life’s pride. If you hadn’t been there for me all these years, I would have crumbled from inside. You're the best present mom and dad gave me. Unseasonal blessings is what I pray for you eryday. Happy birthday bro! and once again I'm forever grateful for all the care, protection and love. Pls Enjoy.
#brotherlylove ❤️❤️❤️
#hbdMartin #ripRichard

We ain't talk everyday but it don't matter you still was the homie we grew up together 😩 same football team and all as jits I'm sorry cuh it had to be you man 💔🤦🏾‍♂️the city getting wild asf I hope God waking some of y'all up he definitely woke me up double times man RestEasy cuh 💔😞😢 #riprichard 🙏🏾

Man My Boy gone to soon😢😢😢 #RIPRICHARD!!!

Great day out with the OI scouts! This is where it all began, as youngsters shedding the spot till old ass men getting down #RIPRichard #richforever #pizzahutgapcrew #chulavista Vatos Only:.

got the amazing birthday present of getting rid of my ileostomy for good!! which means i'm officially cured of UC!after spending a year feeling so miserable and putting my life on hold to take care of myself, i'm finally back on track to where i need to be. the last year was definitely not easy and pushed me passed my limits but it definitely changed me for the better.
#riprichard #nocolonstillrollin #gutitout #lifetakesguts #ibdawareness


Brotherly, it still feels like a dream to me. Safe journey to the great beyond bro. #RIPrichard #sleepon #tillwemeetagain #sadlife #weliveon #thedreamcontinues

Friday night Richard joined his best friend and puppy love "C" up in heaven. Growing up the Williams family was like a second family to my whole family and myself. We pretty much are family! From all the fishing trips to Freeport and parties at the Blue Baker House to taking each other in when either of our families needed a place to stay. I want to thank Richard for Everything he has done for all of us. Just thinking of what to say, there are no words that can make this easier for Cheryl, Rick, Spencer, Nikki, Josh, Cody or Ezra and extended family Loninet, Brenda and everyone who had the pleasure of knowing Richard. I would just like you all to know that we are here for y'all for anything that you all need like always. We love you all. I'm sending my love and prayers to Cheryl, his wife who lost her soul mate too soon and Richard's kids who lost a loving father and friend. Ironically enough we were in Galveston when we heard the news and I'm sure Richard was probably upset he was not sitting next to my dad casting his reel. Now he will be fishing everyday and watching over his family like he always has. We love you Richard. Rest easy. #riprichard

Showing @richthenegative the room for his first time. Thank you senpai @israelsungrass

MISSING:My fucking duck 🐤 #riprichard #waaahh

Sometimes you literally just have to stop and appreciate the beauty around you. My view driving back home from my morning workout and quick impromptu Faith Rx'd Barbados prayer session. So grateful to be able to enjoy all that life has to offer. #riprichard #faith #wod #prayer #gratitude #workingoutisfunwithfriends #neverputoffyourdreams #bethatinspiration #faithrxd #faithrxdbarbados

Today we say goodbye to Bubb 😪 It was pleasure knowing you even tho it was just for a short time. You now have front row seats to see what this #CrazyRedHead is up to 😉 #RIPRichard #YouAreDeeplyLovedByYourGirls @kriiismora @madddiie.m

My neighbor killed himself. So sad. I'm so sad. #riprichard

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