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#tb When Oliver was around, EVERYONE got along, there was peace and harmony in our household. #ripoliver #illalwaysloveyou #missyoulikecrazy 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️

**Not about Appie**
Welcome home Oliver and Jac😔❤ @jac.holmes
#ripjac #oliverhall #ripoliver #jacholmes #syria #martyr #raqqa #/223 #YPG #ypj #şehîdnamirin

Little update on my crappy life as I’ve been a bit MIA lately. I’m Feeling so disgusting, unwell and in pain at the moment. Yesterday I accidentally drank expired soy milk and also unintentionally ate something that wasn’t vegan. This has left me with awful stomach cramps, no sleep and just feeling sick in general. To top that off I have I have been so off my game lately it’s ridiculous. I’ve been managing to do one workout a week if that and I’ve just been feeling super run down. I’ve also constantly been having other stomach issues such as excessive bloating, cramps, along with sharp chest pain and I can’t figure out what has been causing this. Finally, the hardest of them all is that my little Oliver passed away in my arms over the weekend and it has left me feeling so empty and broken and I just want to go back in time so I can hold him one last time. So with all this happening and with me constantly feeling shitty and unwell lately, I’m just hoping everything starts getting better soon, I need it to. #ripoliver #rat #vegan #fitness #unwell #rundown #stomachpain #sendhelp #exercise #sad #life #update #beenabitmiarecently #health #bloating #foodpoisoning #sucks #justmyluck #oliver #ratsofinstagram #rip #lovesndmissyou #thend

Duke is our only "old guy" now and he fusses and fusses to snuggle! Who can blame him? My phone says it's -1 outside? ❄️🌬️.

Brought in the new year with some of the best people, and lost one of the best dogs ❤️ #ripOliver #alldogsgotoheaven

Sure miss this lil fella #RIPoliver

The action was intense between #IcemanKingParsons and #RipOliver ON THIS DAY in 1984! #WWENetwork #WCCW

12/21/85 - Here is the infamous "Santa" Rip Oliver angle, who delivered a brutal attack to an unsuspecting Billy Jack. What made it all the more surprising was that Santa had been handing out candy canes to the kids all night leading up to the beat down, and also that Rip Oliver hadn't been in Portland for awhile. The actual attack wasn't televised so as not to upset parents and children at home, but a few years ago I turned up some photos of the attack as it unfolded. Enjoy my iPhone video editing. #portlandwrestling #billyjackhaynes #ripoliver #wrestlemaniaiii #doncoss

Finally got the hang of my new job. Now it’s over! 😂 #ripoliver #spotlightyouwillbemissed

I started putting away Ollie’s things... and just realized how much I spoiled him. I just bought the hoodie in the middle for him, he only got to wear it once. Thank you @frenchie_bulldog for your amazing hoodies and accessories for my baby. Also thanks to @wagtag_official for the best and most beautiful dog tags ever. I will cherish them forever 🐾
#RIPOliver #FrenchieBulldog #Frenchie #Bulldog #Leash #Harness #Collar #DogHoodie #Oliver

Taxi driver, be my shrink for the hour #ripoliver 📸: @jillianstichler

Early this morning and pretty much all day yesterday was probably one of the worst times of my life. Oliver was euthanized around 4am this morning. He had gotten increasingly worse as the day went on- but trying to find out what was wrong was going to cost more than just money. It would change his way of life completely and we don’t even know if all the money in the world would have saved him. He had about 4 seizures with time getting shorter between each one and the last one happened in my arms before we took him in and didn’t stop until he finally had his last breath.
We don’t know what happened as he was fine yesterday, all we know is something happened to his brain and he was taken way too soon from me. Thank you for being the best puppy as I will always remember you this way. Goodbye my pumpkin, I’ll see you again someday. 🥀

At 4:30 pm this afternoon, our guinea pig Oliver passed away (it happened so suddenly). We are all very sad here and we are crying. RIP OLIVER. You will be truly missed. #RIPOLIVER #youwillbemissed #Jonathanwillalwaysloveyou #iamgoingtomissyoueveryday #112517

REQUESTED BY @calebwasahero .
Oliver Clifford Gardiner, 13, passed away peacefully on November 19, 2017 after a long battle with a brain tumour.
Oliver was diagnosed with a brain tumour on May 19, 2015 at 10 years old ( 11 days before his 11th birthday).
He underwent an 8 hour operation where only about half of the tumour could be removed. He then lost the ability to walk, talk, eat, and use his right hand. He underwent a further 2 brain surgeries, 34 radiotherapy sessions, 10 cycles of chemo, after all this he still had a smile. Oliver's cancer relapsed and it is 'incurable'. He was sent home on hospice care where he later passed away beside his friends and family.
He will be missed by those who loved him, cancer took his life way too soon no kid should ever have to go through this horror they deserve #morethan4 .
Rest in peace Oliver ❤️#heavensnewangel #sosad #ripoliver #cancersucks #fucancer #findacure #braincancer #heartbreaking #tragic #forever12 .
Facebook : Ollie Gardiner's Brain Tumour fighting page

Solo el que tiene un animal, especialmente un perro, solo el que en verdad me conoce, sabe lo que me gustan los perros y en especial como quiero los míos, #oliver no está ya, pero me queda un bonito recuerdo y la hermosa experiencia de recibir un amor bonito de un ser que te lo da todo a cambio de nada y a pesar de ser tan chiquito, lo quisimos como si ya hubiese tenido años en la familia, te extrañaré y te extrañaremos todos aquí en casa #oliver 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭 #RIPoliver #abulldoginthehause

Been thinking a lot about this guy today. I mean, I think about him every single day, but today he is strong on our minds. We talked about him a lot today. And about how the dynamic in the house has changed. Things are just so different without him. I think we both still struggle with the decision but we know it was for the best. Doesn’t make it hurt any less, but there is a slight comfort in knowing we did the right thing. I’m so grateful for all the pictures and videos I took - they make me cry, but they are such happy memories. We miss you bubba. #imissmycat #ripoliver #bestcatfriend #bubbalou

My baby boy left us last night due to cancer. His quality of life started deteriorating 3weeks ago. We learned of his cancer back in June, at his healthiest he was 30 pounds and died at 13 pounds, with mostly bones. So hard and heartbroken and hard not to cry 😢. Oliver we miss and love you 😍 #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #cavsofinstagram #cavking #cavs #cancersucks #ripoliver

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