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Throwback Thursday #RIPOliver ❤️🌈🐾

Making a Murderer season 2 feat. Penny Grimes #ripOliver #thisbitchdidit #videoevidence #serial #freeboosie @cgrimes2

Mama showing Oliver the world. #goodboy🐶 #ripmama #ripOliver #bestdogever

As basic as you get #ripoliver #woodenspoon

So today I was told my car couldn't be fixed. Basically my car is totaled.... I know everyone will be like "at least you're alive and not extremely injured." I guess I understand but not really. When someone works so hard for something they really wish for and have no help doing so it's not easy to say "it's just a car" this car was my dream car. It was fun and big and fucking expensive. I broke my back to get what I wanted. Paid every bit of it on my own. It breaks my heart that I won't drive it anymore. All bc someone so stupid like this lady had to take that red light. As soon as she hit me I just knew all that hard work was gone and meant nothing. Yes I have a lawyer and yes I'll definitely be at court soon to prove my innocence as the lady tried to blame me for taking the red light while a cop was right next to me and saw her take the red light. Yes it's a car and yes I might be dramatic but I also know how much work and effort it takes into getting a car. Not everyone gets their dream car at first,so for me to have gone through all that for my car to be gone in less than a year of owning it is bs. My heart is honestly broken and I hope and pray that soon enough I'll be able to provide myself a new car 💔 #ripoliver #jeepgang #justiceforoliver

Last night we rode in honor of #MrAlleged ... It made me tear up when I turned around from the bike and saw a sea of bikes behind us. All I kept thinking was how much you would have loved it. Rest in Peace Oliver @_there_he_go_ #RIP #RIPOliver #TeamAlleged

This trip has been a lot of fun but I have to say....I miss my animals so much. Like I miss waking up to having my cat sleeping on my pillow... my three wild dogs taring through my house and running and barking in the backyard like mad men. But most important I miss the old man Oliver who we lost right before I left. I miss having to pick up after one of his messes, sitting with him on his bed, him waking up from a nap and realizing ur home even if u been home for an hour. I miss him so much. #RIPOLIVER but I also miss my chickens and hearing them all the way in front of the house when ur walking down the driveway to get the mall. But I'll be home in three days and I can't wait to be back in my little town.

Back the Blue! #ripoliver #backtheblue


Making a Murderer season 2 feat. Penny Grimes #ripOliver #thisbitchdidit #videoevidence #serial #freeboosie @cgrimes2

As basic as you get #ripoliver #woodenspoon

Made this for my baby boy today! #ripoliver #mybabyboy #alwaysinmyheart

Walking, living, breathing wrestling encyclopedia man @mattfarmer93 getting a little love and taking Mr. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on a trip through memory lane via the Twitter universe. If you didn't already know, his father Rocky Johnson wrestled Portland and the Northwest for a healthy chunk of time in the early 80's, even obtaining the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight title. #portlandwrestling #rockyjohnson #therock #dwaynejohnson #wwf #wwfhof #frankbonnema #playboybuddyrose #buddyrose #ripoliver #brettsawyer #dizzyhogan #brutusthebarberbeefcake #mattborne #doinktheclown @therock @brutus_beefcake

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