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So insanely hyped on this one. rip to a legend — Sims “Noah’s Eagle” Noah Salasnek 154cm — 1996 — topsheet is sun beat, and scratched. Base is good some minor scratches, edges are good — #simssnowboards #thriftboards #ripnoahsalasnek

So Long Ago.. 😳 thanks for the great memories @richtheroadie circa early 90’s #snowandskate #ripnoahsalasnek

Noah salasnek snapback

Crazy sick Noah Salasnek SnapBack. #ripnoahsalasnek

ORIGINAL BLEND FOR HARDCORE RIDERS #marylame #lame #originalblendforhardcoreriders #ripnoahsalasnek #🏂

I was able to find one more skateboard/snowboard for the collection. #yessnowboards #simssnowboards #kempersnowboards #ripnoahsalasnek #andyhetzel

Cheers to snowboarding in June! Rad day at @borealmtn sending tweaked grabs for Noah. #borealmagic #truckeelove #ripnoahsalasnek #coachtourDeadtonight #damnrightilikethelifeilive



Mike was one of the colorful characters of early snowboard scene with punky but very artistic style of his own. He has been based on Maui for a while and it's always great to bump into him and talk about old days. ( boy I must be getting old) this time was at #RambleintheJungle skate contest organized by my friend @islandlifeskateboardsmaui at private property in Haiku right next to where I live .
It happened to be the day of #noahsalasnek wake in California. He said he was bummed he couldn't make it but he skated for him. Noah and Mike both brought huge skate influence in snowboarding. Im very surprised but sure stoked to find that he is kiting now. I thought he never wanted to do any 'gay' stuff. I guess kiting is getting a better status these days!? Great to see you still ripping and not changing your style,Mike! #ripnoahsalasnek ripnoahsalasnek

7000' and rising. Deep thoughts.
You'd never know it was 4/20 eve. Off the grid, piste and richter. Still buzzed. 📷@greenjak #ripnoahsalasnek

Mack Dawg explaining the significance of Noah's skateboarding and how hurting snowboarding was prior to him. Noah would become one of the true pioneers of snowboarding. Putting it on the right track towards style, tricks and progression. As a kid Noah would define most of my personal goals skating and riding .. I feel like I'm still chasing his abilities on big mountain, skating and especially buttering so many years after he ruled it on all terrains. #ripnoahsalasnek #legend if you haven't watched Powder and Rails on Noah .. Google it #rip 🙏🏻

RIP Noah Salasnek🏂
This guy brought SK8 style to snowboarding back in the late 80's and early 90's and was a big influence on my friends and I. #ripnoahsalasnek

#Repost @transworldskate ・・・
R.IP Noah Salasnek (1970 - 2017) who we were saddened to learn lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Noah was a Skate/Snow crossover pioneer, 1989 NSA Amateur Street Champion, H-Street and Life Skateboards legend. Thoughts and prayers to his many friends and family. Ride on in the sky brother. Pictured here: @billabong ad (📸 Sullivan), April 1992, Vol. 10, No. 4. #ripnoahsalasnek @hstreetskateboards #japantofakieforever

RIP Noah - I have some good memories hanging with you and AV back in Tahoe. You were so classic and had epic style. Then you did the superspines -and so much more. Glad your at peace now after battling cancer and addiction. #ripnoahsalasnek #snowboarding thanks for all you did Dave Hatchett and others

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