Throwback to my shitty bangs
It was The worst decision in my life

So excited to have had my tracks “Living A Dream” and “Mad Prophet” played in Manchester on @mcrlive today. Shoutout to @joe_le_bricks for setting this up and still wanting to do this interview despite all the technical mishaps. 🙃 You’re the best✨ It makes me so happy to know that my music is already reaching people on different continents. ✈️

Selfies are so 2000 & Late yet here I am 🤷🏼‍♀️ #peeplanadelrey #ripmybangs

@stephen4623 remember when we were all like #ripharambe with this #lewk at Vivant before we went to see that band-we-really-like-but-will-never-admit-to it-open for Hockey Dad? We also sat on that stoop on Linden watching cars almost crash into each other and the train on Comm Ave. Let’s make fun of people in public together soon! #tbt #summer2016 #ripmybangs

Throw back to when the leaves were pretty and the sun didn’t set at 5pm 🙄 #ripmybangs

In honor of ❤️6 years❤️ with @waytoocrowded, here's our first ever photo together, taken mid-stride with Paul's iPhone 3GS. We had found the carnation stuffed in the zipper of his hoodie, we'd probably eaten pho for dinner, and we were likely en route to either Katie O'Brien's, Club 21, or the Sandy Hut. #ripmybangs #6years

🥂 to the season of graduation
#ripmybangs #chitralada43

hey @johnmayer, after attending 3 of your shows together over 10 years, we just found out that it's true: there's no such thing as the real world - just a lie we've got to rise above ✨ JM shows (with rotating blondes) through the years: 2007 → 2010 → 2017. a little bummed I looked better at 18, but I'll get over it. #ripmybangs #quarterlifecrisis #dayones #mygirls #wcw

まだ前髪が無事だった頃 #ripmybangs #光飛びすぎ

And the good sport award goes to matt for walking around candy cane lane in pouring rain with me to look at Christmas lights 😊☔🎄💚 #ripmybangs

Still rocking this pose when someone tells me to look "Sassy" 💃🏻❤️ #tbt #dancestar #needtofindthathearthat #ripmybangs

#ripmybangs 😁 this was taken a lil' more than a year ago. I'm doing literally one of my favorite things I ever like to do!! road tripping with this dingdong! 🚗 We've trekked together in my versie for so long to so many places! (Vb, Rva, DC, Wva and NYC👫) I hope after some car maintenance 🙈 and warmer weather we'll see friends in new cities!! (PHILLY?!) ✨🔜✨ 🙌🏾thank u for u @nothingmatters_ny 🌹

Seven(ish) years ago, celebrating Amy's 21st birthday. Coordinating outfits is still a habit. #RIPmybangs #TBT

Because I liked the way my hair looked before I had to tie it up for work 😩 #ripmybangs

Some people are born royal, others refuse to stop dressing up when they are told that being a princess just isn't in the cards. Love you my fluffy, fabulous birthday princess!!! 😘 Here's to another 15 years of refusing to grow up together😉 #transformationtuesday #RIPmybangs&;yourfro #rememberwhenyouweretallerthanme #hahahameneither

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