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Great night with great ppl 😊😊😊 #RIPMOMMY

Miss my momma! 😔👼🏽 #RIPMOMMY 73-13

I got ummi round my neck everyday to remind me of how hard I gotta grind so I won't let her down #ripmommy #whoidoitfor 🤘🏽

Circa 2016... Thank you @glamsquadkrl for recreating this memory with me [see previous post]. I couldn't think of a better way to honor my Mom's legacy than to live life the way she enjoyed it and Paris was her absolute FAVORITE place. #BFFTrip #ParisAdventures #RIPMommy #ForeverMissed #YouAreLoved

I Can safely say that yesterday was the saddest day of my life...to know that I'd never see my mother again...but good people make bad things better...thanks to everyone who came out to support 🙏

My Guardian Angel , My Mommy , I Pray Your Smiling Down Proud Of Me Watching Me From Heaven , With Every Obstacle I Overcome , I Face Every Fear Head First Knowing You Wouldn't Guide Me In The Wrong Direction , Just Hate That The Whole I Live With In My Heart Never Knowing The Feeling Of Not Having A Mother , But I Know You Left Me With Daddy In The Best Hands Ever & I Hold Dearest To Me The Memories I'll Always Cherish Because You Was And Always Will Be The Best Mother Ever , Miss You Mom , Sleep In Peace My Queen #RipMommy 👸🏻

It's been a while since I saw you face to face.. We both know why that is.. 😢😢😔😔 I wear your clothes bcuzz I've always wanted them and you always tell mi fi leave you things alone 😂😂😁😁 but I wear them now bcuzz I can remember what you looked like in them and look in the mirror and I'd be looking right at you ❤❤❤💋💋 I love you so much and I want you to always know that... #RIPMommy

My heart still aches everyday, another year without you. #RipMommy


#THATPART Told y'all I'm just trying to be hood motivation.. Y'all don't hear me.. #StopBeingNegative #MorePositive #ImJustHoodMotivation #RIPMOMMY

I can't stop thinking about you mommy I miss you so much I can't believe 3/11/17 will make 5 years that you been gone. Just feel like we lost you yesterday. I love you so much. #ripmommy #myangel

Help me turn Losing Your Parents into a non profit! Donate link in bio.
Dear friends and followers,

I started my blog, LosingYourParents.org, in April 2011, the week of Mother’s Day, as an outlet for my challenges around facing Mother’s Day without my mom. I had also faced many Father’s Days without my father. I found that writing about life experiences in hopes of finding others like myself would help me to move forward in my life, and it did just that.

I found so many of you across the globe (or vice versa; you found me!), and it has healed me beyond words. I started the podcast in hopes of reaching more of you… so many people wrote me and told me how depressed they were and said how much they didn’t think they could live without their mom or dad. I wanted to be able to prove that there is life after death and that there is joy awaiting you around the corner… if you could find ways to work through your emotions.

Today I have decided that I would like to turn Losing Your Parents into a non profit so I can help even more people across the world. I need your help in order to do that.

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Please donate if you have even $1 to spare. Help me get this non profit set up and help me to keep this podcast and blog online and available for the world. I am open to your ideas and the needs of the grieving community.

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Nothing in life could've prepared me for losing you. Each day I wonder why you have to be gone!! I miss you so much 😢😢😢😢😢 #ripmomma #missingmymommy #myangel #heavengainedanangel #untilwemeetagain #seeyoulater #myangelforever #missingmymom #ripmommy #myangel #foreverandalways