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Wce💕 just got off ft with you ! Still can't believe them bullets hit you 😩 can't wait till you come home everyone miss you at the house 💕. #ripmeatball #getwellsoon

Until we meet again? I wish that time was now.. Seen your face for the last time today and couldn't help but smile 🤗 it was nothing but God's strength of course.. what am I gonna do without you? I'm not right and things ain't the same.. I am happy that you shared your last few moments with me.. I miss you down here, “you miss me yet?” My right-hand-man in such a short period of time.. The sweetest guy I've ever known.. Took a lost, but gained you in a new way.. my angel.. please watch over me, hear me as I speak to you and wipe my tears as they shed. And in due time, send me someone as special as you to rescue me again.. with love, "Poo" ❤️ #LongLiveMeatball #RipMeatball


HOTBOYZ 🔥#riprell #ripmeatball 👼🏾👼🏾

Just some yung niggaz getting money high like zombies 🔥🚶🏽#hotboyz #ripmeatball #ripdbr #ripmont fatz tone 💯®

Pray for my city 🙏🏽🙏🏽 R.I.P @hotboy_meatball @hotboy_meatball I know you & @spdirtbikerell @spdirtbikerell gonna be up there driving them crazy "rest easy cannon" 🕯🕯#ripdirtbikerell #ripmeatball #hotboyz #prayforphilly

Smh damn lil homie can't believe what I'm seeing and hearing another falling soldier from the nine we gonna miss u @hotboy_meatball #ripmeatball #49st this shit is crazy I'll keep your family in my duas

Wasn't suppose to get This news tonight. Suppose to been out here wit me this weekend. #ripmeatball


It's nothing like a Mother's love for her son.. her strength, I admire. Long as I'm around she'll always be good ❤️ We miss you soo much babe.. I'm still breaking over this 😔💔 #RipMeatball #LongLiveMeatball @saleemah_that_bee_me @hotboy_meatball

♻️ we were around yesterday ♻️ #bikelife #ripjeff #ripgianni #riprell #ripmeatball #215

although my time here was short, it felt long. will miss the solitude of lunchin' alone :~)) will miss smelling of grease and roti canai. worked at 2 restaurants simultaneously and it sure was hectic. But i loved it. Also #ripmeatball&;co 😩💓& selamat berpuasa 🌞✨

It's been one month since you been gone and it still don't seem real 🙇🏾#ripmeatball

#TBT when life was all good #RIPRell #RIPMeatBall

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