I miss sleeping on her😭

Lucy has seen better days #RIPlucy #remapalooza

Long week missing our girl💗#riplucy #ilovemylucy#bestdogever#foxy

Actress and comedienne Lucille Ball was born on this day in 1911. A native of Jamestown, New York, Ball's career on screen began as a contract player for RKO Radio Pictures where she appeared in various small film roles throughout the 1930s and 40s. Her greatest success came on the small screen, in her role as the titular character of her hit show, "I Love Lucy”. The brainchild of her and husband Desi Arnaz, the show was produced through their production company, Desilu Productions, which would also go on to produce popular franchises in Mission: Impossible (1966) and Star Trek (1966). Pictured above is Ball and her co-star Vivian Vance as their characters Lucy and Ethel in the popular ‘I Love Lucy’ episode, “Job Switching”.

Left some flowers for Lucy's birthday!! Got to sit and talk and realize this is the closest I will ever get to her! I hope she knows just how much she means to me!! #happybirthdaylucy #besthoneymoonever #lovelucy #riplucy

Angels, one of our Halo Babies recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please find a few words of comfort for her heartbroken Mom to lift her up. Most of us know this pain only too well.
Rest In Eternal Bliss Darling Lucy.🕯️ Lucy passed in May so we are learning to live with out her. She lived 18 happy years. Lucy enjoyed hiking and running at Monterey Bay, Half Moon Bay, and San Diego. She was full of life and was the sweetest soul. We are very fortunate to have had Lucy in our lives. Blessed. Thank you so much for sending us the Muffin’s Halo. The Halo helped her with her walking and protected her head. It was a bit challenging for her at the beginning and then she adjusted well. Best, Araceli Castillo-Tom

Back Story:
Lucy is an 18 y.o. Maltese/MIx we adopted In 2002 from the SPCA off of highway 68 in Monterey County. I adopted her while I was attending school and needed a companion. Lucy is such a sweetheart and has been an amazing & unconditional friend. She enjoys walks, massages, and hiking. Since her blindness it has limited her movement a lot. She needs to be constantly supervised since she hits her head and nose when she walks around the house. She is still active, but has limited movement due to her blindness. ~ Aracelli Castillo, Israel

#RIP #RIPHaloBaby

//Yesterday we had to put Lucy down the man that brought her back said she had been hit by a car, she was in pretty bad shape and my heart hurts so much. Anyone that’s met Lucy even for a minute has fallen in love with her she was sweet and kind and weird she was more a cat than a dog and acted more human than anything. I’m gonna miss your dog smiles, and your excited dance when we would take you to the mountains. Thanks for being Effy’s first best friend for cheering me up anytime I was upset and never leaving my side but mostly thanks for taking care of Mom my heart hurts but mostly for my Mom it’s so quiet and weird without Lucy around. From the moment you came home on my 21st birthday and you were a bundle of scared on the couch until you let me pet you and you climbed into bed with me you never left my side especially when things were hard so I didn’t leave yours and I held onto you as we said goodbye for the last time you were such a good girl kiddo you didn’t deserve this. Please watch where you drive, how you drive, if an animal is in the road Lucy didn’t deserve this my mom didn’t deserve this no one does. I’m gonna miss you so much kiddo// #riplucy #imgonnamissyousomuch #everythingsucks

Happy birthday to the person I’ve looked up to for the past 27 years, my best friend, and my sister. ❤️❤️🎈 #riplucy

As I’m sure most of you are aware...sadly Lucy McHugh from Redbridge school sadly lost her life last week. Whilst police are working hard daily around my home, a kind member of the Millbrook Sure Start Team dropped these lovely donations off... I will ensure all of these will be there at Lucy’s school for when her friends return in September which will be the start of a tough year for them 😢❤️📦❤️ #hugthemhard #riplucy #sustainable #endperiodpoverty #Periodpoverty #rbp #freeperiods #theredboxproject #southampton #periodpotential #periodpovertyuk #redboxprojectsouthamptontest #donation #donationsneeded #community #communitykindness #randomactsofkindness

Where my passion for teggy’s started 😭😭😭 #riplucy #teggygang

Said goodbye to my little pig today #riplucy #princessp 😞💕🐷

@jisilbagatur @ozlembarsbayibidan @crowded_family @dilarakutlu @gulumserbalkir @glbyklc @bediigul Iyi ki varsiniz. Ne kadar tesekkur etsem azdir. Bu arada oglusumu son 1 ayda taniyan ve durumuna ragmen gece gunduz yasam kalitesini yukseltmek icin calisan #animallia ya binlerce tesekkur. Keske daha once tanisaymisim. @yaseminulkurt #RIPLucy

Another person hits #Doc I'm going to beat the shit out of them!!! Poor Doc is always getting beat up.
#teamdoc #znation #season4 #sointune #teamaddy #10k #Warren #riplucy #Murphy

#RIPLUCY we had some great times but everything has an expiration date.

Still miss my babies, one is in heaven and the other with a lovely owner! 🦁🐱 #RIPLucy #LoveUTiggerBooBoo

The gang. Mine’s the mean muggin mutt in the middle. #peluche #throwback #riplucy #missmycat #yorkiepoo #blackcats #cockapoo #meanmuggin #gang #bestfriends

Evo will always be love 💕 #riplucy

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