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Ten years ago today I got a call from my brother telling me that our mom has passed away. I remember exactly where I was and how I felt. It was true heartbreak. I remember going to his house to see her before she was taken by the coroner. I knew I had to see her body otherwise I might not believe that she was gone. The rest of the day was a blur. I just have pictures and images of that day and of her funeral in my mind. The last ten years has been a struggle. It's not the same. We make excuses and say " our loved ones are here In spirit ". While I believe that to be true it's not the same. I can't call her on the phone and ask for advice, tell her how my day was , or tell her I met the love of my life. She won't be at my wedding or meet my children and that is truly sad and heartbreaking. That is something I will never get to experience. I spent a year working in addictions to better understand her, her decisions and her life. My mom was a wonderful soul who had lost her way. She had a troubled childhood and stopped coping. I feel bad that her life was short and all her dreams didn't come true. My mom was kind and always helping others. She was self-less and funny. I'm sad we only had 18 short years together. Instead her memory and spirit has to live on in my heart. I'm like her in a lot of ways and I'm glad I can live my life for her everyday because she wasn't able to. I still can't believe it has been ten years. #RipLori #ripmom #imissyou #myangel

Bonito gesto! Adeus, Lori.
#RIPLori #TWDemMemoria

I miss Lori so much! I know many didn't like her. But, I never understood why. She thought her husband was dead. People grieve in different ways. I wish she grieved in another way... but, I don't hate her for it. She wasn't a bad mother either. She loved her son and she died for her daughter. Lori was a strong character. She wasn't one of the physically strongest. But, she was strong. Lori loved Rick. I would've loved to see her and Rick fix everything and see Lori hold baby Judith. She would've been so proud of Carl. He stepped up so much and has grown so much since she passed. Lori would be a proud mother. #RIPLori I miss her more and more everyday. Sarah Wayne Callies played her perfectly. @sarahwaynecallies I miss you so much on #TheWalkingDead but I've loved the projects you've done after. 💪🏻 #SarahWayneCallies

I still can't believe that this happened, but at least now I know she's in a better place now. You were one of the best teachers I have ever had and you taught me so much including to NEVER GIVE UP, EVEN WHEN TIMES ARE TOUGH. Your lessons will always be with me until the day I can see you again. I love you so much Lori and rest in piece 💕❤️👼🏼 #BestTeacher #LoveYou #MissYou #RIPLori

Prefere o Negan


A good view is always worth risk of death!!!!! 2/3 of the Bradishes survived so I'd say we fared pretty well!! #riplori


Omg Shiva last night😭😘😭
Sorry I havent posted in forever. Lost followers so I guess I deserve that. #itsgoodtobebback
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Don't really ship it but this was a little funny
#twd #rickgrimes #daryldixon #judithgrimes #thewalkingdead #funny #riplori #meme

"There was a moment the other day. It was just a second but I forgot Jacqui was dead. I turned around I wanted to tell her something. I almost said her name it was just a second and then I remembered. But then I realized she didn't have to see any of it. The highway, The herds, Sophia, Carl getting shot she didn't.....She doesn't have to be afraid anymore . Hungry, Angry. It hasn't stopped happening Rick. It's like we live with a knife at our throats every second of everyday. But Jacqui doesn't, Not anymore and then I thought "Maybe Jenner was right". Tell me why it would be better the other way? Please."- Lori Grimes
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This beautiful lady is one of the reasons I wear pink today! #strength #courage #love #cancersucks👎 #warriors #ripLORI

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