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Vorrei scrivere un papiro ma non ho tempo...
Che schifo la scuola :(
Cioè non è che non mi piaccia, solo che vorrei scrivere ma non posso perché devo studiare ugh.
Comunque sto leggendo un sacco di fanfiction ultimamente su wattpad e mi sono proud di me stesso ahahah.
Ah già, in più ho scoperto che forse ahahahah va scritto hahahaha e la mia vita non è più la stessa...
Comunque se vi interessa seguirmi su wattpad (e fondamentalmente su qualsiasi altro social lol) il mio user è 'cicelore'.
E boh niente ora devo scappare per andare a piangere osservando le pagine di fisica.
#qotd: Ahahah o hahahah?
#aotd: Ho sempre usato ahahah e la mia vita cambierebbe per sempre se scoprissi che la versione giusta è hahahah, capitemi...

Rip Lorenzo, the most consistent bar regular I know I mean this guy never missed a day like frfr. I remember having many intellectual conversations about politics, women, sports, etc. and he used to say the most off the wall type shit however a very smart man Lol. The most important thing I picked up from this ol fella was to always read in between the lines and to never just go with the flow because everybody else is doing so. And for that I will forever respect and love you like my only foreign papa 👴 #riplorenzo 🇻🇪

Feel like my pops is really the 🐐 of his generation 🤷🏿‍♂️! Barber/Hooper/Dealer my nigga really danced wit the devil in the 90s. ❤️ pops Sweetah #RipLorenzo

Questo sono io con i miei amiki al raduno di gionni sins (pelato di brazerz) sei un mito,in questa foto c’è anche Tommaso che è morto poco dopo #pelatodibrazzers #top #riplorenzo #ripberlino

What a great day with @mr_nava713 who showed us Luvv at his family’s gathering who just lost a loved one. #riplorenzo #disciplethestreets

Missing the season so bad it need to hurry up 💯#grindingseason #riplorenzo #statechampions $nationalchampions

Throwback Thursday #RIPLorenzo

Because your smile is like my brothers,you’re handsome like my brother. Love your mother just like my brother.💕 @_marcuhs_ #riplorenzo

He will never have to go through hard times like a death alone as long as I'm in his life.. #Funeral #RipLorenzo #selfie #relationshipgoals #riders #a1sinceday1 #mylove

My heart is going crazy I'm losing my mind #riplorenzo #lorenzosworld

Not the best way to come together and spend some time with everyone #riplorenzo

Candlelight Thursday, October 12, 2017 from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Eastside church of Christ. 257 S. Claremont Ave., San Jose, CA 95127

My brother... My heart is heavy and I still can’t believe what happened. I love you so much. You didn’t deserve what happened to you... you barely turned 19. I wish I could’ve said goodbye to you and let you know I love you one last time. I will see you again in heaven, I promise. #riplorenzo #justiceforlorenzo #mylittlebrother #foreverinmyheart

Happy birthday my dearest Wenzo! You would of been 27 today..😕 Gosh I miss you so much, you don't even know. I miss getting little random check up messages from you...I miss everything. I wish you were here..sigh😭 I love you bestfriend..forever💙👼🏻🙏🏻always my Wenzo from your moooo💙💙
#happybirthdaywenzo #missyou #iloveyou #seeyoulater #mygaurdianangel #seeyouagainoneday #alwaysmybestfriend #foreverinmyheart #RIPLorenzo #RIPLorenzoAguilar #RIPWenzo

Just found out I lost my friend /client / art peer @jrenzo from his battle with cancer. My deepest condolences for his family and friends🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏#Cahnartist #lorenzojohnston #ArtFam #rip #riplorenzo #gonetoosoon

Happy Birthday Costa Mesa!🎉🎉🎉 #riplorenzo

Well, it's with a heavy heart saying this but - thank you #Lorenzo - you were a phenomenal house and I will forever hold those memories in my mind - met so many rad people and had so many good times - thank you - peace xx #riplorenzo

14 years ago you were taken from us. It seems like just the other day ... I miss u fam. 😔😢 The ups and downs the fights and then the makeup sessions we would have. Lol ... The way he would yell at The girls and tell us to get our asses back on S. Couldn't even walk to Torres for a break cuz he would be mad talking about folkkz don't have no clock out machine get yo ass back in D hood. D good ol Days when nobody disrespected anyone from the same hood. If you had beef you would Have to squash it. You'll forever be missed my nigga. 👿 #23 #Central #FromDaRoTillIGo #RipLorenzo #SpankkyD
You had us feeling like SD was thang to be 💛🖤😈
Sunrise 1/10/1984
Sunset 7/14/2003

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