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Until the 🌎 blows. 🎈🙏🏽🎈 #RipJio #HappyDayOfBIRTH 🎈😇

As time passes, it only seems to get more difficult to understand why you're no longer here. There are so many things I've wanted to share with you, things I've needed your advice on. Talking to a crypt at a cemetery just isn't enough for me. I know you would be disappointed in me that I've been so sad, & that I cry all the time, but I'm trying my best. I pray to God that you get the justice you deserve Jio. 😞 #ripjio #bestfriend #imissyou #21

Happy birthday best friend! I miss you like crazyyyy every single day. I can sit here and write an essay but you already know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. 13 years of friendship now and still counting. I know you're going to be partying it up in heaven, just don't take too many shots like I made you take on your 21 birthday haha that has to be one of the best out of 100000 great memories I have of you. I love you so much Jio. Happy birthday! #ripjio #bestfriends4life

Looking back at our daily conversations always cracks me up. Even the beginning of our last one. I should have been with you that night BFF.. I'm sorry. 😫😪#ripjio #imissyou #bff #memories #restinparadise

I've felt a lot of anger the past few weeks. Mad that I'll never hear you say "I love you" or "fuck you"(lol) again. Mad that I can't call you and pick you up to go eat or go shopping. I'm even mad that I can't worry about you anymore and wonder what you're doing. I'm trying to accept that I need to let go. I know how lucky I am to have had a friend like you, and I understand that I'm being selfish for not wanting to say goodbye. 😩
I've been going nuts thinking about how to deal with not having you here. We were supposed to take over the world. Pinky and the Brain.. (I was Pinky obviously) lol! I know you're at Peace Jio, and you would want me to be too... but it's just so difficult. 😭 sigh. #imissyou #bff #ripjio

We are going to miss the heck out of you fam. The original crew and some. #ripjio #i2d #cbl #family

Every time I go on social media Fam it's crazy...you are so loved G as if you didn't already know! You got our whole city going nuts Fam!!!! 💔🙏🏽❤️ #RIPJIO #FamBam #LegendsNeverDie #ASimpleMAN

#ripjio 😂

#TBT the day you disappeared for hours and did your usual discoveries/walking around and taking awesome pictures. I remember that day you finally came back after hours of being gone and the next day you showed me some cool pictures you took and told me you were lost and your phone had died haha and had no idea how you found your way back . Typical Jio move, I miss you and love youuu best Fran #threeamigos #ripjio

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#RIPJio #AmbaniSwag 😂

March 31st vargu mathra #JIO hawa... April 1st inda namde hawa. #ripjio #thankyou fr making these day a very comfortable

Yeah Jio ithu namakulla set aagathu... It's over 😦😭
#tamilan #live #love #peace #ripjio

Hehuha... Airtel era is ABT to alive ...again ... Airtel dawww😎
#tamilan #live #love #peace #ripjio

Ini Jio users KU suvahaaa 😟😂
#tamilan #live #love #peace #ripjio


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