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Happy Birthday Gordo🖤 I hope there is a beautiful celebration for you in heaven today🎂🎈We all love & miss you beyond words & wish we could have celebrated today differently, but I continue to trust that God had a plan. •

Is there a party up in Heaven to celebrate today? Did the Angels frost a cake for you? Or sing to start your day? We’re celebrating you down here as they must be up above. I truly hope your special day is filled with peace & love. This day was always special as we gathered around you here, we’d sing & laugh & celebrate your day with so much cheer.

I miss those special moments that we shared throughout the years. It’s hard to find that on this day my eyes now fill with tears. I’m trying hard to smile for you but I see that empty chair. I turn around and find myself still shocked that you aren’t here
Please know that I am thinking of you as I go throughout each day, this day in particular a little more because it’s your Birthday 🎂 🎈#RIPGordo #BirthdayInHeaven #37 #GodTakesTheBest

Feels like am with you bro like back in the days taking pics with you I know you in this pic to we just can't see you it really feels good knowing your oldest is out here with me like I used to be out there with you no matter how far we could be from each other he knows that all he gotta do it hit my phone and I'll pull up so just letting it be KNOWN cuz you aint here that dont mean SHIT cuz am still breathing till the day I stop is going be the day niggas could feel free to play the part!! Am be there like you where there for me I LOVE YOU BRO ADALID FLORES your boys in good hands my G don't ever think I forgot about you guys never bro we love you GORDO ASTA EL CEILO VEJON💯🔫🙏🏼👹👌🏽#LILADALID#RIPGORDO#ANAHEIMGS#

Hearing Gordo’s voice and that laugh bring back so many memories. It’s so nice to hear his voice🖤Thank you Ant for reminding me of this. Anal Wart Repellent Lmao! 😂#RIPGordo (excuse the language 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Thinking of you today Gordo🙏🏼💙 #RIPGORDO

My boi first tat #RipGordo

Everybody dies in their nightmares🌌🌌 remix -Suave L 💵 🎤🎧
Like if he should drop it 👍👌 Comment too 🗣🌎 🔥🔥
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Some script i started for a friend of mine. Only finished the outline stay tuned... #ripgordo #art #ink #blasted #tattoo #tattooed #script #stackedscript #like4like #follow #custom #hyper #stigma #lines #focus #motivated #rip

They telling me keep going😈Fuck you think Ima do?🤑🏃🏾‍♂️💰..... #freeday #ripmonkey #freebritish #ripgordo 6️⃣World!!!

My Vision so tunnel🛣💰✔️.... #FuckYouIfYouAintWitMe💯 #6World #freeDay #RipMonkey #RipGordo

Although this has been one of the toughest things for me talk about in detail I just thought I would share an amazing experience that happened for me this morning. I have spent the past 2 months harboring so much anger, sadness frustration and hurt. When a loved one passes you always hear people say that you get dreams or visits from that person & I had not. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting my dream and even carried anger because others were getting these dreams of him before me. Well this morning I finally got my “Visit” & it was not only the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced but it was the closure I needed. It was completely real & completely clear. I got the chance to say everything I didn’t get to say that day.. I laughed and cried and told him everything I needed to as we layed in our bed talking like we always did. I even got to rub it in his face that we are having a baby GIRL, even though he was still in denial and SWORE “we’d see” lol! It felt so good to laugh the way we always would and the last thing he did before I woke up was tickle me (which I hated lol) while he laughed that hard ass laugh of his. I have never experienced a dream so real, so peaceful and I’ve found so much peace from that visit. Although I still struggle everyday, that was just little piece of my heart that I was able to put back in its place 🖤 #RIPGORDO

Angel-versary💙🙏🏼 #RIPGORDO

Pourin one out far the fallen ones❤️ #RIPGordo

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