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it's fasho a blessing man gotta thank that dude up above & my angel that's up there wit him... it's not over yet, i'm never satisfied, more business to handle 💯💪🏾 #ripGAGA #whynot #RTS

Two men I'll always look up too..#gangsters #ripgaga #dohertymenarethebestmen #family

No date-stamp needed #ripgaga

Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for the sacrifice you all have made for our country. You are greatly appreciated. Shout out to dad on the right and my great grandfather on the left. #ripgaga

We will meet again soon some day 👼 #RIPGaga

I chose gray for brain cancer for Cancer Awareness Day at Stauffer today. #ripgaga #missyougrandma #cancersucks


So today is your 57th birthday & for the first time since we met, I couldn't celebrate your birthday with you. Not a day goes by where I don't have you somewhere in my thoughts. It's difficult to not have you here, & not to fight with you or give you an attitude. I miss you so much. My love for you will never die out no matter how old I get. You'll always be in my heart. There's so much that happened this year that were both good & bad & I hope you seen all the good things & smiled like watching my & Arianna's graduation from High School & Elementary School, my Prom, Arianna's dance & us moving to Cali. Then there's the bad stuff that happened, that I believe you were there holding me making sure I could pull though. It pains me to not be able to have you here & to hug you to say Happy Birthday but hopefully you'll visit me in my dreams tonight so I can feel your hug that I miss. #rp #ripgaga #1/15/15 #love&missyou



Mandatory #ripgaga

No date-stamp needed #ripgaga

Five stars on TripAdvisor, if TripAdvisor existed then #ripgaga

Still looking stylish #ripgaga

Killer hat #ripgaga

Well-read, always #ripgaga

Back in the day #ripgaga

The long white cloud #RIPGaga

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