So the other morning, I finally received the letter that the loan for the operation of my sweet Puddin' has been paid off. Finally.
I feel like finally I have closure and I can feel that I've also accepted that I've done my best and that he's finally out of all discomfort and pain .
There's not a moment where I don't think of you, you're always the influence to everything that I do within my future. And I swear you're influencing my fur babies somehow.
RIP my sweet Rambo. ❤️
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In true Star Wars fashion, our Padme has become one with The Force. Anakin will miss you and so will we. #ripfurbaby #almost9yearsold #padmeandanakin #starwars #starwarspets #padme #padmethedog #alldogsgotoheaven
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In true Star Wars fashion, our Padme has become one with The Force. Anakin will miss you and so will we. #ripfurbaby #almost9yearsold #padmeandanakin

RIP our beautiful girl. You are now pain free and can run free. #rip #deathofapet #rippuppy #olddog #wemissher #ripfurbaby #heartbroken

It's with a heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Marmalade who passed away on Friday. 'Mumma' is sorely missed. I already miss shooing her out of the kitchen, also miss her mewing while we ate dinner (or any time we ate). The hardest part was having to tell the kids. I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken 💔
#RIP #RIPFurbaby

I got him right after high school then my mom took care of the last 12 yrs of his life. 💔😭🐶 #histimetogo #puppyheaven #ripfurbaby #mushu #firstdogever #betterplacenow #suffernomore

4 days of sickness #demfeels #sickaf and my mumma cat passed #ripfurbaby

My fur baby has joined the angels tonight. Eight years ago, as we wandered around Valley Animal Center looking for a female, tortoiseshell kitty, we were adopted by an eight-year-old, male tuxedo cat. He followed us from room to room while the rest of the cats completely ignored us. Not wanting to make any rash decisions, we visited the shelter three more times and each day, the male tuxedo kitty trailed closely behind us. His bio said he was turned over to the shelter as a newborn and had lived his entire life without a family.
Adopting Kabuki was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Unlike most cats, he came running every time his name was called. He was extremely vocal, meowing his reply whenever spoken to. He purred as loudly as a Harley-Davidson. He never bit or scratched. And if I was home, he was velcroed to my lap. Rest peacefully, sweet boy. 💙 #RipFurBaby #RainbowBridge 🌈

Had to say goodbye to my Kai tonight. 😢
Started as a foster for him as a kitty a d his mama.
Decided to keep him. He was there for me through moved to Vancouver, Calgary and back to Victoria. He comforted me through many hear breaks, boyfriend's.
He was here when I finally found my love, and brought my babies home. .
I'm sad to say that it was probably over due and I did t do it sooner for selfish reasons. .
RIP Kaiser bean 💓
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Finally got the printer working. My studio just wasn't complete without a photo of my baby Charbie. ❤
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18 years ago we brought home this beautiful little fiesty ball of grey fur. We named her Twix, after the chocolate bar. Our hope was that her and our now late Cujo would become great friends. Cujo, our handsome black fur boy didn't take to her but she wanted so badly to be his friend and never really gave up on him.
Twix, our sweet, beautiful gentle soul had such a unique personality. She wore every expression on her face ...just like a human does. She was a talker, drank water with her paws, loved to carry her favorite toys to her water dish, ruined a set of curtains and absolutely loved getting into a bag of Christmas bows. She became a messy, picky eater in her senior years, demanding without exception a freshly opened can of food at all times. Only certain kinds would do and it had to be pate and never chunks or shredded. She loved bubbletea, melted ice cream, cheese, and coolwhip. She was not a lap cat but she loved knowing we were near and loved being with us. Some of her favorite places to be were the blue straw chair, Jamie's side of the bed, a sunbeam and three quarters of our sofa.
Yesterday May 7th, while Twix lay on one of her favorite places to be she left us to go find Cujo, determined to be his best friend still. I hope up there in animal heaven or wherever kitties go that he accepts her finally. Maybe he learned a few lessons or two in heaven.
We miss our Twix so badly already. We loved her so very much. 18 years ago we had two amazing pets in our lives. and for the first time in 20 years we woke up to an empty home.
RIP sweet girl. Have fun up there with Cujo. We miss and love you both

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Please forgive my silence. I have found myself with a broken heart, mourning the loss of my little furry princess Bella. I am trying to get myself back into the studio but I get hit with a tilde wave of pain every time I open the door. She was my bestie. My lil companion. My shadow. And she is the first true experience I have had with unconditional love. I no doubt will paint my way through the pain once I figure out a way to start. For now I sit and talk to a shadow that isn’t there. .
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This is my OWN pic of a dogwood flower I took on our property last year, I was always going to get dogwood flowers on my chest,,, I guess I was waiting for the right time. This will be perfect with my paw print memorial tattoo for my Colby 🐾🐶💫🌟💫🌟. I love using my own pictures that I take for my tattoos. All of my Lillies tattoos are my own that I grew💫🌟💫🌟

Rest in Peace baby Gracie! She was Adam’s best friend for 17 years. We will miss her drinking from the sink, fighting with MJ, running across our heads in the night and her curious nature. 😽 #RIP #furbaby #ripfurbaby #catsofinstagram #grace #batratcat #kittycat #catlover #bff #prettykitty #dripdrip #catlady #kitten #ripkittycat #love #missyou #😿

Luna’s garden coming up! #ripfurbaby #luna

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