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My hero. Thank you for everything. My mentor, thank you. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for inspiring me. Still shocked and devastated about you leaving us. Thank you for giving so much.
You will always be in our hearts and missed very much. #RIPDustyRhodes

❤❤❤❤ #RipDustyRhodes

The Unveiling of the #DustyRhodes statue last year at #WrestleManiaAxxess 2016. #AmericanDream #RIPDustyRhodes

I miss him 😕#thankyoudusty #ripdustyrhodes This quality though 🤔

Looks like Leon Rhymes is getting a little better at reading his rhymes, but its going to take a lot more work for people to take him seriously, hes been writing raps since the age of 8 but rarely delivers the hotness in public, through subconscious elocution school, he has filled the ethos with a new breed of music, one conscientious of its own impact, one that urges all listeners to be their best self and henceforth to create the best world, one of true empathy, of pure harmony, and all consuming goodness, we are the shepherds of this earth, lettuce not lead it off the cliff onto the jagged rocks below, lettuce lift it higher to feel the light from a superior angle, kurt angle, #ripdustyrhodes lyrics to the poem for the video " The night time is when my greatest light shines, you might find love is your greatest life line, who wants to be a millionaire(?) me in this life time, so with my rhymes delivered at the right time I might ignite like minds to save the oceans heal the planet with great devotion and fight crime, if youre sour like you bite limes take a shower cause its my time to give sight to the quite blind, now lets do a dab that would get five mimes as high as #hightimes on an outer space flight line" I know this rap is littered with bad jokes like the big bang theory, but its the message thats the main point, Ive realized humor is an excellent tool to communicate to an otherwise unreceptive mind, no one learns anything when theyre mad except how stupid they can be, when you laugh you let the light in, all we need in this world is to share our light with each other, Im sorry I havent been more consistent, I look at it as selfish not to share my talents with the world, I hope you find the inspiration in your life to do what you feel is best for the world around you, share the gifts youve been given, everyday and in every way possible, light up the world, this is a #stopdropandglob response to @the_incorrigible_kushman who is the embodiment of what I speak of, be good to those around you to the best of your abilities and make the world a better place, its that simple, amazing #seaker by @jacobjarvisglass and dabber by @northerngrooveglass #jewshitzutv

Dusty Rhodes #ripdustyrhodes

One year ago today, we lost The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.
I remember coming home that day and coming on this app. Then I see pictures of him all over my feed and seeing that he had passed. Honestly, it was shocking. It was truly one of the lowest points of the summer of 2015 and one of the lowest points of 2015 for wrestling fans in general. Rest In Peace Dream.

“Dean Ambrose’s impression of Dusty Rhodes is hilarious.

Harley Race eats a bionic elbow


Top 2 favorite wrestlers..... EVER!! Between the charisma that each one had, the mic work they both used to share... And their rivalry, how can you NOT praise these two....WOOOOO!!
#TurnbuckleTitans #DustyRhodes #RIPDustyRhodes #RicFlair #NWAWrestling #JimCrockettPromotions #Legends #prowrestling #classicwrestling #ecw #memphiswrestling #wwehof #wweraw #mondaynightraw #sdlive #wwesmackdown #smackdown #wwenetwork #wwenxt #nxt #nxttakeover #ecw #ecfnw #ecwwrestling #wcwwrestling

📰 POSTER GRAIL 📰 RARE Vintage 1985 Pro Wrestling Illustrated "RINGMASTERS: GREAT AMERICAN BASH" poster. This thing is SUCH a beauty. 24x36 features Ric Flair, Nikita & Ivan Koloff, Magnum T.A, Dusty Rhodes, Tully Blanchard, Kamala & Road Warrior Animal. **NFS**

Just finished watching TNA Wrestling. I must say, that was a Tremendous Victory for Cody Rhodes. He's Very Well Trained, He's #1 at the Top, He's The Best There Is, and His Father Dusty Rhodes Would Be Very PROUD of Him Tonight. Congratulations Cody! 💪👍👌 #wwecodyrhodes #tnacodyrhodes #wwegolddust #wwedustyrhodes #ripdustyrhodes #tnachristopherdaniels

"I'm gonna reach out right now. I want you at home to know, my hand is touching your hand for this gathering of the biggest body of people in this country, in this universe, all over the world. Now reach it out! Because the love that was given me — and this time I will repay you, now"- Dusty Rhodes #ripdustyrhodes #wrestling

30 years later and still relevant today! #ripdustyrhodes #hardtimes #promo #hof #wwe #wcw #midatlantic

Dusty v. Tully

Paying homage to the late great Dusty Rhodes even a real man can wear a poka dots. #RIPDustyRhodes #evenrealmenwearpokadots

Cody Rhodes & Dusty Rhodes are the first father & son world champions since Kerry Von Erich & Fritz Von Erich.
Photo Credit: @Derrick4Real_____

#YepILikeWrestling #YEPILW #WRESTLING #ProWrestling #WRESTLERS #RingOfHonor #NWA #RIPDustyRhodes #CodyRhodes #GOLDUST #WWE #ImpactWrestling

This is what i call follow thru and believing in yourself. He was tired of the Stardust gimmick but wwe didn't see the worth in him so he opted out his contract and left. Now The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes is the New @ringofhonor Champion! Don't settle for less than you are worth and never stop fighting... There is a Champion in us all! #codyrhodes #americannightmare #rohchampion #roh #ringofhonor #bulletclub #njpw #wwe #wwenetwork #stardust #ripdustyrhodes #dustyrhodes #theamericandream #neverstopdreaming #theyoungbucks #thevillain #wrestling #toosweet 🤘

Cody Rhodes kneeling down inside the NJPW ring in Osaka Jo-Hall at #NJDominion as a tribute to his father, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. this happened in 11 June 2017 which 3 years ago from that day was the day we lost the legend himself.
p.s. you can see the letter "dad" written on his right hand wrap.

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