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At my first day at work a little over 4 years ago, I was taught that "Disney's Hollywood Studios is the Hollywood that never was, and always will be." It's been hard to accept the changes over the past few years. I've lost so many locations where I made great memories with my fellow Cast Members. The Sorcerer's Hat is where I danced with @jaychaff to the Cupid Shuffle. The Pin Station is where I'd call Papa John to come over and hang out with me when I was bored. LA Prop and Prop Porch is where I'd bug Lissette to practice Spanish with me as I played with the bubble gun, and she'd stock the floor. Cover Story was where I bonded with all the different Photopass Photographers. And the Dark Room was where I first learned how to use the register from Diane. Over half of my original work locations are gone, as well as many of the attractions that I would inform guests about while at work. And now the iconic Hollywood Studios attraction, Great Movie Ride is leaving as well. Change is important and inevitable, but it's bittersweet watching the park I called home for 8 months become something completely different than what I had learned it to be. #ripgmr #ripdhs #dapperday2013 #steve!

Okaaaaay... So does that mean Spaceship Earth (i.e. the big golf ball) will be demolished next? What will they put there? Maybe they could just take off the ears and put on a Darth Vadar helmet... that would look cool... although SW Land doesn't open for 4 more years... #ripdhs #ripearfultower

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