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Keep calm and Bang-on #bang-on #toronto #queenstw #ripcraig

Happy birthday Craig. Oh how I wish I could call you and and sing you happy birthday. Every night I want to send you a snapchat. I wish I could celebrate just one more birthday with you. I wish I could be able to hear your smile as we chat about all the shit the little ones could get into. Unfortunately I can't talk to you on your birthday. I wish I could so badly. I miss you brother. You will always be with me. I love you to infinity and beyond. #ripcraig #loveyoubrother #dirty30

I do this wit a purpose #sundevilnation #73 #RIPCraig

one year ago today we gave one of the most important people in my life back to the ocean and fulfilled his last request. Safe with Neptune and hanging in the starlight now, Papa Bear 💙💙 I miss you everyday. A brass band played as we carried you across town onto the beach. Traffic stopped, locals cheered as we sung and danced you to the end. #imissyou #ripbear #rippapabear #ripcraig #fuckcancer #cancersucks #griefisthethingswiththefeathers #griefisthepricewepayforlove #loveyouforever #memorial #wake #funeral #missyouforever #family

a year ago we gave your back to the ocean. after months of planning we were able to grant you your final request, to have your body given to the ocean in the place you loved most. The amount of people, time,energy, money and persistence that took was a testament to how many lives you touched and made better. People came from everywhere, gave all the had and made it happen. A brass band played as we carried you across town onto the beach. Traffic stopped, locals cheered as we sung and danced you to the end. It wasn't shocking to me that you were adored by so many, but it was a shock to find that most of them knew my name and who I was. I was so blessed to have you love me like you did and to be part of this amazing family you had created. One of my proudest moments was releasing you back to Neptune, the end of a journey we fought so hard for. There was peace in that, knowing we had given you the only thing you asked of us. One year, two years, ten years. It will never get easier. I will always miss you, I will always pick up the phone to call you and then come tumbling back to earth when I remember you aren't there. So now I just look into the ocean, or the sky or at your picture on my wall. Forever with Neptune, in the Starlight, on my skin and in my heart. #imissyou #ripbear #rippapabear #ripcraig #fuckcancer #cancersucks #griefisthethingswiththefeathers #griefisthepricewepayforlove #loveyouforever #memorial #wake #funeral #missyouforever #family #grieving

15 years ago today, snowboarding lost the GOAT. Craig’s riding pushed the boundaries and forever changed the sport! We’ve been a shadow of your excellence ever since!
#ripcraig #craigkellyismycopilot #craigkelly #burtonair #legendsneverdie

Y’all see his video

There are some things
I will NEVER let go of.
If I'm never going to
Move from this place,
At least I can re decorate.
I remember making this sign, plotting and painting it before we opened. It's been 17 years now since we first embarked on that journey.. #bellalumacaffe
You made that place #epic

1 year ago today we lost one of the most beautiful souls! #ripcraig p.s bet your causing chaos in heaven ❤️

Say it with me... GO BULLDOGS!!! 😜

#RIPCRAIG #MiddleSchoolGang #MtBaker #Bulldogs

We’re moms, we’re wives, we work, we’re freakin tired! lol... I feel like it’s so much easier to talk yourself out of doing things and just stay home. I had to tell myself that 1) Craig would be pissed if I didn’t go lol 2)I do not get out enough and 3) Its been YEARS since we’ve all been together. Omg these girls had me in tears and my abs hurting from laughing so hard! 😂 We reminisced about Craig, sleep overs, how we all dated the same people in middle school, Kevin Donald’s parties, and so much more! All I could think about when I got home was how happy I was that I got my tired mom ass ready and out the door. I would have really missed out. Love you guys❤️ #RIPCraig #FriendsForever #AllForCraig #Thegang #elementaryschool #middleschool #highschool

I am so happy that I was able to be with these people right here to celebrate our dear friend Craig. I wish it was under different circumstances, however I know you were here with us. Thank you for bringing us all together tonight. All of the elementary to high school memories had me laughing for hours! The one thing I love the most is that despite the years that have gone by, we are still the same kids! I must say we’re all aging pretty damn well too😅 This was for you Craig. We love you and thank you for being you❤️ #RIPCraig #Elementary #Middleschool #Highschool #memories #Live #laugh #love

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