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Dave and Taylor attended the funeral of #chriscornell today. Photo from People Magazine. #davegrohl #foofighters #ripchriscornell

What a great photo...Kim and Chris...the two Heavy Riff-masters with Vicky in the background...eery feeling tonight, was watching last weeks SNL on DVR and after the season finale, they replayed the SNL from 1996 with Jim Carrey and Soundgarden, loved that episode, my two favorites, Jim shares the same birth date, and they showed the original airing date of May 18th, 1996, so haunting 21 yrs later...so glad I met him a few times...missing you CC... @chriscornellofficial @chriscornellfanpage @chriscornellperu @allthingssoundgarden @soundgarden

As we continue to process the unexpected death of @chriscornellofficial, tributes have been flooding in along with statements from those close to the late legend, reflecting on his legacy, influence and character. The latest comes from Ron Laffitte, Cornell’s manager, who recalled the singer being “happy and optimistic” in recent months, looking forward to the release of @soundgarden‘s long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s ‘King Animal.’ “Nobody saw this coming, his bandmates didn’t see this coming. It’s totally out of character for the Chris that I’ve known and worked with for the last 10 years,” said Laffitte to CNN prior to the private funeral held in Los Angeles yesterday (May 26). “It’s incredibly bizarre. I have to think that something threw him off the tracks … he must have been out of his right mind.” “He was just really excited about this specific idea that we were going to do,” Laffitte continued, speaking about Cornell’s performance plans at the Global Citizens Music Festival in New York City this coming September. The singer is said to have stated, “We aren’t just going to make pop history with this one, brother. We are going to make real history,” according to the manager. Laffitte added, “I would say the last couple of months, he was as optimistic and happy as I can ever recall him … He was so excited about all these things and a new record we were going to put out in the fall.”

#jeremyRenner y varias celebridades, en el funeral de #ChrisCornell en el Cementerio #HollywoodForever en Los Angeles #RIPChrisCornell

Jerry Cantrell with Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and Pearl Jam/Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron at Chris Cornell’s funeral, Along with Sean kinney and William Duvall.
#aliceinchains #ripchriscornell

Hace casi 3 años, celebrando su cumpleaños 50 junto a ese calibre de invitados #ripchriscornell #chriscornellchile #chriscornell #hastasiemprechriscornell

Came home to find The Seattle Times from May 19th had arrived. Will save reading it for another day... #chriscornell #noonesingslikeyouanymore #sayhellotoheaven #thankyouchriscornell #seattlemusic #ripchriscornell


The #singlessoundtrack 25th Anniversary reissue is back in-stock! #ripchriscornell #citizendick #soundgarden #coolkids

Sometimes you don't realize how much a person has impacted your life until they are gone. You look back, revisiting memories and suddenly boom....there it is.
Such is the case with Chris. Like an inspirational big brother, his words and art have accompanied me for the past 20 years. I never realized how much his voice meant to me. Until now .
I recorded this acoustic version of Limo Wreck a long time ago just for the fun of it. I just loved the song. I never intended to share it with anyone because it simply isn't awesome. But my great songwriting hero is dead, so screw it. If you want to hear the whole track and see don't very cool Cornell pics, visit my Vimeo or YouTube page.
Rest in peace, beautiful soul.


Happy face. He's wearing that fork necklace. What a nice pic. #chriscornell #thankyou #ripchriscornell #beautiful #thesweetestvoice #soundgarden #myfavoritevoice #seattle90s

Hermoso retrato, una gran pérdida... RIP
#Repost @lukas.isaac with @repostapp
Chris Cornell
Huaca Pucllana - Lima
(c) Lukas Isaac
#ChrisCornell #Nikonperu #RipChrisCornell

92- Super concentrados para grabar "Radio en las rocas" con todas las noticias de Rock 😂😂😂 #Radio #rock #ripchriscornell

This album holds a important place in my heart. All I can say is thank you, Chris Cornell.


🎤🙇🏻‍♀️🎸 Miss you. #ripchriscornell

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