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Water. this would be a crime in California #ripcali #sorry #california #ecfu

RIP CALI GIRL ☀️ To the two people who gave this beautiful baby girl a home when she wasn't wanted, Im so grateful you did because life wouldn't of been the same without her. Goofy with so much personality she stole everyone's heart. Although her time was short and she will be greatly missed, just know you two gave her more unconditional love than imaginable. Cali girl you are forever in our hearts and irreplaceable.💜#RIPcali #specialgirl #caliparadise

TBT to the shop I thought I would never have and it open my eyes to my potential and if you just want to you can do any thing #soilikered #ripcali #goodtimes

Never would've thought I'd be living in North Dakota but here I am #ripcali

Got a little windy today chasing mulies up in the mountains #bclivin #powpow #ripcali #muliebucks

This past week was one of the best weeks ever! Loved getting to know these awesome Jerrys:) #ripcali

I had the privilege of coaching Sam Cali on a handful of duals teams throughout the first few years of his high school career. From The Mean Machine, to Purlple Cobras, to NJ Garden Fresh... We had some great shirts and even better times. Sam was a big part of the enjoyment that came with coaching these teams. Somewhere along the way I nicknamed him Pamela, which he embraced, and even got angry if I didn't refer to him as Pamela. Sam was the man. Funny, charismatic, and a great soul through and through. You will be missed my friend #ripCali #wrestlingfamily

Fun little tattoo today#smallztattooz #RIPcali#doggyheaven


This is a picture of Calimere last Friday, also known as the day I got her. She was my early Christmas present you could say. Anyways Tuesday between 9:30 and 10:00 pm she passed. She was only a hatchling and my bigger one got ahold of her sunday, I knew she wouldn't make it long. I watched the life drain out of my baby Cali. She was in alot of pain I could tell. She didn't want to move, eat, and did nothing bit sleep. Your life was short, but one of the best parts of mine.She's in a better place now.
Love you Cali my baby

#ripcalimere #ripcali #gone #ripbaby #rip #iloveyoubabygirl

Happy Thanksgiving from Duluth Minnesota 40 degrees and sunny!! #turkey #thanksgiving #brisk #winter #wonderland #blessings #Godsgift #peaceful #love #trees #green #blue #ripcali

I miss u Cali!! ur the best thing that couldd have came my way u made me see light in darkness the joy for the day !! I will always cherish the moments I was gifted, with you!! #bestfriendrip #RIPCALI #NOV2017

First Electric Bill Duluth MN . #me #fun #snow #winter #ripcali #peacefull #solar?

#ripcali 😢😢

Oh my poor cali girl you were my first baby. We had you for almost 8 years. The best little doggie ever. Just glad you're not suffering anymore. #ripcali #alldogsgotoheaven #myfurbaby

A painting my mother did of my late lil brother caliegh ....he was a traditional dancer an also loved playing golf as well as he's loved top hats... "95-15"

So on Friday September 22, this beautiful pony went to heaven. She was taken by an absolute horrific and terrible accident. I was with her the entire time and she died in my arms... I love you so much Cali you were my happiness, thank you for being my best friend and teaching me all you did. I hope you are up in heaven running around with all the other souls eating as much watermelon as you like❤️ #ripcali #pony #love #brokenheart

Never would've thought I'd be living in North Dakota but here I am #ripcali

Want to know what I love the most about people? Their pets.

💥 Boom! 💥


The storm is coming

So blessed to have the support and love of my future sis n law. #ripcali #sunflowers #thisissohard #blessed #thankful #family #love

Me an my late lil brother caliegh..horse ...was honor to paint her ..bead work done by lil sister chy... Right before we kick off the Indian relay in honor of my lil brother caliegh tree..
#RIPCALI #9515

This sorta goes along with my theme of friendship. 💕 Decided to post this because it's National Dog Day. Happy National Dog Day! 🐕Rest in peace, Cali. When I saw this snap before, I got sad because I know what it's like to lose a pet. It feels awful, like a piece of your heart is empty. I remember when I lost my grandma's dog. He meant a lot to me even though he was my grandma's because we grew up together and he was so cuddly and lovable. I cried on and on for him. He died before my birthday. 💔 Anyway, I'm going to try to post at least 2 times a day. School is coming up and I probably won't have a lot of homework. If I do, I always finish it quickly. 😂 This was a sappy post, but whatever. 😆 Also, I don't really know if my friend is still my friend because she seems mad but I could never tell her moods. Anyway, she's not worth it. Thank you all for the support. I can't believe Linda and Chad follow. 😱 I wish so much that Dani would like, comment or follow. It could happen this Christmas, or my birthday. 😂 Ok this is long. Comment below questions and I promise I'll answer them. I love you all SOO much!!! Have a nice day 💕😍 #danielle #daniellecohn #cohn #love #Dani #love #long #ripcali #neverendinglove #sosorry #rip #nationaldogsday @daniellecohn

2 years ago today I gained enough courage to ask this bombshell out. To my suprise she said yes.. honestly just find myself staring at her wondering why she fell in love with me, as hard as I fell for her @jordanviale I love you so flipping much. These past 2 years have been phenomenal.. spending as much time as we can together, from working on the house, working on our garden, cleaning, cooking or just relaxing and being spontaneous I love every second, we always find a way to make everything fun and exciting. Today we were on our way to where we went on our first date (point pelee) and spend the day but that quickly got postponed when someone tboned us 😔 our 2 year was mainly spent on the side side of the road but we still were able to make the best of it. #ripcali

I'm sorry Cali that you had to leave your family so early. I'll show you the ropes up here, we can frap together and look after our hoomins. #corgi #pembroke #ripmick #ripcali #rainbowbridge #wemissyou #tears #familyforever #friendsfurever #wolfpack #furlife

" You Ever Wonder Why The Good Die Young ? I Would Never Understand Why 🤷🏽‍♀️ But When I Think About It GOD Calling His Strongest 💪🏾 Solider Home. Y'all Don't Understand CALI Was & Always Has Been A Son Too Me I Loved Him Like He Was One Of My Own. . . . I Have To Keep Strong 💪🏾 Because I Know He's In A Better Place He Don't Have To Worry About Nothing. . . . When You Doing Better For Yourself Someone Always Get In The Way Because The Devil Don't Want To See Anybody Happy. I Will Never Forget CALI No Matter What. We Gone Turn Up For You My Son 😭😭. Just Remember You Will Always Have A Place In My Heart I Love You & I Will Miss You Dearly. I Still Can't Believe You Gone. . . . REST IN HEAVEN CALI. " #RipCALI #RipCALI ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽

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