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Saw a movie today and really liked it. Not everyone's cup of tea but this gal gives it a "Heck Yeah"
#Thoroughbreds #RichandMean #RIPAnton

This @thoroughbreds shirt is EVERYTHING #ripanton

One day late, but Happy Birthday Anton!❤️😢
#antonyelchin #anton #yelchin #antonyelchinmemory #ripanton #ripantonyelchin


When the north west of London link up 🤙🏽❤️ @strizzacktown @fing3rz_ @ghost.life89 @bubb_bps @bris_coe @iampatrin_ #RIPAnton

almost a year since you've been gone best friend.. it seems like it's been a lifetime without you #grief #onedayatatime #365daysofgrief #rip #ripAnton #fuckdeath #l4l

I had to lose everything I wanted to Gain everything I needed. Life always has a bigger picture that it wants you to learn. My mother put God in my life as a child to lean on him always, and when I got older instead of running from him in bad times like the prodigal son I ran closer to him because of her and honestly he’s the only reason I didnt lose my mind after she died because she made me rely on God First before her or anybody else. So at times it’s hurts like a Mufucka when I let myself be vulnerable to that pain to those memories. but I’m better & closer to becoming the Man you & I always wanted me to be. #DearMama you are appreciated 🙏🏾💯 “May 18th,2015” #RIPMELL #RIPROC #RIPJAS #RIPCP #RIPANTON #RIPSHARONDA #RIPJULIA #RIPKAJAVIA #RIPCHRISJ

Two two wingers and one #10... my football bros came to check me at libs... #borehamwoodfc #RIPAnton ⚽️❤️

It’s taken me many attempts to post this as it has not seemed real and has not fully sunk in....Sleep In Peace Anton 💔 I see the pain everyone is going through right now as we enter a new year and you are no longer with us, but I know your spirit will forever live on with every memory we have. #RIPANTON 💔

Lil Big Brother. Same mother. Same Father. Same bedroom. Lots of fights, lots of arguments. We didnt always get along or see eye to eye. Lots of love, more than words can share. Always US. You would ride or die for me and I would ride or die for you. You were my little brother. It was my job to protect you, love you, make you tough, and make you a man since we didnt have one to teach us how. You was my heart. And I lost that today. We made a promise so I will fulfill it. And I got your son and the family. Like we always say "Death before Dishonor". See you on the other side. Would say goodbye but you always with me. Always on my mind and in my heart. #ripanton #101517

It's december guys! ❄️🎄 Sorry for not being so active lately
#antonyelchin #anton #yelchin #antonyelchinmemory #ripanton #ripantonyelchin

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