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Everything sucked about today but this really sucked the most. Those who know me know that James Bond is very important to me. Sounds silly I know but it has a very nostalgic place in my heart. Spending Sunday afternoons with my Dad watching old Bonds and to find out Roger Moore has died makes these old classics feel ever further away 😞 #liveandletdie #rip007 🍸

He will always be my Bond. I saw most of his Bond films before any others so he'll always have a special place for me and be a personal favourite. Not to mention stuff like The Wild Geese and The Executors. Bad ass. Such a cool dude. A stone cold pimp. You will be missed, mister Moore.

To my Gramma Betty's favorite 007...RIP Mr Moore... #RIP #RIP007

A ‘Bond’ that will stay with us forever. #RIP007

in honor of it being TGIT and @greysabc starting back tonight i chose some faves to hand-letter 😍 #courtligraphy // can't wait for another season filled with @shondarhimes' quotes portrayed by all of my favorite characters (except the ones she's killed off--they can't come to the phone right now, oh why? because they're dead.) #ripderekshepherd #ripdennyduquette #rip007 (sorry that was corny; i just had to.)

As a massive Bond fan Sir Roger Moore created some of the best 007 moments ever, much loved and a true gentleman 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #rip007 @rogermoore14 @007 #jamesbond

He was 007 to many, but he was number 1 to 3 of his own. R.I.P. Roger Moore #RIP007


Mad about Greys why does George have to die😭😭😭😭#rip007

🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 #kingsman #kingsman2 #rip007 #regalade #elthonjohn #drogue


Untuk Teman2 @misezmanado007 Besok Jam 12 Siang @Jln.Sea Lorong Tuminting 1 Akan Ada Ibadah Pemakaman Saudara Kita @GeryMandey.. Ayo Kita Antar Saudara Kita Ke Tempat Peristirahatan Terakhirnya.. Karna Kita Lebih Dekat Dari Saudara Lebih Besar Dari Keluarga.. #RIP007-0228

"Lifes all about change, experience and those close to you. Keep pushing foward no matter what in life, success is on the other side." -The Rock
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@sagegoldnik moving post with @expressmen #rip007 ❤️

Damn James Bond died this yr too!! 16 & 17 has not be the years 2 be famous so I'm waiting till next year lol #rip007

Sad to here that this past week, saw the passing of Roger Moore. He lived to be 90 years old.

He was the longest standing James Bond figure, and while not the most ruggard or tough looking Bond, he was my favorite. He could say so much with his eyebrows and he had the most suggestive smile. A great sense of humor and the smoothness of what you'd expect of a British Secret Agent. He was a class act on screen and from many who knew him in person have said,... was a class act in life as well.

Like most movies in the early to mid 1970's, the scripts weren't strong by todays standards, but they were pertinent to the time. (The bottom 3 movies were better than the top 3.) Another great Roger Moore movie that is difficult to find but holds a strong place in my heart is "The Wild Geese". It was reflective of what many experienced growing up in Rhodesia in the late 1970's and has a world class cast of actors.

So long Roger. Thanks for a great smile and tons of entertainment. You will be missed but watched often. #rip007 #rogermoore

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