Oh haaaaay spring hair don’t care! Check @gemstone_rhapsody out! Amber went from rainbow to rains’ rose, blooming through this weird PNW winter and brightening her palette to prepare for another weird PNW season. More pics to come, I promise.

🍭I will be painted and painting with the @pulpriothair team at ISSE in Long Beach in 4 days. I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity and experience. #riotsquadwannabe #ilovepulpriot #pulpriothair Let’s do this... @doug_theo

🐲🌱Green Texture Queen🍃🐲

I’ve spent toooo many hours over thinking every single pictures from the photo shoot with 👽 @xanaxana 💅🏽 She is so rad and so fun and I love that we get to have extra creative collaborations when is comes to style, really pushing boundaries and comfort zones. I used all @pulpriothair to achieve this level of awesomeness.
@pulpriothair #blondeaf Absinth+noir+aquatic+smoke
👽More shall be revealed 👽
I have some openings next week for more hair parties 🎉 check out my bio for booking info, or DM me with your hair color dreams 🤗

I had the honor of giving @tori_boston a total hair makeover for the holidays. I wish I had a before picture for you but you’re just gonna have to trust that this was a real hair party! 🎉 💁🏼‍♀️🦄 Tori is so sweet and is going to do some super rad things with her life! I really can’t wait to see what she creates next! (But I’m really hoping it’s the food truck/trailer).
Thank you @pulpriothair for the makeover assist. I could have done it without you but I would have NOT enjoyed it as much 😘 these colors are my FAV to collaborate with!

@johnnycocopan got some new green crimped hairs today! Hairparty upgrade with the @samvilla texture iron. It’s about to get wild over here.
🎨 Pulpriot
💪🏼 BrazilianBondBuilder

So this little gem came back in this week because after we turned her the lightest silver, her hair just kept soaking up the purple shampoo she was using and came back to me with a more beige silver then when she left originally. Shit happens. Hair is weird. @hooliganhair and I tag teamed this mane and magically toned her back up to a nice level 9/10 blonde. And then she put a bow on it. Yolo 🤷🏼‍♂️

Baby got her first bangs today 💁🏼
She feelin’ hurself, and I’m into it 💅🏽GIT IT GURL @ashleylovesherpeter 🤳🏼

Jewel tone peek-a-boo’s 💎 🎉 🦄
Still working out that styling arm. It’s a whole other world from Barbering. I like that I get to have the beat of both worlds.
No filter, no editing, just straight up from my phone to yours.

There is something so satisfying about working on a nice neutral blonde on a breezy Autum evening. Shoutout to @pulpriothair for the blonde assist 💁🏼

Omg I’m so excited about this hair party from today!! @bzwhacks concurred her head shave fears and let me shave around her head tattoo design. AAAANNNND, she let me play with colors! How badass is that?! She gets the client win for the day! Brandy does some dope nails too so if you’re looking for a flange upgrade, check her out! And @nickportertattooswc did her head tattoo so if that’s what you’re into, give him a holler.

Emily is Too cool for school with her new Icey blonde hair. ❄️
Pulpriot BlondeAF for the blonde and Matrix for the ice.
I’m mostly booked up for this week but the holidays are coming so it’s time to start thinkin’ ahead. I want you looking and feeling your best this winter season, regardless of what you celebrate (or don’t). Check out my bio for your scheduling needs.

Today we went Blonde AF with Pulpriot and some good ol’ foils. I have never been a fan of using foils in the past. For some reason they break my brain a little but today I just threw down and went for it. Totally outside of my comfort zone and we both couldn’t be happier!! We also used Pulpriot’s Barcelona Shampoo (purple shampoo). It’s a p cool product. I’m into it.

I’ve been slacking on my gratitudes this week 😩 but here is my gratitude shoutout to one of my glamsquad who has been an incredibly loyal follower, client AND friends over the last decade! @gemstone_rhapsody is always down to let me try new things and collaborate some of the most badass hair projects! Thank you sooooo much Amber for being one of my biggest cheerleader! 🦄💖🙏🏼💖🙏🏼🦄

Ready to put this baby to work!!! Time for a color change!!! What colors should I do now????
#hairsonality_by_team_mac #forneystylist #vividhair #pulpriot #blankcanvas #riotsquadwannabe

Finally got @kayceehatch back in my chair for a little hair party 🎉 I’ve been finding it difficult to put words to how rad my clients are and how rad my “job” is. So for now, I’m just going to leave this pic for your viewing pleasure and simply say, my clients are badass. I mean, look at this hair 🤷🏼‍♂️ thanks for trusting me Kaycee 💜

💜💜💜 Pulp Riot purple retouch ⚡️⚡️ first picture is with flash, one without, and one before. I just have to brag about how true to tone #PulpRiot fade out is! #omgwhs #williamhenrysalon #purplehair

⚡️SLOW MOTION⚡️Check our that high shine ✨✨ Pulp Riot has lots of conditioning agents including quinoa and I think it shows! Her hair looks like silk! This was a tint retouch and we couldn’t be happier 🤗 #PulpRiot always delivers a punch 👊🏼 #letsstartariot #purplehair #omgwhs

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.
I Pulpriot with balaypowder to balayage and Pulpriot fireball for the overlay. Taaah daaaah 🤗🤗🤗

Life is a riot!🤘🏼
And Kelani is livin' it up with this vibrant fall hair. My goal was to add a little more flavor and flair to her life and I'm stoked about the results! Looking forward to more hair parties with y'all this fall 🎉🤗
Shoutout to Pulpriot for these colors 🎨

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