This article from #huffingtonpost
is absolutely haunting. The fact that half of girls from the age 3-6 are preoccupied with weight is devastating. The way that we've internalized our society's over valuation of weight and shape, and the shame that's associated with being anything other than model shape, impacts everyone. .
When I first told my close girlfriends that I have an eating disorder, one of them said "what's wrong with watching out what you eat? If I gained weight I'd feel bad too". I can't express how much pain that statement brought me. I felt alone, misunderstood, and not taken seriously. The years of self-hatred became normalized in that friend's eyes, and I was robbed of any empathy.
This isn't just a piece for "fat people". It's not a sensationalism. Over valuation of weight dehumanizes people. It makes people think that "somethings wrong", when it is just a weight and a shape. As a relatively thin person, I spent years telling people that I would rather die than to be 3 digits. Now at a comfortable 3 digit weight (that I can maintain without restriction), I'm so much more alive. But it took a lot for me to get past my self hatred. Sometimes I still feel this deep shame for the way I look now, because I still associate being a certain weight and shape with "perfection /beautiful /worthy". Sometime I have to bite my tongue when my friends talk about how they'd like to be thinner. Until we change our society to be more inclusive, my story will not be the only story.

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I haven't worked out 2 days in a row this week, and totally fine with it.
I didn't use to think this way - In fact, I used to get all stressed out and force myself to do something - I had so many diet culture pressures in relation to exercise, I said things like: "I feel very tired but I'm still going to force myself to walk around the block, every step counts". "I didn't exercise long enough" "I didn't do the right type of exercise" "I'm supposed to punish myself for calories consumed" "I gotta burn it off, I gotta work it off" .
When I was able to ditch all those diet rules and all the weird stipulations that I had around moving my body, things started shifting and it didn't feel like an "obligation" anymore, I stopped pushing myself to the limit and giving myself a hard time for skipping a workout. I finally started doing what felt *really good* for me and constantly checking in with myself, asking what my body was craving. .
Your body benefits from movement, she wants movement but ON YOUR TERMS. It doesn't matter what your body looks like you have the right to move however the hell you want to move. .
If you wanna do yoga, do yoga. Wanna lift weights? You go, girl! ---> My point is: It doesn't matter how many steps you take, (you don't have to track them if you don't want to) .
Exercise in ways that make you feel really happy, excited, energetic, something that makes you have fun! .
Let go of guilt, shoulds, punishment, and rules ..and drop the exercise guilt, drop it like it's hot. .
P.S. My body needs some gentle stretches and I am craving slow movement, so I am headed to yoga class!
What does your gorgeous body need today?
. 📸 by @thephtographer

Don't miss out on possibly the most inspiring episode of All Fired Up! this year: "Pushing Back". I am chatting with women who are taking a stand for weight inclusivity and social justice, politically and personally! This quote has been taken directly from Dr Jovanovski & @carolynneot's submission to a Senate Committee Inquiry into what we should do about Australia's "obesity epidemic," and BOOM they seriously nailed the message that we must stop fighting people's bodies and start fighting for wellbeing and inclusivity! Also in this ep is the fabulous Nicole McDermid from @theembodiedjourney, and Jessica Sanders from @re_shape with their amazing stories of pushing back! Share this far and wide, it ROCKS!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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It’s called EATING.
And you were born knowing how to do it.
Don’t let diet culture fool you.
You’re the expert.
Always have been.

Regrann from @themenshealthdietitian - "I don't know how to eat". I hear this often. When someone has been invested in diet culture for a long time, it's not uncommon that they don't trust their body because they have been following someone else's idea of what they "should" or "shouldn't" eat, and therefore have become 'unattuned' and lost touch with their own inner wisdom.
But we are our own body's expert and we absolutely CAN trust our body. When we decide to ditch the diets, our body may need retraining-to honour our natural and inborn physical functions-which can take time. And that is OK. Be gentle with yourself, the transition from diet culture to self-care and acceptance can be a long journey, but it is SO worth it!
Ready to leave diet culture behind and transition to food and body freedom?

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Regrann from @themenshealthdietitian - 1 in 4 people with Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa are male.
Nearly half of all cases of Binge Eating Disorder are men. .
One of the biggest barriers to seeking treatment is the belief that these issues are not “supposed” to happen in men. That they are “women’s issues”. That as a male, if we have an eating disorder, we are truly flawed. This creates a sense of shame (leading to isolation and disconnection), further increasing the stigma associated with getting support. .
Blokes – if you have food, eating, or body image concerns, you are NOT alone. And you don’t have to suffer alone. Support is available. .
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Oh, fun. My ear is being weird. #spoonie #sorrynotsorrysept #riotsnotdiets

Fabulous article. Thought provoking, paradigm shifting, and VERY important.
See link for the entire article in my bio. (First link on my linktree)
Heads up, There are some triggering words and nutrition comments BUT I still highly recommend.
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Another addition to the pesto collection. This is one of my all-time favorite summer recipes. It's totally light and fresh and full of bright flavors. Plus it's pretty much overflowing with veggies.
But I admit I was hesitant to share this recipe because of the pasta. We’ve been conditioned to believe that pasta is unhealthy no matter what. But the truth is pasta can be a nutritious source of carbohydrates. I usually think of pasta as a side dish, not an entree, and pair it with a good source of protein and vegetables for a balanced meal.
My last name is Fiorentino. So yeah, I eat pasta! And you can too! Link in profile for the recipe.
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Quick Poll Time- how often do you take a photo to commemorate a place or event and then look at a photo and think, “oh, no WAY can I post that. Look at my ______”? .
As someone who strives to promote self-acceptance, I’m definitely guilty of allowing my insecurities to hold me back from sharing some of my favorite moments from my life (example above).
There’s nothing wrong with taking and posting photos that make you feel good about yourself and your body!! What’s not okay is letting your image in photos diminish your self-love.
My new goal (clearly I have a lot of them) is to post the photos that I think are worthy of sharing, regardless of my appearance in them. Normalizing our “flaws” and insecurities not only helps us, but empowers other women to accept their own bodies. 😘💕

my niece gave me a makeover! she nailed my aesthetic tbh 🎉 #queerbabe #riotsnotdiets #trashfemme #alienbabe #selfiesforselflove #femme

Sugar isn’t addictive, but restriction of any food can make you feel deprived + crazy around that food and result in thinking about it all the time + feeling panicked and unable to stop when you do eat it... which some people read as an addiction. The solution? Food 👏 freedom 👏 because food habituation studies show that the more permission we give ourselves to eat all foods (also taking into consideration food allergies and such, don’t worry), the more balanced intake is over time.
A lot of people claim to have things like headaches, cravings, and irritability when they “detox” from sugar & carbs, and you know what that sounds like? Carb deprivation. Our bodies are smart - when they’re not getting enough carbs, they do things like send cravings, increase hunger, and make food more palatable. So those symptoms are actually signs of strength - that your body is trying to protect you from underrating an important macronutrient that provides your brain’s only source of fuel. Isn’t that amazing? Tell me one (or more!) you’re thankful for in your body today 👇

At some point I passed 14k followers on here... So happy 14k. Here's some candid photos of me fixing my titties in this dress before professional photos.

For those that don't know my name is Shayaunna. Shayracha is a nickname I earned because of my obsession with hot and spicy things. My love for Sriracha runs deep, along with every other spicy thing on the planet. The hotter the better, I like my nose to run after a meal. 😂
I'm not a classy person, I swear a lot, I'm aggressive... Honestly at this point it sounds like I'm trying to convince people to hate me. "let me tell you all of my worst qualities." I consider myself to be a real person. Straightforward, no bullshit, honest.

I'm here to share my life with others. Hopefully inspire some to love themselves. Every day I strive to be the woman I needed as a child.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of that. ♥

This article is an essential read. Michael Hobbes outlined the real problem and how to move forward brilliantly. Find it at a Google search near you.

I could not have been more excited for this shirt from @beauty_redefined to come in today! Also, I really appreciate the #bodypositive message that @oldnavy has posted outside their fitting rooms. You are already perfect and changing clothes in front of a full-length mirror can sometimes make that easy to forget. When in doubt, choose self-compassion (which, btw, is not the same as giving up or settling) 💚❤️💙 @oldnavyplus #bopo #bodyneutral #haes #intuitiveeating #bodyimage #selflove #selfcare #selfacceptance #selfcompassion #chooseselfcompassion #bodykindness #effyourbeautystandards #riotsnotdiets #shoppingday #momtime #ctlife

Friday thoughts and a repost from @laurenminearlcsw - In the words of Lauren, “what would you be thinking about if you weren’t thinking about your body?”

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