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Kill your Tv and be creative. #room1015 #room1015fragrances #keithrichards #riothouse

BP Fallon Tribute With Rock God Robert Plant. Led Zeppelin singer @robertplantofficial talks about his friend and former Led Zeppelin publicist BP in Miriam O'Callagan's tribute to the Irish rock legend, this Sunday RTE Radio 1 10 - 11am. Listen live: https://www.rte.ie/radio/
#wholelottasnakingoinon #ledzeppelin #riothouse #sunsetstrip

This is how we party !
See ya Ispo people, it's been a blast 🔥🍻🍾🍴🍖 #ispo #münchen #riothouse #party #bayern

I'm a massive @ledzeppelin fan. This shot is from the days when Robert Plant used to stay at the infamous Hyatt House ..or as they called it..the "Riot House". I can't believe I'm staying there Saturday and Sunday night. I promise to behave better than they did. #LedZeppelin #RiotHouse #IAmAGoldenGod

John Bonham reportedly rode a motorcycle along the hallways during a stay here #ledzeppelin #riothouse #sunsetboulevard #losangeles #california

TBT 🤘🏽❤️⚡️ #oasis #riothouse #sunsetblvd

Roof of the Riot House West Hollywood CA 1987 with the blade, Kelly Nickels back in the road manager days. #riothouse #hyatthouse #westhollywood #laguns #roadmanagerdays

Ok this is super late but I saw this and had to do it now because this photo just says pretty much everything lol Happy Birthday Sensei 😜 Thanks for always being the last one standing whenever I play at Riot House 😂 and the first one to yell "To Whistlestop!!! ☝☝☝" (Or Time..but never again pls k? Hahaha) Luh yuh bud!! 📷 @brendangoco #RiotHouse #blackmarketmnl #things


IT'S ALL HAPPENING ⚡️Next Wednesday 8/23 I'll be performing on the roof of the legendary @andazweho (aka "Riot House") in #westhollywood #LA 🤘🏼SUPER LIMITED guest list, so hit me up NOW if you want in on the fun and maybe we can throw some 📺s out the window #rocknroll #riothouse #poolparty #almostfamous #ledzeppelin #robertplant #goldengod #sunsetstrip 🏄🏼‍♀️ Scroll down for some crazy fun trivia...




"The hotel opened in 1963 as the Gene Autry Hotel. Sold in 1967, it was renamed the Continental Hyatt House (aka Riot House). In January 2009 the hotel was renovated and renamed the Andaz West Hollywood.

In the late 1960s and 1970s the hotel's proximity to popular clubs such as the Whisky a Go Go made it the preferred Los Angeles accommodation for touring rock groups, notably English bands Led Zeppelin, The Who and the Rolling Stones.

Led Zeppelin rented as many as six floors of the hotel in the mid-to-late 1970s for the band members and entourage. Drummer John Bonham was reported to have driven a motorcycle along the hallways. Room 1015 bears the distinction of being where Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards dropped a TV out the window in 1972. The Who's Keith Moon was also reported to have dropped a TV out of one of the hotel's windows.

Scenes in the film Almost Famous which depict the hotel were filmed at the actual hotel. Parts of the hotel were refurbished with exactly the same decor as existed there in the 1970s.

The scene from Almost Famous in which Russell Hammond cries out, "I am a Golden God!" is a reference to Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant, who allegedly said the same thing while looking over Sunset Strip from one of the hotel's balconies in 1975.

The end-of-tour party scene in the film This is Spinal Tap was filmed on the roof of the hotel.

Little Richard lived in room 319 at the hotel through much of the 1980s and 1990s.
Jim Morrison lived there until he was reportedly evicted by management for hanging out a window by his fingertips, dangling over the pavement." #losangeles #weho

More of the babely @sonjaahoy with our horseshoe patch🎠

Don't forget about Taco Tuesday! $7 margaritas all night and our specialty ahi tuna taco! #tacotuesday #tunatacos #happytuesday #wheninandaz #andaz #andazweho #margaritas #tacos #riothouse #eatdrinkplayriothouse

Remembering Sable Starr who was born today in 1957. Sable was the Queen of the young LA groupie scene, rockstars flocked to her & her group of friends (including Lori Lightning) whenever they came to town. She was muse to Iggy Pop who wrote "Look Away" about her after she moved to NYC to be with Johnny Thunders. It was there she became part of the punk scene, before later settling in Reno. Sable's life was tragically cut short when she died in 2009. I've had the pleasure of talking with many close friends of Sable's, and they all speak so lovingly of her. Stay tuned to Muses for an episode on her in the upcoming months. ♡ Lynx

It's a new day. Got the world in my hands. Always inspired by this guy right here. Happiness, positivity, strength, fun- only things allowed in my mind anymore.
#feels #robertplant #poet #inspiration #riothouse #sunsetboulevard

Happy Women's Day, babes! Stay fearless and remember that today us about celebrating ourselves exactly as we are💝

Day 7 of the #augustvinylchallenge - Full Discography of a band - alright I'm fully aware this isn't the FULL discography but I'm going to use this for this challenge because I have a story 🙌🏼 - so my goal in life is own EVERY record produced by my FAVORITE band the mighty Zeppelin but my rule for this band: don't go looking for them, they come to me 👏🏼I have listened to every song by Led Zeppelin, the first to the last, many, many times & in between, so I know the music and the band. There's no doubt of that fact. Led Zeppelin was found at a 2nd hand store in Atlanta (not an actual record store) it was sitting there on the ground w/ 2 or 3 albums, so I bought it. Led Zeppelin II was found in a record store in Marietta. It had just been brought in, and the store owner was walking by with it in his hand and I grabbed it and bought it. Led Zeppelin III was the first record I ever bought, and the reason why I started collecting. It was found accidentally on eBay ... but like I said I didn't go looking for it; it came up when I typed in vinyl records for the first time. I considered that fate and won the bid for it 🤘🏼The Untitled album was found at a record store in Birmingham (where I live) after I was trying to grab something off a shelf and it fell on me 🤷🏼‍♀️. I had two copies of Houses of the Holy but gave one to @emnemphotos 😘 they were both given to me by someone who was just trying to get rid of his lot of 100+ albums 🙌🏼. I found Physical Graffitti behind the counter of a record store on Record Store Day in ATL last year. It hadn't even been priced yet and I grabbed it 🤘🏼. Precense showed it's beautiful face to me one day when I needed to see it at a record store (you know those days). & I won the Houses of the Holy box set at my record store crawl two weekends ago. I don't even look in the "Led Zeppelin" sections for the records. They come to me. Just like they should, right? Best band in the entire universe. You know it's meant to be when the music appears to you. 😊😍😘🙌🏼
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Monday deets💎💎💎in the Wasted Sunset moto jacket and our sterling silver Babe necklace. DM for orders!

One of our hand stitched patches on the BEST backpack-thanks @sonjaahoy !!!🌵🌵🌵

Meet my husband Matt and Emily's fiancé, Ben. 6 years strong 😜 #RiotHyatt #RiotHouse #happyanniversary

🌴🍹🤘🏼here lies the legendary Riot House bar #vacation #strawberryfields #riothouse


Arthur Lee being filmed for Love Story documentary in Los Angeles #lovestory #arthurlee #foreverchanges #independentfilm #elektrarecords #riothouse psychedelic #super8

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