a little more momentum and microbending than there should be, but my goal of clean straight arm + straight leg inversions on the #ringthing is coming along! then we transfer it to the actual apparatus >:)
in @lithiumkitten’s class at @bodyandpole #bodyandpole ✌️

Weighted Dips are my favourite tricep exercise! The stability and full stretch you achieve in rings also makes it possible to maintain full Range of motion throughout the shoulder. This is very important for Weightlifting and also injury prevention. You want these on your program!

Today I took the crew through a Ring Muscle Up workshop at @colosseumperth. Going back to basics and drilling all the positions, movements and progressions led to me getting some of the most efficient ones of my life. Great work to those who attended. Thanks @ryza_316 for priming me!

"Be thou a rainbow in the storms of life...". Lord Byron. Last week was stormy for me and you guys were the rainbow. I deeply appreciate your kind thoughts, sentiments and expressions of support. Thank you. 🙂 (Rainbow moonstone "diamond" ring available in my etsy shop).

#Repost @tom_pavant
So this is how a 50% bodyweight Iron Cross feels like 😀 Great feeling, no let’s progressively add weight to safely build up to a 100% ! Great device @davedurante , thank you for this and all the great progressions on your app 💪 #ringthing @powermonkeyfitness #gymnastics #gymnasticrings #gst #bodyweighttraining #calisthenics

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