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It pops up from the FB history 2 years ago. Right time when I prepare the talk for Seminat on 20th.
#rikolia #ariefanoslife #infertility #fruitful #childisagift #barrenwomb #barren #blessedlife

I know him for 22 years.
From as early as we met he shared his passion.
Then a long the way he become my best friend.
From the day#1 he already talked about God’s love.
And until today, so many things came to his way (read: our way in term of marriage life) - trying to shift him from talking God’s love with so many tempting offering of wealth, comfort life, and successful carrier on world’s point of view - but (by the Grace of God) he keeps stay to what he believes.
He is living his passion to inpire the world (esp. young hearts) with the love of God.
Yes that’s the man I love.

Believe me it’s not easy to me as well - I am not a perfect wife 😝, I work on my faith with fear and trembling heart.
But it’s an honor to be in this journey with you dear love @rikoariefano.
I know this world is not a friendly place to live - but with you I know that I will be ok.
It’s been too long I couldn’t say and even believe that I can say I love you to people. Thank you for giving me courage to say I love you again.

Thank you for take care of me - esp. when I need a good breakfast in the middle of my stormy heart (like this stormy weather). It really bring joy hahaha begini nih kl abis ditraktir makan enak.
You are the best christmas 🎄 gift from God.
#rikolia #whittulipewomanhoodjourney #iloveyou #marriage #love #marriage #ChristmasSpirit

So many things happen in this broken world.
But I learn to give thanks for every single thing in my life. The one that I wish for but also the one that I (or in this context we) never think/wish for.
I always been so European and my hubby always been so American. If we have money, we only think about going back to Europe or America. But these past few years... Lord leads us to something even more meaningful than what we want/wish for...
So here we are again... for so many time that sometimes we feel that it’s another home (read: Domus) for us.
How our hearts filled with thanksgiving for what God has done in my and our live.
When you start to give thanks, your eyes begin to see many things in bigger and meaningful perspective.
It’s a springtime here in Sydney, let’s celebrate life that Lord has given us. Like a new springtime everyday.
Happy thanksgiving everyone!
#rikolia #DomusCordis #cordisian #thanksgiving #gratitude #sydney #joy #life #cordisianlife #mart

Enjoying afternoon sambil nungguin orang kerja.
That’s a good feeling, doing nothing.
#rikolia #blessedlife #doingnothing #enjotafternoon

My week end well spent with these people.
Some say to us “welcome home” - yeaaa it’s only 10 mos since our last visit here, and I always feel home whenever I am with this (he said) Italiano guy (read: hubby). #whileinsydney #rikolia #welcomehome #blessedlife

I kiss you 😘 thousands more time to see that smile 😍😍😍
#rikolia #whittulipewomanhoodjourney #kiss #funlife #marriage #marriagelife #lastsummer#13yearsandcounting

Happy is when you can spend time with your soulmates: hubby and coffee.
I love this coffee shop so very much. My fav entire Jakarta so far.
#whittulipewomanhoodjourney #life #blessedlife #rikolia #almostchristmas

Sydney become “want to go - don’t want to go” destination for me.
Sometime I want to say that I don’t want to go there because it will consume most of my annual leave and I can’t go to anywhere else because of that (yeah it’s been crazy back and forth there these past 3 years).
But most of the time I start to miss that city, blue sky, beautiful beach, delicious foods, comfortable life style. But at this moment, my heart melt everytime I read the chats in DC Sydney WA group, how they get out from their comfort zone and work on themselves to be blessing for others.
So, what makes me miss Sydney even more? The fellow Cordisians and best friend I have there.
We (me and hubby) come to an understanding, that home is where your mission is. I don’t know where this feeling leads to... but for now, looking at this photo (at least) I know... I miss the blue sky and beautiful beach!
#whittulipewomanhoodjourney #home #sydney #imissyou #rikolia #storyofmappy

Berduaan berlanjut... #rikolia #whittulipewomanhoodjourney

What's left from the party.
(Thanks Mel for the pic)
#rikolia #DCAR2017 #cordisian #cordisianlife

No birthday. No anniversary.
Just an ordinary day with so much love.
Thank you hubby @rikoariefano - this really made my "day"
Love you too...
Sering-sering aja pergi AYD - bagus kayaknya efeknya. Even my dad terinspirasi buat kirim ke nyokap gw abis tadi gw mamerin ulah mantunyeeeee...
#marriage #marriagelife #ordinaryday #rikolia #whittulipewomanhoodjourney #thankyoulove

We met 21 years ago then we started to be friends in ministry two years after we first met.
Thanking God for His faithfulness, grace and mercy in us so that we still can be partners in the vineyard of God.
#domuscordis #cordisian #whittulipewomanhoodjourney #sexyandholy #sexyandholybook #rikolia

This is our story. #thisbook #rikolia #fruitful #relationship --------------------------------------
"Hello Frens…
Penerbit Flama Publishing menerbitkan buku : “Sexy and Holy The Anatomy of Relationship, You Deserve the Truth!” penulis nya salah satu faculty dari Theology of the Body Insight (Tobit). Silahkan di baca prolog pada gambar diatas.
Harga: Rp. 54.000,-
Untuk pemesanan dapat menghubungi melalui Telp / WA / SMS, ke:
Marketing Tobit : 08180.6900.088 atau Sisca : 081381.385.529
Yeay... TOBIT (Theology of The Body Insight) balik lagi di Juni ini dengan topik yang nggak kalah seru dari bulan lalu, “Sex, Love and Relationship". Bulan Juni ini kita bakalan membahas yang lebih spesifik ditujukan pada pribadi kita masing-masing. Apakah kamu udah siap "Be the One" yang dinantikan dan gimana kamu bisa tahu kalo kamu udah "Find the One". Jadi tema bulan ini adalah "BE THE ONE AND ONLY.
Kamu-kamu bakal tahu gimana solusinya kalo muncul pertanyaan "Mau dibawa kemana hubungan ini?" Apa sih sebenernya tujuan membangun relasi itu dan gimana supaya kamu siap menjadi pribadi yang tepat buat pasanganmu?
So teman-teman, tandai agenda kalian
Hari : Sabtu, 24 Juni 2017
Jam : 10.00-12.00
Lokasi : Domus Cordis Center, Wisma Argo Manunggal, Lantai LG-01.
Bakal ada pemutaran film SEEKING SOULMATE dan narasumber kita kali ini adalah Violison Martheo, Ketua Life Teen Indonesia.
Yukk langsung aja mendaftarkan diri/teman/anak/sahabat/sepupumu melalui Telp / WA / SMS di no: 081806900088, dan KLIK link ini : http://bit.ly/BOO24juni
Looking forward to see you, again!"

Never loose your trueself hahah...
Say cheeseee... yeeaaa 13 years and counting we will keep making funny face because life is so much fun and full of surprises.
#authenticity #whittulipewomanhoodjourney #rikolia #funlife #funnyfaces

3285 days of friendship, lead us to a lifetime commitment.
Today is our 4745 days of sharing days&nights, kisses&frown face, laughter&tears, bed&blanket, coffee&wine, stories&silents, and many more.
We went through calm sea and stormy ocean - but everyday we witness how Jesus is the one who hold our hands and we are sailing with Him through the ocean of our marriage life.
Today I want to say Thank You Jesus for sending @rikoariefano in my life. He makes me feel loved, beautiful, and wanted. Most of all his love challenge me so I have courage to live the best of me.
Thank you for your love my dear hubby and best friend.
Looking forward to share so many things with you (including competition of burbs&farts in our nights hahaha)
I love you.
#whittulipewomanhoodjourney #rikolia

Looks like I want to crack my hubby's neck 😜😝😛
#rikolia #marriagelife #ariefanostrip #husbandandwife

The way you look at me.
When life has no moment to share, then I share a pic from long time ago.
#rikolia #whittulipewomanhoodjourney #thewayyoulookatme #husbandandwife #marriagelife

Happy 13th Waisyak Day for Us.
... and more Waisyak Day to come.
#rikolia #whittulipewomanhoodjourney #ourday

"Kalau pacaran, siapa yang mesti bayar: Apa setiap kali jalan, cowok harus bayarin semua? Atau bayar sendiri-sendiri?
Riko dan Lia dari INSPIRE menjawab pertanyaan #askINSPIRE.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNVVg09sfVE&index=2&list=PLiUxWV0tZZrZriFnlEC20DfewM41DLYVw (link on bio)
Kalau kamu punya pertanyaan yang mau kamu tanyain ke INSPIRE, silakan komentar pake hashtag #askINSPIRE atau kirim message ke inbox. INSPIRE akan mencoba menjawab pertanyaanmu.
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