a pic from the beach a year and a half ago (peep my sunglasses😂) there’s a huge difference between who that girl was and who I am now. the main difference is the vision. my vision.

back then I thought I took care of myself. I thought i was doing the best i could do. always worried about other people and what they thought of me. I was trying to land a job in North Carolina to move there.. i wanted people to think I had all my shit together. i needed to feel like others thought highly of me.

and now? I don’t give a shit. sorry! and neither should you! you shouldn’t care about others opinions or what people think you’re life is like. I realize now that if i am now internally joyful on a daily basis then what’s the point of other people thinking I am?? it’s a lie. and I am not about to live a lie. before being a coach I was so worried about what people would think of my decision. since becoming a coach my whole mindset has shifted and I have become the best kind of selfish. working on myself is my number one priority. and the best thing about it when I am at my best I am inspiring others to work on themselves and change their lives also!

you do you and the rest will all fall into place💜

this world is so disgusting and cruel. i honesty don’t even want to have kids in the future and raise them in this hell hole. it’s so scary waking up everyday because you never know what’s going to happen to yourself or loved ones. i hate this world and i can’t wait to get out of it, any place is better than earth.

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Kiss it better, 2016. 🎥 Rihanna recorded the song at Jungle City Studios, New York City and enlisted Extreme's @nunobettencourtofficial to play guitar on the track. 🎸 This has to be one of my top 3 from ANTI! @badgalriri Right now its sitting at 168M views! 🌹

Q: What makes you feel dressed-up, when it comes to beauty? A: My finishing touch is usually my highlighter. I love highlighter—it just adds this sense of fantasy to any look. ✨ Interview from ELLE 2/20/18. @elleusa @badgalriri #ellemagazine @fentybeauty #fentybeauty

Rih for Paper Magazine, 2017. 💚 #PaperMagazine #Rihanna

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