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STOP labelling people negatively just because they are not like you

#IDAHOT ❤️ We are all the same - Humans ❤️ #instagood #instapic #weareallhuman #perthmum #love #loveeveryone #equality #rightsashumans

Knowledge is Power! Ignorance is Bliss! I don't know much about the #Transgender community but I am learning. One thing I do know for a fact is that the #TransCommunity is not abnormal. They are human as anyone of us is. It really sadens me and more so pisses me off when I see so much #Hate towards them. WHY? I don't get it. Let them live. Let them be. How does it affect anyone because they are Transgender. It's not their fault they were born that way. It's definitely NOT by choice. Their struggles are REAL! If anyone knows someone who is transgender they understand. They are not rappest or child molesters. All they want to do is live in peace and be happy with who they are. They are not hurting anyone. If anything... I myself can say that by knowing my best friend @giafarre I have learned sooooo much. She is full of goals, dreams and desires to do good and make a difference in this fucked up society. She is not out to hurt anyone. So when I see so much shit talking on social media it truly irks me because all it is, is IGNORANCE! Dare to meet one and you will see how beautiful of a person they are and how much you can learn from them as I have. Please stop the discrimination and hate towards the transgender community. ❤&✌. #LGBT #MadRespect #BeALeaderNotAFollower #WeAreAllHuman #AllTheyWantIsToPee #RightsAsHumans #Live #Love #LerLive #IfIOffendAnyone #OhWell #FreedomOfSpeech #TheyAreFriends #M2F #F2M

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