April 26th FREE showing of ALIEN (1979) @ THE DAVIS THEATER for Alien Day!⠀
In theater # 1 at 10:00 PM. Grab a drink, grab a bite and bring it on in the Theater. Order through our direct bar window, located within the theater.⠀

Seats are first come, first serve. Get here early!⠀
Don't forget to make dinner arrangements in⠀
Carbon Arc Bar and Board before or after the show.⠀
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Aliens (1986)
Literally the best sci-fi/horror movie ever made.
Aliens is perfect. Released 7 years after Alien, Ridley Scott was a G and handed the sequel reigns over to a pre-Titanic James Cameron fresh off #Terminator (aka the reason I say please/thank you to Siri). It's bigger and better, with a deeper story greater more character development that epitomizes both sci-fi storytelling and 80's cinema. RIP Bill Paxton 🐐
👍👍 : If you don't fuck with Aliens, I don't fuck with you.
👎 : could use a Predator or 2 but I ain't tripping.
Genre: #Horror / #Scifi / #Space / #Thriller
If you like it try: #Alien, #Terminator, #T2, Predator.
Lower your expectations for: Alien 3, that Terminator reboot with Denarys 🐲
LMK what you think!
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Alien: Covenant

Directed by: Ridley Scott
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup

A colony ship redirects its course to intercept a rogue signal that leads them to what seems like paradise. As Hollywood runs out of original ideas, they turn to rebooting and rehashing once-successful franchises, some work well (i.e Star Wars) and some not so much as Alien: Covenant pays testimony to. Ridley Scott's direction is hard to fault, the cinematography at times is almost hauntingly dramatic, and although the lighting, colour palette, camera-work and pacing set the film up to be a scary and inventive horror; the plot reveals many holes and the narrative is too predictable for the sixth (or eighth) instalment in the series. Predictability can be acceptable if it leads to nostalgia through familiarity. But all Covenant takes from the original Alien is plot points, as the suspence and genuine fear is seriously lacking. As the film tries to reach new heights in horror it instead enters the realm of; gore=value as Xenomorphs and the newly introduced Neomorphs find new ways of entering and leaving and of course killing their human hosts. The mythology behind the creation of the Aliens and Humankind is pretty much given a backseat for the bloodshed, and at this point in the overall narrative of the franchise it feels like its something everyone wished they left alone. All it does here is halt the pacing of the film in its tracks and splits the film into two, making you feel like you should pick one and try ignore the other. The special effects of the Aliens and the set designs themselves are more impressive than the total talent of the cast and as nobody in particular stands out the biggest achievement here is playing a character that isn't annoying. Overall, a well-made film that unfortunately lacks in originality or any kind of suspense.

In honour of #TimCurry’s birthday, one of me and @jakewelyn7 favourite ‘80’s movies! #RidleyScott’s brilliant #Legend
#TomCruise at his finest.
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Clarendon is probs the best filter

Loving my xenomorph ❤❤❤ coming on beautifully, thanks to my lovely hubby 😚 #alien #xenomorph #ridleyscott #tattooedwomen #tattoo #tattooedmodel #inkgirls #ink


2049 • I’m way to obsessed with this movie and it’s visuals

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