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First shootout of the year for me today. Ended up being pretty small, but everyone was dedicated to working to stay out of the strong winds. Definitely happy to get that ride done. #crosswind #headwind #fullon #rideoutside

Bridge the gap to excellence. #FindFaster #ROKARide

It's been a pretty mild late winter. Hope you're enjoying this sun as much as we are! We just got a ton of new product in the shop, check the link in the bio! #rideoutside #worldclassbikes #mountainbike #flyinghigh #dirtywork

Grab those bikes today at NOON for the last Tuesday ride outside next Tuesday 8/22nd 5:45&6:45pm at @patriotplace! .
#getrevdfoxboro #rideoutside #bostonfitness

There's a robopusher under there somewhere. #rideendpoint #coffeegrinder #noxcomposites #rideoutside


Maiden Voyage with the new whip. Finally got my #dreambike!!

Consistency is key - and sometimes I need to see the details in black and white (or in this case, orange and blue) in order to relearn that lesson. I had an inkling that not having a training plan/any goal races this year was leading to some sporadic mileage, and I knew that still working on a new routine six plus months into a new job was likely a contributing factor...but charting out my cycling and running miles for the year really helped show that things have indeed been as up and down as I had thought (and I also have to admit to having bought a @believetrainingjournal journal earlier this year...and then being afraid to "waste" it if I wasn't actively chasing a big, scary goal at the moment - but making this chart helped tie it all together). How do you keep yourself accountable?
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Eclipse Meet Up and Viewing Party!
If you haven’t heard, on Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will be sweeping across the United States. Here in LA, we’ll be outside the path of totality by about 926 miles but we’ll still be able to see 70% of the eclipse which is a 100% valid reason for taking the morning off.

Barring any flat tires or coughed up lungs, we’re planning to be up at the Mt. Wilson Observatory to take in the eclipse. If you’re riding up, come find us and the swrve mobile. Muriel will have snacks and beverages!

The eclipse is happening from 9:05-11:44am with maximum eclipse occurring at 10:21am. The Mt. Wilson Observatory will be celebrating the event with a free public telescope viewing.

Please note: This is a meet up at the summit of Mt. Wilson. Due to the burly nature of Angeles Crest Highway, we’re not hosting a group ride. (Besides, you’d get tired of waiting for us.) If you do ride up, remember to wear sunscreen, bring plenty of food and water and your repair kit. You can refill your bottles at Clear Creek, Red Box and at the summit of Mt. Wilson. There has been no word if The Cosmic Cafe will be open for the event so plan your hot dog needs accordingly.

Riding with some work buddys afterwork #rideoutside #getoutandride #getoutside #mtb❤️

Lux bib shorts are just $99 right now to help make it a little bit easier to get into a new kit. Code: 99BIBS

Bridge the gap to excellence. #FindFaster #ROKARide

New bike build day 🐣 and an unnecessarily arty perspective
#irritatinglyoffcentre #art #wymtm #rideoutside #newbikeday

Pulsar 2.0 〰〰〰

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